How to Add a Shelf to a Table with Round Legs?

How to Add a Shelf to a Table with Round Legs?

It is easy to add a shelf under the table, but it is difficult to add it to a table with round legs. You should select strong and dry wood because it can hold more weight and you can paint it easily.

How to Add a Shelf to a Table with Round Legs? You can add a shelf to a table with round legs by measuring the length and width of the table legs horizontally. After this, mark the wooden piece and cut the shelf with the saw. Now drill the hole in table legs and fix the wooden triangle blocks that work as the supporter. Adjust the rack under the table and tighten them with the screws. Fill the gap with the wood dust and also add a supporter under the shelf. 

Method to install wood shelf in a wooden table with round legs

It is an easy method, and you can add a shelf to your wooden table. First, select the wood that is good quality because the frame holds up large items.

If you use lousy quality wood, it cannot bear a heavy load and damage your furniture. 

Measure width and length

Before starting the work, measure the length of the table correctly. It is challenging to add a shelf around the table’s legs; therefore, measure the exact size and width.

You can use the measuring tape and keep it between the legs to measure the length of the shelf. Do not put some extra distance; otherwise, it cannot fib under the table.

Now measure the width so that you adjust the exact size shelf. Finally, measures the length and width from all sides and compare them if they are identical, then your measurements are correct.

Check the legs of the table that they can fix in exact position; otherwise, set them. If its legs are loose, then tighten them and put them by using a supporter.

Cut wooden shelf

Woodcutting needs some sensitive equipment that cuts the wood without changing its shape. You can use the saw to cut the shelf, and it gives a neat shape to the frame. You can also use a drill machine, chisel to cut the wood.

Use that equipment that you can use quickly; otherwise, it cuts your hand. Take a large woof piece and mark it on them with a marker.

Mark precisely the same points with the measuring tape; otherwise, the wood cannot be cut in the same size. Next, mark at the corner of the wood and remove extra wood with the saw.

Use the saw carefully and hold it tightly so that it cuts the wood in the same direction.

The length of its sides is different from the mid sue to its round legs. Use a hammer and hit it on the chisel, then it gives sharp edges to the rack.

Paint the shelf

Put the plastic sheet on the floor before pain so that it does not absorb in it; otherwise, stains form. You can also put the cloth on the plastic sheet because it slips, and you cannot paint it comfortably.

Take warm water and dip cloth to clean the wood so that dust removes easily. After this, keep it in the sunlight place so that it dries completely.

Now wash it with a dry cloth and check it is clean or not. Now sand the wood that makes the rough surface smooth. 

Take a soft cloth and clean the wood dust from the frame. Now dip the fabric in the water and remove the dust carefully. Next, you can apply a primer in the wood to make the surface shinier and give the room a beautiful look.

Now paint the shelf with the paintbrush and paint roller. It takes about 40 to 50 minutes. 

Fix it in the table

You can add a supporter below the table so that you can add a shelf on it. You can also cut the large piece of wood and fix it between the tables.

Set the extended wooden amount along the width of the table to keep your shelf on it. It makes you able to bear more weight for your shelf. You can also add a triangle shape small wooden part below the rack that supports it.

Now takes the nut and puts it on the shelf to fix it with the legs. You can also make holes by drilling and set the nuts that make a stand strong.

Now check it from all sides that it fixes quickly and after this put some weight on it. Now it is ready, and you can keep anything on it.

Method to add glass shelf to a table with round legs

Adding a glass shelf to a table is not a tricky method, but it needs more attention. If you do not work carefully, then glass breaks; therefore, use high-quality Glass.

You can measure the legs of the table carefully by using measuring tape. Now mark on the table where you want to install a glass shelf.

Measure the same size because Glass cannot bend from any side. So, first, measure the length of the legs horizontally from both sides so that it gives the exact value. After this, measure the width of the legs horizontally on both sides.

After measuring the legs, mark where you install a glass shelf. Maintain the distance from the floor about 5 to 7 inches.

If you do not keep this distance, then the mirror shelf breaks when anyone hits it. You can also maintain the distance from its upper side so that you can keep your items easily on it.

If you do not put the space, it is useless because you cannot put large books. Therefore mark it properly by using a measuring tape and keep it equal from both sides.

Measure the length of the legs vertically from the floor to the shelf on both sides and keep it the same. 

Next, drill the holes on all legs and at an equal distance to look straight at eye level. After this, mix the studs at the legs and tighten them.

You can set the shelf under the table but holds it tightly so that it cannot slip from your hand.

Now check that it is balanced or not and put some load on it to determine its strength. If the shelf is shaking, you can also use the suction cup that holds the frame tightly.

Which Glass is better to make a shelf for a round table?

Tempered Glass is best for the shelf because it is strong Glass and can bear heavyweight. Glass shelf makes your room brighter and gives a stylish look to the room.

The glass is transparent that makes the frame wider. Tempered Glass a not break easily like the other Glass.

This Glass is about 1/2 to 1 inches thick and if you keep heavy items on it, then use thick Glass because it has more ability to bear the bulky items.

You can also color it that looks beautiful with your room furniture. 

Why would you add a shelf to a round table?

Many people have a problem with space; therefore, a shelf solves the issues. You can use the frame and put anything on it according to your requirements. You can also put decoration pieces on it.

Provide more space

The shelf provides you space to set your items and offers more area to store your things. In addition, you can keep your daily use items on it because it has no barrier limiting your site.

You can also keep your bags and magazines that you can use daily. It also provides space for your blankets and pillows. 

Place books

You can keep your books on the shelf under the table. You can keep those books which you read daily. You can also stay adventurous books on the shelf that attract the guest—the table shelf work as a small library that looks very beautiful.

You can also keep your documents and newspaper and hide your essential item at the back of the books. Therefore, the shelf plays a vital role in the table, and you can adjust it according to your style. You can also keep the mat on the frame so that it looks beautiful.


The shelf system is durable, and you can change your table look by setting the items differently. Wood is more durable than all the glass material, and you can put anything on it.

Glass shelf is also stable if you use tempered Glass; otherwise, it breaks easily. Tempered Glass can bear the load and also gives a beautiful look to the furniture.  protects it.

House for pets 

If there is cold outside, then you can also set the shelf as the pet house. You can move the table near the fireplace if the pet is sick due to winter. If you maintain the space between the rack and the table, your pet moves quickly in this.

Mark the table carefully and do not make a large hole that loosens the frame. Do not put a heavy and sharp item on the glass shelf; otherwise, scratches form.

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