How to Use Bench as Coffee Table?

How to Use Bench as Coffee Table?

Some people have an old bench in the lawn or the storeroom of the home. You can turn it into a functional coffee table with some modifications and alterations.

How to Use Bench as Coffee Table? You can use a bench or a combination of two or three benches as a coffee table. First, clean the dirt and sandblast it for new paint and furnishing if needed. You can also cover the surface; add two wooden sheets on both sides to make a larger surface area, and place drawers and shelves beneath it. Next, place the serving tray with glass and cups with flowers to decorate and fill the space on its surface.

Many people have a creative mind and make amendments to old things. In this way, the old-fashioned furniture will have a new look and importance.

You can alter the bench into a table for placing it in your living room. There are many options and creative ideas that you can do yourself at home to have modern and vintage furniture.

Use Single bench as a coffee table

Many people prefer to use a single seat with a backrest or without it. When you have less space between the couches, it will be better to choose a single table.

Take a simple rest seat and remove the dust with a soft and dry piece of fabric. Rub the wet cloth on all the sides and then clean it with a dry and clean cloth.

You can also sandblast it and paint it using your favorite color. Finally, put it in the middle and front of sofas to serve tea and hot coffee on it.

You should measure the height; it should be at the same level as chairs. It will be best for your living room if there is less space for a big table.

You can cut the legs of the bench if it is taller than the surface of the sofa. Join some wooden and metallic pieces at the end of the legs if the height is smaller than a sofa.

It should not be too high or too short that will not suit the furniture. You can go with it when it has one to three inches extra length. In the same way, if it is two inches lower than the sofa, you can manage the things by placing trays and boxes on it.

Some people have a seat with backrest and get rid of it. You do not need to worry and can use it differently. Cut the back support and make it a plane table.

Repeat the above process that you have done with a simple one. There is no limitation to use a simple or backrest wooden or metallic seat. The pieces of the backrest will be helpful in decoration and drawers.

The combination of two or three benches as a coffee table

It is better to use two or three desks when there is a space in your guest room. If you have two of the same size, you can join these side by side to make a wide coffee table.

It has a large surface area and provides the space for other things such as decoration pieces and lamps. For example, you can set 6 to 8 chairs around the combination of two normal sizes.

Make the table stylish and modern by choosing the different sizes of the bench. Sometimes there is only a height difference, and sometimes there is a difference in length and width.

If you have a desk of the same length and width but vary in height, arrange these side by side. You can place the wooden, plastic, and metallic pieces in the space between the benches.

It will look like the steps of a stair but give a modern look. It will look normal, but you can also balance the height. You can also join this lengthwise for more people.

Measure the surface of the bench from all sides and take a wooden sheet. Mark it and cut according to the measurement of the table.

Now measure the height difference and subtract the thickness of the wooden piece from it. You will have the reading for the addition of wooden or metallic support.

Take the pieces of measured readings and fix them on the lower bench at a different location. Put the sheet on it to match the height with others.

If you have benches of different lengths, widths, and heights, you can place the smaller one just beneath the larger one. These will overlap each other by about two inches.

You can fix it with nails and nuts or place the small one beneath the larger one. Add little rubber wheels for your convenience in the legs of a small stand. It will allow you to pull it easily and does not scratch the floor and carpet.

Some families have a trend to take tea or coffee in the evening. It is the best option to use these benches in a lengthwise position when you have children. 

The combination of three counters is beneficial for those who have large space in the living room. However, some people have a creative mind and arrange the table without the help of others.

If you have 3 desks of the same length and width, but all have different heights, arrange these to give stairs look. If you have two counters of the same size and one large size, place these benches in another way.

Place the large one in between the two small benches. It will look attractive coffee table when you decorate it and put separate things on each step.

Arrange the table so that two same-size seats will join side by side, and the third small one will be under the benches at a 90° angle. It will look like a plus sign, or you can tilt it to give another shape.

Add wooden legs to the bench

Replace and change the designs of legs with the wooden or metallic bench that has simple legs. You can add wheel shape legs at both sides after cutting the straight legs with a cutter.

If the size of the bench is small, that is enough for serving two people at a time, removes all four legs. Then, make V-shaped support using the same legs at the center and fix it on the stand.

You can also add U-shaped legs to give support to the upper surface. Arrange the legs differently to make your coffee table up to date. Increase the surface area by adding two wooden side sheets

You will need wooden sheets, a drill machine, nuts, screwdriver, pliers, and nails to add the sheets on both sides. Cut the two sheets according to the length and width of the bench surface.

Join both side sheets using a door hinge; it will help in folding and opening additional sheets. 

However, it will make it a closed box shape when you fold it. If there is less space, do not open the side support.

There is another creative idea to change the bench into a table. Cut the legs of two benches and separate the surfaces. Join the two surfaces with hinges and also add the folding legs on all four sides.

You can fold it and set it aside when you have done with it. Take this to the lawn when you are enjoying tea with your family in the open air.

Change the wooden strip design and cover the bench surface

The benches have wooden strips designed with equal gaps; you can fill them or cover them with suitable material. The back rest and simple both can have strip styles. First, remove the backrest and make the simple bench and then remove all the strips.

There will be a frame left behind; place the whole wooden or metallic piece over it. In addition, you can set the plastic, glass, and plywood to make a wide surface area.

Sometimes the surface of old benches is damaged and uneven. You can cover its surface to make it a coffee table with a plastic sheet, glass, wood, and hardboard. Place a cover to make it plan and equal so that it will tilt the coffee cups.

First, choose the material which you want to use as a cover. The procedure will be the same for all, measure the surface and cut the sheet. Drill holes to fix it with frame in case of wooden sheets. Place the glass as it is if it is thick and heavy.

Add drawers and shelves

It is beneficial to add drawers as it has space. If you are taking one bench, there will be one of two drawers in length.

You can make drawers side by side when you join two seats. In this way, there will be two large or four small drawers for the storage of accessories.

You can make a large box of full size under the surface. Remove all the material from the frame and fix the wooden blocks five to six inches from the top. Cover the box from all sides and attach the surface of the table with sliding rails.

Staining and painting

You can use the bench without cutting and addition of extra material. Remove the dirt and sandblast if needed for new polish.

Stain it and let it dry for some time. Then, apply another coat so that all the dents and spots will become invisible.

You can match or contrast the polish with the furniture and wall color to give an attractive look. It is not compulsory to paint with a single color; you can paint it with two or more colors to make patterns.

Change the shape of the surface and upholster the bench

Mostly the these have a rectangular surface with four legs. When you attach the folding sheets, it will convert into a cubic shape.

You can also arrange three seats in a triangle shape. There will be a central space in which you can put a vase and lamp.

When you separate each part, you can alter the rectangular shape into a circular shape. As a result, it will occupy a large surface area than the simple table.

It will give a modern and fancy look to the coffee table when you upholster the bench. Use high-quality leather, foam, and clips. Carefully attach the pins at the same distance from each other. It is optional to wrap the two leather belts for decoration.

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