How to Place Accent Chairs in Living Room?

How to Place Accent Chairs in Living Room?

Many people place the accent chairs in the living room to make it look nice. These chairs not only create better sitting space but also makes the interior more attractive. 

How to Place Accent Chairs in Living Room? You can place accent chairs in the living room beside the sofas and on their front side. In addition, you can also put them on the sides of the coffee table and end tables. Moreover, it is also beneficial to arrange a single accent chair on the side of bookshelves for reading purposes. They look beautiful if you match their colors with sofas or already existing furniture.

These types of accent furniture are more costly than other plastic, metal, or wooden chairs.

These are upholstered with fabric, so you have to clean them every week, so they don’t look dirty.

Why would you place accent chairs in the living room?

These are unique and beautiful from all types of furniture, and these add up the look of the whole interior. So many people are using them in your living room to get rid of boredom.

When you place the same color couches or other furniture in your interior, it will look unpleasant and dull; in this situation, you can add them to give an elegant touch.

These are relaxing parts of furniture, and people love to sit on them due to their comfortability. It will also make the interior attractive by creating a central point because these chairs are so short.

It will give a charming appearance and make the interior more welcoming and invite able. These also provide extra sitting space when guests are coming to your house.

People are also placing them in their offices to make the luxury and classical. You should also pace them in your bedroom and children’s room near their study tables.

You can also set them in front of the fireplace during winters, giving a warm and cozy feeling. However, many people complain that accent chairs are expensive.

Select suitable space

You should arrange the chairs in a way that will provide enough walking space.

When you are adjusting them with couches, you should put them at some distance; it will also give a broader appearance to your entire interior.

You should also measure their size before purchasing them so they can best fit in your available space. You should not place them on the doorways; it will create problems during walking.

Their adjustment with just close to sofas is also problematic because it will not provide enough walking space to sit on the couch.

Adjust accent chairs near tables

Many people are finishing their living rooms by adding sofas and tables between them. When your friends come to your home for a movie or enjoyment, you should place these chairs around the table.

You can set them in a pair like two on both sides. You can also arrange for them to put one chair on both sides of the table like they face each other.

Many people only add them around tables instead of sofas due to their modern style and comfortability.

Place chairs beside sofas

When you are adjusting them besides your couch, it will create extra sitting space for your family and friends.

You can put two on each side of the sofa for more people. It also looks fantastic if you are arranging them in a way that one piece on each side.

When arranging them on the sides of sofas, you should ensure there is enough walking area between them and couches.

It is your choice; you can also add one on the left or right side of your couch. In the same way, you should also set their pair on one side, either left or right.

In the front of sofas

You can also adjust them on the front side of your couch. You should arrange it in this way that they are parallel to your sofa.

If you have a single long sofa in your room, then you can place 3 to 4 of these chairs on the front side.

If your arrangement is like a single long sofa with two single-seater couches beside them, in this situation, you can put a pair in front of 5 seater sofa.

Their adjustment on the front side is beneficial and looks pleasant, and it will also become more interactive with the persons sitting in front of you.

Near bookshelf

Some of the living rooms are also equipped with bookshelves so you can put a variety of books in them it can also include your study material.

It looks awkward and also tiring when you are studying them while standing position. So the easy solution is you can arrange these accent chairs near them.

In this way, you can easily pick up your favorite book from the shelf and comfortably sit on them to read it. You can add a single piece beside them with a small table; it will appear ultimately.

You should arrange them in this way that their back or head side is not facing the shelves. 

On the sides of end tables

End tables are the central part of a living room for decoration purposes. Many people are putting decoration pieces, lamps, and faux flowers on them to adorn their beauty.

You should place them in the direction that their backs are on the side of the walls. Finally, you can add two of these, one on each side of the end tables.

You can also put the lamp on the table so you can read easily at night while sitting on them.

Add them on each side of the table in the diagonal position. In this arrangement, the table should be slightly on the back end.

Near the TV

TV is also part of the living room for enjoyment purposes with your family and friends during your free time. For example, when you are inviting your friends for a movie night, you can adjust the accent chairs near a TV to create additional space for their adjustment.

You should place them in a direction that people can see the screen easily. Set them in front of the screen or the sides of the couch.

Add Accent chairs in front of ottoman and coffee tables

Ottoman tables are also called relaxing tables that you can put in front of your furniture to place legs.

You can also arrange these around them and quickly put your small accessories and a cup of tea on their surface.

You can also situate a single piece or a pair of chairs around them. When you arrange them with a single piece, you should set them on the side of this table.

You can situate them beside the coffee table to enjoy with your friend or a partner.

Adjustment near L-shaped sofas

L-shaped couches are long with 8 to 9 seats; it is best for a whole family gathering. You can also situate accent chairs near them to add up the beauty and style in the interior.

You can arrange them in pairs put a pair on one side of the couch near the central table. You can also add a pair on the sides and one pair in front of them.

In addition, you can only set one near its end side with an end table or a coffee table.

Accent chairs look good near windows

The window is a beautiful addition to your living room to enjoy the exterior beauty and freshen your mood. It is the best part to arrange near windows to enjoy the tea during the rainy season.

You can diagonally place them by adjusting the round table between them. Finally, you should add beautiful curtains to the windows to make the interior cool and charming.

You can also put one chair with a coffee table beside the glass window. I will prefer an arrangement in a way like these are facing towards the windows.

Near shoe shelf

Many people are placing the shoe shelves at the entry of the room to change their shoes. If you are placing the accent chairs beside them, it will be helpful for people.

You can easily sit on them and change your shoes after coming from outside. You can also remove them when you don’t need them and put them near your sofas.

How many accent chairs can you place in the living room?

It depends on the size of the living room and the seats of sofas. I have surveyed people who love to decorate their interior with furniture.

This survey consists of 50 males and 50 female population of young age. I have questioned them about the maximum number of chairs suitable for the room.

The data results showed that 70% are interested in adding 10 to 12 seats in their interior, including sofas.

It will show that you can add a minimum of 1 to 2 and a maximum of 4. If you are exceeding this number, it will make the room congested and overlooked.

If you have a long seven-seater couch, you should place a maximum of two, so it will not cause overlooking of the interior.

If you only have a single 3 to 5 seater couches, you can set a maximum of 3 to 4 to balance the appearance of the interior.

When you want to arrange them around the coffee table, you should adjust a maximum of two around or beside their sides.

Which material accent chairs are best for the living room?

These are available in different materials, which includes

  • Wood
  • Upholstered
  • Metal
  • Leather

The wooden types are easy to clean and less costly; that’s why many people are purchasing them. It will also create the old vintage and farmhouse-like appearance in the room.

It is also beneficial to arrange them with wooden types because they are less slippery on the floor and produces less noise during movement.

Upholstered furniture is more costly than other types. However, these are more relaxing and comfortable for sitting and gives the classical touch.

It is necessary to maintain their cleanliness because it will catch more dust and body oils. Metal ones are not adequate for the living room because these can readily become rusty due to environmental conditions.

The leather ones are more durable and long-lasting. Moreover, you can place them in the interior because they are easy to clean with careful management.

I am always recommending the upholstered one and leather types because they are comfortable and more pleasant.

What style of accent chairs is more beautiful?

These chairs have various styles, and you can select them according to your choice and taste.

Some of them are armless, and they give a modern and stylish touch. In addition, you can place long bolster cushions on its sides for relaxation and making them comfortable.

These are also tufted with buttons to give an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Many of this furniture are like lounge chairs which are upholstered with a thick layer of foam to make them soft.

These are also in thin upholstery with a slim back and sides, easily fitting in a small space. The club type and wingback one makes the entire interior attractive and fabulous.

What color accent chairs can you place in a living room?

The color combination is the most crucial part of decorating your furniture and its adjustment. You should match the shade with already present sofas.

You can also match them with paints on the walls. These types of furniture mostly come in colors like

  • Light blue
  • Smoky gray
  • Ocean blue
  • Light pink
  • Dark brown

When you are adjusting them in pairs, then both pieces are of the same shades. The two chairs of different shades don’t look pleasant.

You can also place light shades to make the interior more relaxing and calming.

What size accent chairs are best for the living room?

The size of this furniture is more important when you are situating them with tables or sofas. The standard size is 15 to 20 inches in height.

You can also adjust their size according to the height of the table; it will be slightly above the table.

You can also purchase the ones who have more height than standard for people with more height so they can easily relax their legs.

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