How to Get Natural Light into a Room Without Windows?

How to Get Natural Light into a Room Without Windows?

Here are 14 great ideas to get natural light in your room without windows; otherwise, sunlight comes through it easily. The sunlight is also the source of happiness, calmness, reduces stress, and brings new hope each day.

How to Get Natural Light into a Room Without Windows? You can get natural light into a room without windows by hanging mirrors opposite to the door and by using a light color scheme to the interior. In addition, you can add a sun tunnel on the roof, use reflective tiles and add false windows to make the room feel bright. It is better to hang a crystal chandelier in the ceiling for reflection in a dark room. Do not decorate the walls with many decoration pieces and dark color sceneries.

The architecture should make the map of the house in such a way that the first sun rays should come inside the home. However, sometimes it becomes difficult due to the less space and small rooms.

Choose the light color scheme

The color scheme of the room affects the brightness inside. The color of the room will remain darker when the paint color is dark. This is because it will not get enough light even if you light it up with many bulbs and tube lights.

Paint your wall with light color, and white color is preferable in a windowless room. It will not absorb light as the dark color, and the room will look big.

It is better to select the gray, white, and cream color for the ceiling. You can change it if it is already done on the roof. Always prefer bright and light color interior accessories to get natural light.

The light color furniture is the best option, and you can also change the old furniture with the new one. The carpenters are making the furniture with the addition of crystal and glass in it.

The glass will reflect the light and fall on the other part. Do not hang curtains and blinds on the wall without need. You should prefer light and bright colors if you like to hang a curtain theme in your room.

Many people love to put the rugs around the table and in the center of the room. Try to match or contrast the color of rugs and carpet with bright colors.

The dark color absorbs the light on the surface and does not reflect it.

Hang mirrors for reflection

Mirrors are the good source of reflection as it has a reflective surface. Therefore, hang the mirrors in the room instead of decorating sceneries and wallpaper.

Place the mirror opposite the door wall and arrange more large size mirrors at different places. You can arrange the mirror in such a way that when light rays fall on one, it passes on to the next, and this process continues.

If the size of the mirror is less than the width of the wall, then mark the center of the wall and mirror. Then, place it with the clips and leave the wall empty from both sides equally.

You can place the mirror at some angle facing towards the light source. For example, if the room has ventilation near the ceiling, then tilt the mirror at some angle; it will reflect the rays and brighten the room.

Keep the door open to bring natural light to room

You should keep the door open when there is no opening on the wall. It will provide the pathway for sunlight to enter inside. In addition, there should be windows in other room which will get the sunlight during day time.

Slide the curtains at one side and allow the light rays to come into the home. Then, when you open the door of the windowless room, this brightness will also go into that space.

Many people have a basement, and it is the darker area of the home. When you enter the basement, you will feel claustrophobia. It happens when someone goes into a congested and darker place.

You should remove the wall at the side of the stairs in the basement and replace it with a grill. It will be brighter to some extent when you open the entry door of the basement.

Place the mirror on the opposite wall; it will reflect the light and pass to the basement. Many people build the apartment on the small area; it is not possible to place the window in every corner.

You should keep the door open in this type of house. The sunlight has its importance even you have the bulk of different kinds of lighting in your house.

Go for hidden light, skylight, and roof lantern

It is trending to brighten the room with hidden lights to give the entire dark space a natural effect. You can paint the wall with a dark color to give a vintage look.

It is better to put make skylight on the roof in a dark place. It is the opening in the roof covered with glass through which you can see the sky and get natural light.

Many people build houses with the roof lantern. The architecture designed this to provide glare and beam of light. However, 80 out of 100 people like the triangle shape of the lantern from the upper side, while 20 out of 100 people prefer circular or dome shape roof lanterns.

You can cover it with high-quality glass; it will protect the inside of the home from dust and moisture. It is famous in America as many people have small apartments for living.

Reflective tiles and shiny surfaces make the room feel bright

The addition of reflective tiles to the room has the utmost importance of giving brightness. However, some people like tiles flooring, so you should place the reflective tiles with glossy surfaces instead of simple.

Reflective tiles are available in the market with different colors and designs. However, it is best to choose a white or gray color for your small room that lacks a window.

When the natural light comes from any source rather than a window, it will strike the surface and reflect in the opposite direction to spread the glamour.

Shiny and plain surfaces are an excellent platform for light. It can catch the minor rays and throwback in the opposite direction at some angle.

Decrease decorative material on the walls

When you have a small windowless room, you should not hang many ornaments and wallpaper on the walls. Also, do not fill the walls with dark color sceneries and show them on the piece.

Hang the mirrors in different shapes and sizes on the wall instead of pictures and paintings. 

Try to keep the walls simple and classic with light colors. If you put a lot of things on the wall, it will absorb natural light coming inside.

Some people do not like a simple and plain wall, and it is better to place the light color wall painting and wallpaper.

Add plants

You should bring some flower pots in different styles, for example, stone and marble pots. It not only gives a realistic view but also provides freshness and oxygen during day time.

You can cut the waste plastic bottles and add fertilized soil to them. Hang this at the wall near the door so that it can get sun rays coming from outside.

Put the plants in light color planters such as pink, pale pink, white, grey, and blue. These colors will increase the brightness of the inner side, although these plants and flowers will need extra care in a dark environment.

These are the source of freshness and keep you alive so give water regularly. You should select the color or combination of colors wisely according to the requirement of interior and space.

Choose a door with a window for a dark room

First, choose the door that has a window in it. Then, you can open it during the daytime and close it when you do not need it anymore.

This door will perform a dual function in this way. First, the door opening should have glass that can pass the sun rays even if it remains close.

It can have one or two windows in different styles; for example, if the door has two portions, there will be two openings for light.

On the other hand, the one-sided door can have one or two windows in the middle. Therefore, it is better to place two small openings with a glass sheet.

Add false windows

You can place the false windows in rooms that do not have the space for the original. The interior designer introduced the concept of the false window to give a modern look to the interior.

This is available in a single panel, two panels, and three panels. Take a large mirror and cut it in the window size.

Fix it in a simple wooden or metallic frame or add the wooden or metallic sticks in different patterns like triangle, square and rectangular shapes.

Use Sun tunnel, sun tubes, and sun pipes to get natural light

You should know about the map of your home before construction if you are building a new house. For example, add sun tunnels on the roof is perfect to to get sunlight inside.

The manufacturer used high-quality material to make the tubes.

It has an opening on the roof facing toward the sun. It catches the rays and sends the natural light to the room. 

It has been updated by the addition of sensors in this modern era. For example, the sensor will close when it detects the rains and storms around.

When you see it on the roof, it will be a small circular thing hanging on the ceiling. You can cover it with glass or crystal material.

Glass door and blocks on the walls bring sunlight in the room

Chose the glass door for your small room that lacks a window. Most people have a darkroom in the basement, and some have one on the ground floor as well.

It is the best choice to add a glass door instead of a wooden or aluminum door. Measure according to the length and width and buy a ready-made door.

The benefit of the glass door is that it can pass the light coming from the neighboring room. You can also decorate your wall with glass blocks which increases the depth.

Hang crystal chandelier and luminous ornaments

Many people love to hang the chandelier in the room because it will give a vintage look. 

Always choose the chandelier with glass and crystal, which can give brightness. You can also buy it with built-in lights and glamour.

You can decorate the room with luminous ornaments. Some decoration pieces have neon or fluorescent surfaces that shine even in a dark environment.

Prefer matte over gloss color of wall and simple, clean pattern

Matte reflects more light rays and spreads all over the room than the glossy surface.

Remember that the walls do not have extra things that absorb light and fade the interior. Instead, replace the furniture with a complex design and deep pattern because it absorbs the light and catches the dust particles.

You should prefer clean and simple lines to avoid a dull interior. 

Make illusion

You can make the illusion of a window and cover it with white or grey curtains and blinds. Then, pick natural scene wallpaper and place it on the backside of the bed.

You can also paste it at the back of couches and sofa. Hang the curtains and tie with the ribbon at both sides. It will give the illusion of a window and a natural effect to the room without windows.

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