What to Put on a Coffee Table in Living Room?

What to Put on a Coffee Table in Living Room?

The coffee table comes in various colors and designs; they have relatively smaller than other dining tables.

What to Put on a Coffee Table in Living Room? You can put various things on the coffee table in the living room like books, magazines, and pens. Many people also put their laptops, Televisions, and AC remotes on this table. In addition, you can also use it for artificial flowers, decoration pieces, and ashtrays. Furthermore, you can place table runners, scented candles, hot and cold beverages, painted glass bottles, stylish baskets, and photo albums on these coffee tables.

You should place them in the center of your sofas set so everyone can access them while having coffee at night. Most people love to sit around them during the morning to read the magazines and newspaper while having morning tea.


The empty coffee table looks boring, so people can place the different books for reading. In addition, they can often arrange them in different styles to give a better and more stylish touch.

You can align them in a horizontal line and add a variety of books related to your work, historical and others.

In addition, many of my friends also love to read novels in their free time on sofas or chairs.

You can also put all types of books on one side to place other things on the second side.


Flowers are also the source of refreshment and give an excellent visual appearance to your whole interior. You can also make stylish pots and fill them with flowers and stones of different colors.

In addition, the fresh flowers are also good to put on these tables. Artificial plants are also available in markets that are long-lasting and look refreshing.

In addition, you can also paint the flower pots the same color as the wall of the interior for a better appearance.

Decoration pieces

You can also place decoration pieces of different styles and sizes according to the size of the coffee table.

It also gives a charming look if you add handmade decoration pieces to them. For example, you can add bird cages of different sizes for a modern look.

Stylish tissue boxes are also available in the market in wooden or metal material, and you can place them in your living room because they are the basic things to use all day.

The decoration pieces are present in wooden or glass material containing historical pictures or photos of different animals and birds.

Lamps and candles

Different types and styles of table lamps are available at stores with varying prices according to their quality.

Many of my friends place these lamps to turn them on during nighttime to brighten the interior all night.

In addition, they are also using candles of different styles for decoration purposes. The scented candles are also widely preferred because they help freshen the interior.

The candle stand also looks stylish; you can place the candles and turn them on when needed. The electrical ones are also important, and they are present in glass boxes with a glittery appearance that helps make the interior modern.

Stationery boxes

A stationery box is also vital to settle pens, pencils, and notepads. You can use them when you need them while working in living rooms.

People often do their office work while sitting on the sofas. For this purpose, you should place a pen box on the table.

You can also take a simple box from the market and embellish it with different stones and other decorative materials.

In addition, the wooden ones are also available that have different designs that you can use for placement of pens and other accessories.


The ashtray is also a common thing to set down in the living room. Sometimes the guests come to your house and do smoking and utilize this tray.

It is a small dish-like structure useful to pop up the ash from the cigarettes. They will also protect the carpet and floor when you put them as in them.

In addition, these trays come in metal and glass material, and you can buy them according to your choice.

The glass ones are better because they are more durable and cannot get dirty early. Moreover, they also come in glittery glass material that looks more stylish on this furniture.

Table runner

Table runners are useful things to settle down on their surface. They are of plastic material with different refreshing designs and colors.

You can choose their shade according to the paint of the interior walls. You can also make them by hand by using wool in various colors.

You can also add tussles on all four sides of the runner for decorative purposes. In addition, you can choose the ones with different fabrics, including linen and cotton, according to your choice.

These runners are primarily used to give an ornamental appearance because you can set them down at the center part and place the decorative decoration pieces on them.

Painted glass bottles

Glass bottles give a stylish touch when you place them between the centers of the coffee table.

You can put the different colors of water bubbles in them that give the crystal shade to these bottles. In addition, you can also purchase stylish bottles and paint them with glittery or pain paint.

The painting with white, green, pink, and purple paint gives a refreshing touch and looks like they are filled with beverages.

You can also place the faux flowers of green colors in them or water plants in these bottles. You should ensure that they are in the center of the table because there is a greater chance of their falling and breaking on the sides.

Hot and cold drinks

Hot and cold drinks are mostly served or used as a starter when guests come to your house. People often place the coffees or a cup of tea on these coffee tables to enjoy with their family in the evening.

Evening tea is also an important part of winters because they want to enjoy the cozy weather.

When this table is made of wooden material, you can place the rugs while placing a cup of tea or coffee because heat can damage their surface.

People also enjoy different beverages and fresh juices, mainly in the morning while sitting in the room. They place the juices, shakes, or drinks on them with rags of different styles.

Stylish baskets

Stylish baskets are also the vital part that you can set on the sides of the coffee table to give them a charming and fantastic appearance.

You can make these baskets at home by watching different hacks or using strings or hardboard. In addition, you can place various accessories like mobile phones and keys in these baskets.

The wooden baskets are also famous, and they are readily available in the market; they are in two forms square or round.

People can also add tissues in these woven baskets, and they also give a rustic look because of their rustic color.

Snack bowl

A snack bowl is also an important thing to place on the coffee table of your living room so people can eat these things while gossiping with family and doing their work.

For snacks, you can take plastic bowls or wooden baskets to add variety for food items in them. The healthy snacks include seasonal fruits that you can put on them.

You can also add small candies, biscuits, chocolates, and crackers for your children. Partition-based snacking trays are also available in which you can add a variety of nuts for healthy eating.

Photo albums

Photo albums are essential to refresh the memories and memories of your favorite moment when you are free.

Photo albums nowadays come in various styles and contain wooden material boxes. Many people place these albums on their living room table, so they don’t look empty and boring.


TV is a vital part of enjoyment when you are free from the home chores. People place the TV on the coffee table to enjoy their favorite programs when they get bored from the routine work.

It is the best place because it can also maintain the level while sitting on the sofas. You can see the picture clearly on the television.

In addition, different boxes, including bone boxes, are also present in which you can place their remotes. It also contains the runners, which prevent the TV from slippage from their surfaces.


Placemats are commonly used in our homes to place on the table to prevent their surface from damage.

You can also use these placemats for the living room’s coffee table so you can place a cup of coffee and other hot beverages on them.

Moreover, these placemats come in various designs and glittery colors that give an antique appearance to your whole interior.

These are of wooden or plastic types; you can purchase them according to your choice.

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