How Do You Make Vinyl Floors Shiny?

How Do You Make Vinyl Floors Shiny?

Everyone wants to make the vinyl floor shiny to keep the room neat and clean. These enhance the beauty of the interior as they are glossy and smooth. 

It gives a shiny look to the room when you clean it regularly. In addition, it is cost-effective than wood and other tiles ground and easy to maintain. 

How Do You Make Vinyl Floors Shiny? You can make the vinyl floor shiny using a simple plan fabric to remove dust and sweep daily. Add vinegar, alcohol, baking soda, salt, and detergents in warm and tap water to remove the stubborn stains from the floor. You can use polish, lubricants, baby oil, and essential to make it shiny. 

Try to manage the appearance of the ground covering and make it lustrous using different ingredients. As a result, it has a plastic appearance and does not require extra effort to remove the stains and dirt.

You can choose the home-based as well as commercial cleaner to keep the glossy appearance. First, look at the surface; if there is only dust, you can wash it with water.

If the shine does not retain, then try another method and add ingredients available in the home kitchen, such as vinegar, lemon, and baking soda.

Use these things in moderate quantities to avoid any harm. You can read the following methods to know the recommended amount of each constituent.

You can also use a commercial cleaner; it will make your ground shiny in less time. Apply the wax on it to avoid scratches and dullness.

You should not restrict to one method; experience other procedures also. Vinyl is a smooth and warm material that does not require so much time and cost for its maintenance.

Remove the dust with a dry fabric and a sweeper

Taka a soft fine fabric and clean the surface to remove dry dust. You can also sweep the floor to take off the dirt from the lining.

Dusting and sweeping are much effective when you do it daily. It is the easiest and standard method to maintain the shine of plastic material.

Do not use dirty cloth again and again on the surface. When you use it at one time, then wash and let it dry. Take two or three-piece and use this one by one.

There are different types of broom, such as flagged, unflagged, and angle brooms. It does not require a special sweeper. Instead, you can remove the dust by using the sweeper, which is available in your home.

Use brush and vacuum cleaner on the vinyl floors

Use a hand brush, floor scrub brush to gather the trash. You should use a brush that has soft and firm bristles. It is the best option when there are scratches on a plan.

Many people prefer vacuum cleaners because it takes five to ten minutes to scrub a room. It is a fast method that pulls all the stubborn dirt from edges and corners.

Sometimes grim gathers, and it is unable for a vacuum cleaner. So instead, scratch it softly using an old debit card and scratcher, and then the cleaner will remove all dirt.

Clean vinyl floor with a wet mop

Using a wet mop is a traditional method, but you cannot use it directly. First, remove the dry dust and then take a bucket half-filled with tap water.

Take a mop and dip in the water and shake it well. Take this out and squeeze the dripping water thoroughly. Rub the floor with a wet mop by turning the sides.

Again dip and wash the mop with freshwater and again rub on the surface. Repeat this procedure again and again until all the areas become shiny.

Use baking soda mixed with water

Sometimes it happens you clean your room daily, but it becomes dull after some time. 

You can do it at home without purchasing anything from the market. You will need baking soda as an additional ingredient. Take almost five liters of warm water. Remember, it should not be too hot; otherwise, it will affect the color and texture.

If you boil the water in a container on the flame, check it after five minutes using a thermometer. If it is under the bearable range, then turn off the flame and pour it into the tub.

If the temperature is too high, then leave it for few minutes in an open area. Then, add one and a half teaspoons of baking soda to the water to make a solution and mix it well.

Dip the mop or fine fiber fabric in the tub and compress the extra water. Rub the floor with it thoroughly. It will retain the gloss of vinyl within minutes.

Spraying alcohol on the vinyl floor makes it shiny

Make a solution of alcohol and water in a separate container. For example, take 2500 ml water and add 2 cups of alcohol to it. You can also fill this diluted solution in a spray bottle.

When you take it in a bucket, you will need a duster to dip and clean. On the other hand, you will also need a new duster for rubbing.

Spray the mixer on the floor and leave it for two to three minutes. Remove the moisture from it using a dry sponge. You will see the shiny surface after alcohol application.

Baking soda and vinegar solution make the vinyl shiny

Baking soda and vinegar are easily accessible in-home kitchens and also in the market. Take two cups of vinegar. If you have apple cider vinegar, then take this. It will make the surface glossy within seconds.

Add one tablespoon baking soda in apple cider vinegar and mix it well to make a fine solution. Leave it for three minutes, and you will see a surprising result.

Clean the whole surface with water and let it dry. Do not walk on the wet surface because it will show footprints when it dries.

Make it shiny with baby oil

If you have furnished your home with vinyl flooring, then it should keep clean and glossy. When it becomes dull, it spoils the entire interior and makes it less attractive.

Add baby oil or essential oil into the water and use this water for moping. If you have done with sweeping, take one liter of water and add a few drops of baby oil. 

Rub the floor gently, and it will retain its shine and smoothness within no time. It is not compulsory to use baby oil; it depends on accessibility. The essential oil will work the same if you have a shortage of baby oil.

Use detergents and black soap

Take a bucket and fill it with 500 ml of water and add home detergents to it. Next, you can add liquid soap and black soap. Black soap is available in bar form; soak it in water overnight before cleaning.

Apply the detergents and soap with a sponge on the ground. Wash the sponge or use another cloth to remove the solution. After that, wash it with simple water and make your vinyl floor shiny and smooth.

Egg yolk method

Take one and a half-liter of water in a separate vessel. Take another small bowl and put two egg yolks in it and whisk well. Add this egg yolk to the water and mix it thoroughly.

Throw this solution on the floor and clean it with a sponge. No doubt it will impart an unpleasant smell but make your ground shiny that will last long. Next, use room spray and fragrance and open the doors and windows until the smell ends.

The mixture of ammonia and water

Take two liters of water and add one cup of ammonia to it. Apply this solution on the stains and dull surface and leave it for ten minutes. Then, rub that area with a plastic bristle brush gently in a round direction.

You can do it at once for the whole room, then wash, clean, and let it dry. You will see that all the stains and spills will remove and the floor become shiny. It is effective for the removal of ink, tomato, and chocolate stains.

Vinyl floor polish and waxing

It happens that the surface becomes dull with time. Everything has its reliability and strength that weakens with time.

Apply vinyl polisher all over the surface when it becomes dull and dry. 

Sometimes many people prefer waxing on the floor to protect them from dust and dirt. It also becomes a barrier between the furniture and ground while dragging it.

Clean the stains with lubricants and commercial cleaner

Lubricants and commercial cleaners are available in the market in the affordable range. Use these for stubborn stains and grim sticks on the surface.

Sometimes the home remedies are not working. You will need a market product to make your home perfect and shiny. Apply the lubricants to the demanding area and leave it for few minutes.

A commercial cleaner will work as same as lubricants. It will weaken the adhesive force of dirt particles with plastic and remove it with simple fabric. Repeat this procedure until you get your results.

Why does my vinyl floor look dull?

Sometimes the surface becomes dull when you do not sweep it daily and remove the dust. The dirt gathers on the floor and sticks to it. It absorbs the moisture from the surroundings and gets a sticky appearance.

The most important reason is the exposure to the kitchen smoke that will make it greasy and dull. When you open the windows all day, the sunlight comes inside and directly falls on the floor. The sun-rays will bland its color, and its shining disappears when exposed to ultraviolet rays daily.

Dragging of furniture will cause scratches on the surface. In addition, the dust particles will sit between them, making them dull and damage.

It is common to leave the shoes outside the room when you enter. However, some people do not consider it and come along with shoes; they rub and dull the surface.

Children play games in the home such as cricket, football, and hockey, and these will hit the floor repeatedly, making its gloss dull.

When sauces and gravy spill, and you leave them for a time. It will impart other colors such as tomato paste will give red. Painting the wall will splash the paint color on it and create a messy look.

How do you maintain the shine on the vinyl floor?

You can maintain your vinyl flooring with little effort. However, minor ignorance will damage things and fade away the charm of the interior. Here are some tips that will ensure the shine of your ground coverings.

Make it a habit to scrub the room daily with a brush and mop. use a vacuum cleaner and brush for stubborn dust.

Hang curtains and vertical blinds in front of the windows to protect them from direct sun rays.

Do not take shoes in the room; leave them outside to keep the room neat.

It is better to put a doormat at the entrance; its purpose is to rub the shoes to get rid of extra dirt particles.

Apply wax polisher to keep it shiny and neat. Scrub any stains immediately when it happens.

Place furniture pads beneath the table’s legs. It will impart other colors such as tomato paste will give red color and chair made up of rubber to avoid scratches.

Do not drag the furniture directly on the floor. Steam cleaning can cause discoloration of vinyl so avoid this process.

Do not place the heavy exercising equipment on the floor; place them on a rug.

Try not to keep nails, hammers, and any other heavy metallic things to keep their gloss. Do not play games in rooms as it is not a play area.

Try to paint your wall before placing the vinyl on the floor. You can also cover it with some old fabric and plastic sheets during whitewash.

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