How to Place a TV on a Coffee Table?

How to Place a TV on a Coffee Table?

You can convert your old coffee table into a TV stand; therefore, do not waste it. Check the strength of the table that it can hold the weight of the TV. 

How to Place a TV on a Coffee Table? You can place the TV on the coffee table by converting it into a TV stand. Add the shelf and drawers to the bottom line of the coffee table so that you can keep accessories in it. You can also keep flower vases and decoration pieces on the shelf of the TV stand. 

Set a TV on a coffee table in an attractive manner; otherwise, it destroys your room looks. Do not spread the wires around the table and use the cord to attach the cables. You can also keep the wires and other TV accessories in drawers.

Check the strength of the table and also its legs; if it is shaken with the TV weight, then tighten them. You can also use the hooks and attach all the cables to them. Cover the wires with the cord cover; otherwise, it sees by everyone.

How to convert the wooden coffee table into a TV stand?

If your coffee table is old, then do not waste it. Instead, you can convert this wooden table into a TV stand that gives a different look in your room.

You can change its look if you have a wooden table by turning it into a stand. But, first, clean it and remove all extra things from it.

Measure the length of the coffee table

This table is identical from all sides; therefore, you can close it from three sides because the TV stands cover from one side or three sides.

Measure the horizontal length of the table and also estimate its width. 

Measure the length of the table from top to floor so that you can add it back at the table. Note the exact measurements on the notebook so that you can cut the wood according to it.

Prepare the back cover of the table

Take the high quality of solid wood, and always use the dry wood because it is stronger than the other wood quality. Now cut the extra and rough pieces of wood to prepare the back of the furniture.

Now mark on the shelf with the measuring tape. Point the wooden piece carefully and do not add extra inches; otherwise, it cannot adjust in the table.

After this, you can use the chisel to make its edge sharp. Keep this chisel on edge and hit it with the help of a hammer.

Now sand the wooden piece and remove sand dust with the wet cloth. Next, apply primer on it so that you can paint it easily. Paint it about 3 to 4 times so that it looks dark in color.

Mark carefully on the table legs and their back with the marker. Now drill the hole and put brackets on it. After this:

  1. Screw it tightly and check that if it shakes, then again fix it.
  2. Do not make large holes; otherwise, the screw shakes, and its back cover cannot fix at the same position. If you want to close from both sides, then do this again.
  3. Cover the sides and back of the furniture entirely so that no space is left behind.

Suppose you want to add drawers then add wooden parts. You can also make drawers by yourself by measuring the exact size of the stand.

After this, cut the wooden parts and attach them and adjust holders in front of them. You can also add a shelf to keep the books and decoration pieces.

Cut the wooden pieces after measurements and fix them on the table. You can add two shelves to it to hold TV accessories like a DVD player and game box in it.

Can You Place a TV on a Glass coffee table?

Glass is a transparent material, and it looks shiny; therefore, do not waste glass coffee tables. Instead, you can convert it into a TV stand by adding shelves and drawers to it.

You have a glass table; therefore, you can add only glass shelves to this. Next, take the measurements from top to bottom from the backside by using measuring tape.

Measure the exact sizes; otherwise, glass cannot fix into the table. Measure the inner side from the legs and also from left to right.

Now measure the sides from left to right and also from top to bottom. After this, note the exact measurements so that you can add a glass of the same size.

You can use studs to attach the glass to the coffee table but fix them correctly. You can also use suction cups that hold the glass tightly into the place.

But if you want to apply glass, you buy the same size glass; otherwise, it breaks. Fix the back of the glass from all sides so that no space is left behind.

You can also use dark glass at the corner that looks beautiful. Choose the glass shade that has the same as your room curtains.

You can add drawers to the bottom line of the table so that you can keep your items in it. You can also add two shelves that look beautiful in an hour TV stand.

Measure the inner side of the table and fix the same size shelves in it. Now use the brackets and suction cups; you can install a shelf into the stand. 

On the bottom line, you can keep flower vases and some decoration pieces that make your room beautiful.

Always use tempered glass on the surface of the table because it can bear the heavyweight of a TV. If you use low-quality glass, it breaks and does not lift the heavy weight of the TV.

Metal coffee table into the TV stand

You can convert your metal table into a TV stand by covering it from the back and the sides. 

Measure all sides of the table so that you can cover its back with the metal piece. 

If this method is difficult, you can also cover the sides with a beautiful cloth such as crushed velvet. Choose the piece of cloth that matches your curtains.

You can also select the color of the cloth with the theme of your room. Now fix it with the table, and you can also add a shelf to this. You can add a glass shelf to it because it installs easily than the others.

Now you can set the screen on the coffee table. Carefully place the TV because it conducts electricity. Check the wires properly; otherwise, it can be harmful to you and your children.

Fix the TV into the lid of the coffee table 

You can attach the lid to the table and fix your Tv on it when you watch TV, then sit in front of the table and open its lid.

The screen attaches to the inner side of the lid, and it comes in front of you. When you want to close them, then put the lid back.

Why would you place a TV on a Coffee Table?

It is beneficial to use old coffee tables for this purpose and also it looks cool.

If the table is so long that you feel it difficult to put things on, do not waste them. Instead, you can add shelves in the bottom line and keep your TV on it.

You can also fix the display into the lid of the table that gives a new style. You can easily watch TV sitting on your couch and then close the lid when you eat something. 

How to assemble TV wires?

Spreading wires of the TV looks very odd because it removes neatness from your room. Therefore, I recommend clear this network of cables and assemble them in a good manner to not look bad.

Set at the back of the coffee table

You can set the wires at the back of the table; otherwise, it destroys your room looks. Take a hook, attach it to the back of the table, and put all the wires on it.

You can also tie all the wires with the cord and attach them to the back of the table. You can also use clips on your table that covers all the cables. 

Add a notch to the back leg of the table

You can also add cord covers to the backside of the table so that you can put your wires in it. Finally, you can attach it from top to bottom on the table legs that cover all the legs to look good.

You can also paint this plastic cord cover with the leg color to look the same.

Set in the drawers

You can also hide the wires in the drawers from the back of the table when you cut the drawers and then left some space so that you can pass your wires.

You can also keep your DVD player and game box in the drawer and close them. 

Floor cords cover

You can also use a floor cord cover at the bottom of the table that carries wires that comes from outside.

Now set all the wires in this cord and attach it to the corner of the wall. It mixes in the design of the wall so that it looks beautiful in the room. It comes mainly in white colors, and you shade it with the theme of the room.

Where to place the coffee table with the TV in the living room?

You can place your TV at the focal point where everyone can see it easily. For a small living room, attach the display to the lid of the table.

Keep this TV on a coffee table so that everyone sees it when sitting on the sofa. For a large living room, then set it in the corner and near the couch.

Do not keep it in the path; otherwise, it is hit by someone and falls. Therefore, keep it in the corner and decorate it with the flower vase to look beautiful.

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