How to Change Drawer Pulls to Knobs?

How to Change Drawer Pulls to Knobs?

Let’s renovate the old drawers by changing the pulls to knobs along with new paint.

It will give an attractive look to it with little effort and update the hardware. This simple method alters the dressers, cabinets, and other wooden furniture to a modern look. 

How to Change Drawer Pulls to Knobs? You can change the old drawer pullers to new knobs at home by adding wood filler, rub the sandpaper to level the surface, and make new holes with the help of a drill. Then, place the knob into the wooden hole and tighten the nuts. These will update the drawers and are easy to drag out. You can change a knob in 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Things to consider when selecting the knobs for drawers

You decide to make the changes in your hardware by relieving the pullers. You have made your mind, ready to go to the market to buy a suitable puller of your choice.

Keep these things under consideration while purchasing the accessories of furniture.

Count the total number of drawers in your rooms of cupboards and cabinets.

Select the knob of good quality and grip if the cabinet has multiple access in a day. Check it thoroughly that it also bears a little abuse.

Check the size carefully. The holder should not be too smaller that you cannot hold it properly while opening it. 

Always buy extra knobs in case it breaks during the process of replacement. Sometimes you purchase expensive hardware for drawers, and it is a bit difficult to manage the budget, but you should buy extra even it has a high cost. 

It is better to have a backup in case of an emergency. For example, in case you face a shortage of knobs in the market because the manufacturer is not designing more like that.

Having a backup is much cheaper than changing all of them again.

How to match new knobs with drawer pulls?

If you are altering the old knob with a new one, it is compulsory to make a snapshot before the font is to market. It will help you to choose a universal design and different colors.

Take a picture of your room and furniture, match the color and texture with it. Mismatching and wrong color contrast will not make them beautiful.

If you are buying the pull for kitchen cabinets, keep in mind that they should be smooth and easy to clean. There should be no intricate on them; otherwise, dirt, grime, oil, and smoke will stick to them. 

The drawer will give a classical look if it has a simple and antique knob for opening and closing.

You will need:

  • Knobs 
  • Screwdriver 
  • Wood filler
  • 200 grit Sandpaper
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Drill machine
  • Painter tape
  • Paint

Steps to change the drawer pulls to knobs

The first step in replacing the hardware is the removal of the existing pull. Take a screwdriver and grab it to lose the screw from the backside.

Open the screw and carefully remove the pullers from the drawer; otherwise, it will damage the wood and make scratches.

If it does not have a bolt, then look for the nut and the washer. Now unscrew the nut and slide the washer pull out the hardware from the front of the cabinet.

When you removed the puller, two holes appear in the drawer. Fill the wood filler with a finger and leave them to dry. You can buy the wood filler of your choice from the shop. 

Leave the surface for few minutes to dry, and again apply another layer of wood filler. It’s annoying but believes me; it will give positive results. 

It will cost $10 to $20. It will take two hours to dry, but sometimes it did earlier. It is not compulsory to wait until it dry because you have to drill a new hole to insert a knob.

Take a 200 grit sandpaper and rub it on the surface of the furniture to make it smooth. It will remove extra wood filler that spreads outside the hole.

You will easily paint it after making the surface smooth, and it will give perfect finishing.

Take a measuring tape and mark the center of the surface. For this, measure the width of the drawer from the front side and make it half. For example, if the width of the furniture is 12 inches, its half will be 6 inches, mark on 6 inches with a pencil.

Again hold the measuring tape, and this time, measure the length of the drawer from 6 inches and draw a line.

In the same way, if the length is 5 inches, then mark on 2.5 inches and draw a line. Pick the points where the two lines coincide with each other. It is the center of the surface.

You need this point for creating a hole to install a knob to a wooden drawer.

Take a painter’s tape and cover the inner side with it. It will provide the grip for drilling a hole. In addition, the tape will cover the old holes from one side.

At the exact position of the center mark, drill a hole with a ⅓” inch drill bit that passed through the front of the surface to the back. The hole should be open from both ends.

Keep in mind that the balance of the drill should be straight. Do not exert extra force on it. It will damage the wood, and sometimes, the drill goes in a curved path.

Remove all the dust and wood powder with a duster from the surface.

After creating a new hole, paint the drawer’s surface. You can polish the same color or change the paint according to your liking.

Place the new hardware in the hole. For example, if the new knob has a nut and washer, then separate it from the puller and place it in the new spot.

Tighten the nut from the backside until it fits firmly. You can fix it from time to time when it feels loose while opening and closing the drawer.

Add the new knobs into the wooden drawer and put the washer and nuts. Tighten the nuts while holding the hardware from the front side.

If it has a screw, then take a screwdriver and rotate until it fits into it.

Why would you replace the drawer pulls with knobs?

You do this to make changes in your kitchen cabinet and rooms because even small changes can make big differences.

Refinish your furniture and add a quality knob at an affordable price to give a new look to your interior.

Sometimes only this minor change can bring a makeable change to your home.

You replace your hardware with a modern and stylish design. For example, knobs are the replacement of large pullers. 

It gives a different appearance to the furniture and covers a smaller area than the others. It is easy to grasp and open the door or cabinet with little effort.

If it loses, you can tighten them with a screwdriver at home. It is a versatile and home-based method to remove the old holder to knob.

It will give a new look to your room and furniture when you change the polish as well.

Sometimes rust attaches to the surface of the iron pullers and fades the drawer then you should renovate it.

Benefits of knob over pullers

It is a single screw, while pulls are available with two holding areas. The pulls come in different lengths and sizes; it is challenging to choose the accurate size.

If you find your ideal dimensions, then you are lucky enough. On the other hand, you can choose the knobs for the drawer without any measurement.

There are many different materials styles, such as a brass knob, iron knob, crystal knob, and plastic knob. All have different designs, some are engraved, and others have smooth surfaces in different colors and textures.

These cover less area than the pullers and provide a tight grip.

How much does it cost?

The knobs of metal, iron, crystal, plastic, and brass are available in the market. So their cost depends on its type and material.

Generally, the average price ranges from $120 to $200. Adding the cost of wood filler will reach $120 to $220. Buy the filler once, and you can use it further as only a less quantity applies on the surface. 

How much time does it take to change the drawer knob?

The time duration of replacement of pullers depends upon the number of drawers and cabinets. One hardware takes only 15 minutes. 

If you are changing the whole kitchen cabinet, then it will be complete in 2 hours.

Another factor of time is the number of people working. For example, if only one person has to do a 12 knobs installation, he needs only an hour.

Gather all the equipment necessary for a replacement to save time. Almost all the things are available at home except knobs and wood putty.

Is it safe for furniture to replace pulls to knobs?

Yes, it is safe for the wooden drawers when you replace the pulls to the knob. However, there is a process of drilling that will not harm the furniture.

You use wood filler to fill the vacant area from where you extract the old pullers. Wooden fillers are sticky material that contains wood dust. 

It does not affect the layers of wood; it has a plastic and soft texture that joins the wood.

You apply painter’s tape at the backside of the drawer to prevent cracks and scratches.

There is only a process of drilling that needs higher consideration. When you place the drill bit on the center of the surface, try to keep it straight and press inside. 

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