How to Lock a Drawer Without a Lock?

How to Lock a Drawer Without a Lock?

Here are 9 DIY methods to lock a drawer without a lock. Many drawers do not have a lock, and you cannot keep your items safe.

How to Lock a Drawer Without a Lock? You can lock the drawer without a lock by fitting the rod between the handles and also use the cord to tie them. You can also use adhesive straps to fix the drawers, but it is not a permanent solution. You can also use a hook and spring or add plastic straps to lock the drawer because these are easy to install and do not damage the furniture. 

Lock the drawer by using a steel strip

Point the mark on the top of the drawer and the handle screw. Measure the distance and cut the steel strip that has the same size.

Mark on the handle and make a hole with the drill machine. Drill the hole carefully; otherwise, it damages the handle. The size of the hole is larger than the screw that is present on the handle.

Now lose the screw of the handle by using a wrench and remove it. If it is tightly fixed, then you can drill it, and it moves out quickly.

Drill the screw near its handle. After this, tighten it by using the nuts. Set the steel strip in such a way that it covers the box sides when it opens. Now fix the steel strip with the nuts and tighten them.

 Check that the strip changes its direction and set. Now close it and check that it works or not. Check the steel strip close the drawer when it moves upward.

Now look at the back of the drawer and remove them. After this, fix the turnbuckle at the end and tighten it. Set it on the side where you can easily open and close it.

Now attach two parts, and check if they are loose, then tighten it. Next, make the hole at the end and attach one side to the turnbuckle while the other side to the front side of your drawer.

Use Magnetic straps to lock the drawers

You can take the magnetic straps with the size of the drawer; otherwise, it cannot adjust in it. Fix the magnetic straps in such a manner that they do not stick between the surfaces.

Always use a strong magnet because it can fix it tightly. If you use the weak magnet strap, then it cannot keep the box close. 

It can also be secure by applying magnetic straps to them. However, it does not open until you put another magnetic strip near the drawer.

Remove the drawer handle

You need a drawer handle to open it, but if you remove them, then no one opens it. So it is an easy way that prevents your worker opens them.

There is no way left, and if someone uses force, then it damages the furniture. Therefore, this method is best than all others because it is easy.

You can keep this handle with you and when you want to open this, then install the handle.

You keep a screwdriver to install them, and it takes too much time. 

First, install the hook on both sides of the box. Now tie the rope and fix it to the sides; you can also fasten it from the upward to a downward direction.

You can also fix a card between them to keep them close because it takes too much force to open them.

Take a small foam, and fix it on the box surface. 

Close the drawers by using the rod

You can close the drawer by fitting the rod in them. Then, drill the hole at the upper side of the box and set the handle.

Now fix it with the screws and tighten them. Hold this handle and check if it is open, then set the nuts.

If it has not to handle, then drill on the box and set the handle. Then, fix it with the screws and tighten them.

Now put this in the upper and lower handle. When you need to open the drawer, then remove the rod. Instead, use the rod that has rubber around its side.

These are cheap and easy to use. It cannot damage your furniture like the others.

Plastic straps

It contains two plastic sides, and there is a silicon strip between them. Attach one side to the drawer and another side to the side.

You can also attach it in the vertical position. It keeps them close until you remove the plastic.

These are easy to install and do not damage your furniture. Fix them tightly; otherwise, it cracks the drawer, and it becomes open.

Use Hooks to lock the drawers

Fix the latch to the drawer and hook to the upper side of the table.

When you want to fix them, then attach the latch to the hook. It prevents your drawer from opening and maintains your privacy.

These are available in many styles, and you can install them easily.

Metallic Cord

Open the drawer and drill a small hole on it. Drill the hole carefully so that it does not damage the whole box.

Take a metal hook and fix it on the inner side so that everyone cannot see. Now drills at the back of the drawer and put another stand.

 Now use a strong cord that cannot break easily. Fix it to the inner side and tie it to the back of the table. When you want to fix this, then bind the cord tightly.

Use springs

You can also close your drawer with the adhesive method. You can use this method for some time because it is not the permanent solution to keep your documents safe.

This method is easy to install, and two straps use in this. Attach one part to the drawer and the other to the inner side. 

You can use spring to close your box and save your items. First, drill the hole and ensure that its size is the same as the screw. Now fix the hole in this and screw it tightly.

Now attach the spring to the inner side of the box. Drill the hole in the inner side and fic the spring system. Tight it correctly; otherwise, it can open easily. 

Why do you use different methods to lock the drawer without a lock?

You cannot install a key lock on every drawer; therefore, you can use other methods to lock them. The purpose of these methods is to provide security to your items, documents, and files. 

You can also lock your kitchen cabinets using the spring hook method and keep knives in them so that everyone can not open them.

These methods are also applicable to your room drawers, where you keep nail cutters and nail polish removers. You should also keep pesticides and medicines in them.

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