How to Install French Doors in Existing Opening?

How to Install French Doors in Existing Opening?

It is easy to add French doors with existing doors and windows, and it does not require a special area. Many interior designers recommend fixing these doors in the main opening from the lawn and between the rooms. 

How to Install French Doors in Existing Opening? You can install the French door in an existing opening in your home and between the rooms. Remove the existing door if it is present. Furthermore, take measurements with measuring tape carefully then select the door according to the measured size. Trim the French door and fix it in the opening. After that level the door and fix all the hardware.

Although the French doors are attractive and add value to the home, they are the primary ventilation source when you open them.

It provides massive natural light from the start of the day till the sunset. In addition, it protects the inside of the room from dust and foreign objects. You can also hang curtains when you do not need much light.

Things to consider before adding a french door to an existing opening

You should consider a few things when placing the French door in the existing opening or replacing it with windows.

It is necessary to decide all the things before so that you will not face any trouble afterward. 


First, you should decide the color of the door frame. Then, it is better to match or contrast it with the wall paint and furniture color.

Most people like white and whole-grain color to make it glaring and smooth. 

Type of the glass

Second, the type of glass comes; you should select the standard quality glass for fixing the door. There is various glass, for example, annealed glass, heat resistant or strengthening glass, and laminated glass.

In addition, at affordable rates, toughened glass or tempered glass, frosted, textured, and insulated glass is also available in the market.

You can keep the glass surface plan and can decorate it by choosing the engraved texture. Resin glass is the best quality, transparent and brittle substance containing polymers of chemical substances.

Measure its size

Third, you should measure the opening in the home to decide the actual size of the door. The standard size of it is about 82 inches in length and 70 inches in width.

It is not compulsory to place only the standard size, but you can also arrange custom size depending on the space. The size varies according to the space around and room.

If you are placing it at the main entrance to the lounge, you should decide on a large size. The entrance will look captivating when there are three main glass entrances side by side.

Material of door frame

Next, you have to decide the material of the door frame. Mostly you will see the wood and metal frames in the windows and furniture.

Aluminum, steel, wood, and a combination of metal are accessible in the market. However, if you want modern and attractive material, you should choose PVC and make it more charming.

Number of panels and glass diving grid

The number of panels and glass dividing grid depends on the width of the existing opening in the home. It has a single two and more than two panels that will make it captivating.

Many people like it without any glass dividing grid, but some like to have two or more grids on the glass. The grid will also provide support to the glass and protect it from a slide at one side.


Hardware is the most significant accessory in fixing furniture and windows. There are different types and colors of door pulls and knobs.

Take the snap of the door and inside the home in your mobile phone and go to the hardware to buy these things. Match or contrast the color, design, and texture of the knobs and pulls.

Try to purchase the steel, aluminum, and brass knobs as they will not rust when exposed to damp weather.

Buy the door hinges, nuts, and lock along with these things. Sometimes the carpenter fixes the lock while making it, and you do need to buy it separately.

Easy Steps to Install a French door in an existing opening

These are the steps to follow when installing a French door. You should follow each step carefully and read the instructions before starting work.

Locate the place

First, decide the area where you want to add this to your home. Many large houses have open places between the rooms and in front of the lawn. You can make changes by placing it in a suitable position.

It is best to fix it between the rooms, especially between the living room and open kitchen. It will not allow heat and smoke to enter the living room.

The other best location is the main entrance from the lawn. You can also adjust it in place of windows for fresh air and natural light.

You can also make the partition in a large room by adding it instead of fabric curtains and headboard. It

Is heat resistance and keep the temperature of the room according to the weather.

Removal of the old door if present

It is easy to place it when there is no existing window or door. You will remove the existing one when you want to change the style and texture.

Many people prefer to fix it while building a house in this modern era. So these are trending, and the demand is increasing day by day.

Close and lock it either it has a single panel or two panels. 

Remove the existing door and window carefully with the help of a pry bar. Next, pull the nails and unscrew the screws with the help of a screwdriver.

Trimming of the French door

The removal of the door and window will make the surface uneven and damage the paint. Therefore, it is necessary to trim the wall to a level surface.

Use the hammer and chisel if you do not want to trim the door. Compare its size with the wall, mark the points and join the points with a pencil from top to bottom.

Place the chisel and hit the hammer on the line starting from top to bottom. It will break the cemented layer and bricks and make the surface uneven.

Measure and add door frame

Take measurements of all the dimensions with the help of measuring tape and note the length and width on the paper with a pencil.

It will help you to buy a French door of a suitable size. If you convert your simple door to it, you should take measurements of the blocks you add to the glass.

Adjust its frame at the wall with the help of nails and a hammer. 

Addition of door jamb

The door jamb is present at one or both sides of the door and windows. The professional fit this vertically at the sides of the main opening of the door.

If it is smaller than the existing opening, then the jamb at both sides is the best option to fill the gap.

It can be simple and have a wooden or metallic grid over the glass surface. It will look trendy as well as fix the gaping issue.

Shimming and fixing hardware

Shimming with wooden or small metallic plates is the trick to fix the door at its position. Insert these plates between the small gaps while tightening the screws.

It is better to place these small pieces at that place where there is a gap of less than one inch.

You can put these in the gap side by side or at some distance. Cut the extra wooden plates with the cutter at the level of the door frame.

Fix all the hardware at their fixed position, tighten them with screwdrivers and pliers, and hit the nails with a hammer.

Can you convert simple doors into French doors?

Yes, you can convert the simple doors into it by the addition of high-quality glass. First, remove the door and place it on the floor.

Cut the door from all sides and leave 2 to 3 inches for glass attachment. Make the space in the door frame of the same thickness as the glass.

How long do French doors last?

These doors last for 25 years to 28 years, depending on care and maintenance. You can use an inside door for more time as compared to the outside.

Clean and remove dust from it regularly to keep it safe from pests. Immediately apply spray on it if you see any foreign object stick to it.

Change the color or refurbish it with the same paint after some time. The outside doors do not last long as compared to the inside because they are directly exposed to the humid weather.

Is a French door better than a sliding door?

Although these have many benefits, such as it allowing the light to come inside and brighten the room. The fresh air passes through it and refreshes the internal environment.

It has some drawbacks as well if you compare it with sliding doors. It requires more space, while the sliding door does not need space to open and close.

You cannot place furniture and other items besides it. This is because it has mechanical and energy efficiency issues. 

Do French doors add value to your home?

Yes, it can add value to your home. However, you should prefer it if you are living in a large and spacious home.

Install these in your home at a different location. It also acts as a window to take natural light and fresh air to freshen up the inside environment.

It will change the look of your home from dark to gleam. Many people like it to install at the main doorway and decorate around with fresh flowers and plants.

You can hang the blinds that will not block the sunlight. It is a lightweight and thin fabric to enhance interior beauty.

If you have a simple wooden or metal door, you can cut these in the center. Mostly the people ask the carpenter to cut in square and rectangular shapes.

Fix the high-quality transparent glass between the openings, and this will add value to the home. The other benefit is that if you are selling your house, make some modifications before presenting it to someone.

It will attract the buyer at one glance and force him to buy at a demanding rate. In this way, its value increases and you can earn a handsome amount of money.

How much does it cost to install a French door?

The cost of installation of it to an existing opening is not much expensive. The minimum cost is about $410 without the cost of labor.

The average labor cost is between $70 to $ 170, depending on the type of hard work and duration; if you install it without any professional labor, you can save money.

The French doors are available in different styles and materials. However, sometimes the cost also depends on the quality of the glass.

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