How to Paint Wooden Cabinet Knobs?

How to Paint Wooden Cabinet Knobs?

Painting the wooden cabinet knobs is cheap and easy that changes the look of your cabinets. Use high-quality equipment for paint; otherwise, its coverage is not good.

How to Paint Wooden Cabinet Knobs? You can paint the wooden cabinet knobs by removing the hardware from the cabinet using a screwdriver and keep all the nuts in a safe place. Now you can remove knobs carefully and wash them. Next, you can apply primer after sanding the knob and dry it thoroughly. After this, paint the knobs with a small brush and left them to dry. You can also make a design on the knobs with cutting paper that enhances the beauty of cabinets. 

You can use oil and water paint, but do not use oil paint if you need light color. Because it turns into a yellow shade after changing the color, always apply primer before painting because it gives a smooth finish.

The color of knobs fades because you hold it to open the cabinets. Therefore use the excellent quality shade that cannot remove easily. 

Can you paint wooden cabinet knobs at home?

Paint the wooden knob is easy because it is small, but it is difficult to apply uniform paint. 

You can also use cardboard and set it at the back of the knobs, but it colors some cabinet parts.

Clean the knobs

Wash the knob after removing it from the cabinet because grease and oil are present on it. Due to steam in the kitchen,  it also turns into black, that’s why wash it with the cleaning solution.

Take water in a bowl and add baking soda to it. Now dip the soft cloth into the solution and apply it. You can also clean it with the old brush so that hard stains remove easily.

If grease does not clear, dip all the knobs in the solution for 15 to 18 hours. Then clean it with a dry cloth and keep them in the sunlight for few hours.


You can sand them to clean their surface by using sandpaper. After this, clean the knobs to remove wood dust.

Sanding is essential for the wood because it binds the paint and primer to its surface.


You can apply primer to the wooden surface because it contains solid content that smooths the wood surface. 

If you do not apply the primer, wood absorbs the color, and a smooth layer does not form. It also removes from the surface within 2 to 3 years. You can apply the primer with a small brush so that it can apply easily.

Now keep it in a hot place for about 4 to 5 hours so that it dries completely. Now sand it by using sandpaper so that surface becomes smooth.

Apply low pressure on the primer; otherwise, if removed. Now clean it with a dry cloth before painting.

Fix knobs on foam

Take a large piece of foam about 12 to 15 inches and fix knobs on it. You can use long nuts in the knobs so that these attach easily with the foam.

If you do not paint in this way, it removes from the knob that touches the floor. Therefore, stick these tightly into the foam, and if it shakes, then change its place to fix at one position.

Apply paint

You can apply paint with a small brush because it also paints the floor if you use a large brush. 

Select the shade that matches the theme of the wall, and you can also choose the color that corresponds with the cabinet.

Apply one coat of paint and dry it for about 1 to 2 hours. After this, apply another coat because it absorbs in the wood if you use one coat. 

Apply Sealant

You can apply sealant after painting the knobs because it prevents the wood from breaking. It also protects the wood from the external atmosphere, like sunlight.

You can use polyurethane that preserves the wood and gives a good finish. If you use oil paints, then it is best; otherwise, it changes the color of the wood. Waxes are also available that you can use as a sealant.

You can apply the wax with the cloth that gives a smooth surface of knobs. If you use water color, then it is best because it does not change the wood color.

When you apply sealant, it blocks the wooden pores and protects from moisture and chemicals. You can use two coats of sealant then keep it in a dry place.

Fix the cabinet knobs

When you paint your knobs, then you can apply them to the cabinets. 

Tightly adjust them to the cabinets; otherwise, it moves out when you pull it during the opening of the cabinet. You can also fix the back cover to the bracket that looks beautiful on the cabinet.

How to design wooden cabinet knobs with paint?

You can make a design for the knobs by using different patterns. For example, if you like the zig-zag way, cut the tape in this shape, fix it, and paint.

When it is dry thoroughly, then remove the tape and apply a sealant to it. You can also use spray paint to make a design on it because it spreads quickly.

You can also decorate your knobs with small crystal buttons that enhance the beauty of cabinets. Select the design that looks beautiful with the knobs, and you can also apply glitters to it. You can also make different colorful shapes on it.

How to paint the metal knobs?

If your wooden cabinets have metal knobs, then you can paint them easily. Remove it before painting; otherwise, it stains the cabinet.

Take a screwdriver and open the nuts, now keep it carefully because this hardware use again.

Finally, you can sand the metal knobs with sandpaper so that its surface becomes smooth.

After this, put it on a cardboard and apply primer spray to give the metal a good finish. You can keep it for about 3 to 5 hours so that it dries completely.

If you apply, it then metals become shine and has a slippery surface. 

Now keep it in a dry place for about 2 to 3 hours; otherwise, your fingerprint removes its shine.

You can clean the holes of the cabinet so that it looks good. Now fix it on the cabinets carefully and check that if it shakes, then again tight them.

Why would you paint wooden cabinet knobs?

You can paint wooden cabinet’s knobs because it hides the rough surface. 

If you stain it, then it soaks in the wood that cannot cover the rough surface. The stain can also remove when you hold it to open and close the cabinets.


Paints are cheap than stains because they apply only one time and can last too many years. 

Therefore, it is expensive. The paint has a good texture, and it cannot dissolve in water. Stains can easily dissolve in water and remove from the cabinets.

If you apply shiner on the knobs, it not only hides the bad surface, and its shine also hides within a few days. Therefore, paint is necessary for the cabinets that give a smooth texture and enhance the beauty of cabinets.

Make your cabinet colorful

You can paint your cabinet knobs because it has more beautiful colors and you can make your desire color by mixing other shades.

If you use dark colors, apply oil paint because it is best than all the other varieties. Colorful cabinets also attract your guests and make your cabinets beautiful.

Improve your home look 

It improves your home look and also makes it bright and shiny. 

Oil on their surface makes them dirty, and when anyone touches them, it harms them. 

Good investment

It is a good investment because if you want to sell your cabinets, then paint the knobs. It has an entirely new look that attracts buyers.

 If you sell your cabinets without painting them, the buyer cannot buy them due to their bad look.

Which type of paint can you use on the wooden cabinet knobs?

You can use oil paint because it gives a smooth finish to the cabinet knobs. 

Because it does not absorb the stain, and you can clean it with a damp cloth. It also gives a shiny look that enhances the beauty of cabinets.

But it takes more time to dry completely, about 18 to 20 hours. Therefore keep it in the air so that it can dry early. It also gives a yellow shade if you select the light color. 

You can also use water-based paints that are called latex paint because they can dry quickly.

You can also use primer because it makes water paint more durable and long-lasting. 

Why is spray paint good for wooden cabinet knobs?

Spray paint can apply easily with less effort; therefore, if you paint more area, then use spray paint. It also gives a shiny look that increases the beauty of cabinets.

But it is expensive than the brush paint; therefore, you can use another color. Also, it dries quicker than the other paint, about 30 to 40 minutes.

The brush is cheap, and you can apply it to the specific place you want to color. 

If you have a rough surface, then it is best because it has smooth coverage. It also comes in different shades, and you can make your favorite shade by mixing other colors.

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