How to Decorate Around Floor Vents?

How to Decorate Around Floor Vents?

It is always fun to decorate floor vents. The vents are made up of plastic, wood, and metal. You can choose the material that suits the furniture. 

How to Decorate Around Floor Vents? You can decorate the floor vents with paint such as spray paint and brush paint. Match or contrast the color of the paint with the interior and flooring. Concealing the vents will add charm to its beauty. You can use wood, metal, and marble sheets in different colors and designs. In addition, cover the vent with a deflector to divert the flow of air.

There are others options available within the same material. For example, although vents are designed for cold air, you can change their functioning when you need warm air.

Cover wooden floor vents

You can cover the cavity but not directly to resist the flow of air. It will cause suffocation in the room. Instead, try creative methods to protect the hole so that the exchange of gasses occurs in the same manner as before.

There are different covers of various designs available to decorate the inlets. You can buy these from the market or also make them at home.

Place the stylish and modern covers that will fit with the furniture and interior. 

It is trendy to make the air passageway during the construction of houses in America. This is because it will maintain the internal temperature of the home.

Use marble designs

During the construction of the marble floor, measure the length and width of the hole. Take a marble piece and cut it according to its dimension. Mark the parallel lines with equal gaps in the center. Take a cutter and cut the rectangular strips one after another.

Put that piece on the hole and join it from all sides in level. It will look like a part of the ground and will not cause any disturbance during walking and sweeping. Do not use another marble; use the same color and pattern for it.

Add Metal covers

You can cover the opening with metal covers such as copper, iron, and aluminum. The iron is heavyweight and gets rust when exposed to moisture. You can protect the iron covers from corrosion by applying paint to them.

Aluminum is the best material which is lightweight and robust enough. Moreover, aluminum covers will not get rust and maintains their texture and design for a long time.

There are various designs and patterns drawn on them with different colors. You can match these with your carpet and interior. If you bought a simple cover, decorate it with paint and other material.

Use Wood Covers

Another option to cover the floor vents by wood cover will give a natural look according to the furniture. You can make it at home using hardboard and wood pieces.

Measure the size of the inlet thoroughly and note the readings. Next, take a hardboard and mark it with an extra one inch from all sides. Finally, cut the hardboard and keep it on the surface to check the dimensions.

If all are correct, then add the nails at the sides. It is better to make holes with a drill machine to avoid damage to the floor and inlet.

Repeat the same procedure with the wood and make a cover, but it will be thicker than the hardboard. You can cover it one to two inches above the surface if you make the borders around. If one side is open, it can work as a deflector.

You can buy the wood covers from the market in various styles, such as butterflies, flowers, lining, grills, and round holes.

Place the deflector

You can place the deflector above the surface to divert the flow of air. For example, some people put a sofa near the vents, the couch and tables will lose their shine and finishing when it has direct contact with warm and cool air.

Its covering is two to three inches above the surface and can slide from one side to another lengthwise as well as width-wise. Fix it on the frame using a hammer and nails.

You can slide the sheet on one side and open the other side for air exchange. In this way, the temperature will be normal and protect the furniture. It is optional to cover all the area for some time.

Deflectors come in different styles such as some have crystal and plastic combinations. The sliding plates are made up of plastic so that it moves quickly. Plastic, crystal, wood, and metal deflectors are available for your convenience in the market.

Replace old floor vents

If you are living in a room that has the same vent for a long time. It becomes dull and dirty; you should change it with the new one. Some people change the interior of the home after few months, but sometimes you ignore it.

For example, not all living rooms have floor vents; these are rare but functional in this era.

Replace the old and ugly vent with a new and stylish one according to the room’s appearance. 

Sometimes these become too old that the dust will stick between the lines and holes. You can wash them if these are washable; otherwise, you can remove the stubborn dirt using a brush and detergents within no time.

The hot air will damage the vent itself, so it is necessary to change these minor accessories. However, it is accessible in an affordable range in the market.

Paint the floor vents

If the floor of your room is the brown color or wood color, then you should paint it the same color. Although you can use brush paint, it is better to use spray paint.

If the room is carpeted and has rugs near the vents, match or contrast the color with carpet and rugs. It is not recommended to cover it with carpet.

Use two or three shades or mix them to make another stunning tint. Many people prefer to paint it with dark color.

Conceal the inlet and arrange the furniture around the vent

Concealing the vents means that you decorate it so that it does not look like a separate thing. The expert fits it on the floor professionally. When you look at it the first time, you will not be able to recognize it.

The anterior designer set the furniture around the vents. It will not cover and disturbs its functionality. Place the couches and side table around it if it is present at some distance from the wall.

Decorate floor vents with stylish strips and paneling

The addition of stylish strips and paneling is the mean of decorating the vents. You can replace the old center part between the frames with new strips.

These strips are made up of plastic and wood. Measure the length of the cavity. Fix the strips near and keep the small gaps between them.

Paneling is a modern and unique style of decoration. You place the panel on the surface to give a new look. These are designed into two, three, and more portions to paint, artwork, and place small-sized stickers.

Arrange vase and flowers

If the vent is few inches away from the wall, there is a space between the wall and inlet. You cannot place a sofa or any table in that space because it is not sufficient. It is the best option to locate the artificial or natural flower pot.

Plants will give freshness and make the surroundings pleasant. Make the boundary with colorful flowers around the inlet; these can be artificial or handmade flowers.

Take two to three colors of crepe paper and foaming sheets. Make the petals of red color and leaves of green color on crepe paper or foaming set with the help of a pencil. Arrange them to give a flower shape and join with the floor with some adhesive material such as gum and glue.

Make the different shapes of the floor vent

In general, you see rectangular shapes vents in rooms and buses. However, if you want to make them stylish, you can make different shapes, such as square, rectangle, round and hexagonal.

You can change the shape of the existing frame in any other figure. For example, buy a round shape frame of plastic or metal and replace it with a square. However, it will be a little bigger but will turn it into a new look.

Make the center lining and holes fashionable by the addition of vintage covers and deflectors. It is the advice of interior designers to focus on the surroundings and renovate the interior, including air cavities.

It is necessary to decorate these according to the surface pattern; otherwise, it will not suit the interior. Embellish these with flowers and colorful paint, and you can cover the inlet.

Colors for floor vents color

You can select the color of covering and grills according to your will and need. However, if you want to make it the best fit for the room, then you should match it with the ground.

If the vinyl floor is a light color, then the white and cream color will be preferable. Try to manage the color with carpet, and the wood color cover will look charming with the wood surface.

You can contrast the color such as black with dark brown and gray with white.

Can you put furniture over floor vents?

It usually is not recommended to put the furniture over it because it can damage the tables and sofas. Also, there will be no perfect cooling in the room if it is covered with a bed.

If you have a small area in the room for arranging end tables and chairs, you can place them over them, but these should be several inches above the surface.

You can place the end table that has only a simple top surface with four legs. However, you cannot locate the large upholster sofas and bed if these are two or three inches above the plan.

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