How to Put Horseshoe on Door?

How to Put Horseshoe on Door?

Many people hang a horseshoe in different directions on the doors. In addition, you can fix it in the upward or downside direction by using these easy steps.

How to Put Horseshoe on Door? You can put a horseshoe on the door by selecting a spot, cleaning the door, removing rust from the surface, and measuring horseshoe. Then, access the spot, and adjust the horseshoe on its position. Now, drill holes on pencil marks and add square-cut iron nails by fixing them.

People have different opinions about its adjustment but entryway door hanging is one of the best ways to obtain good fortune.

However, they have an open end, and you can adjust the curve upward or make it face the lower direction. 

It takes around 10 to 15 minutes with minimum accessories like a ladder, measuring tape, iron nails, and a pencil.

Select a spot on the door

Select a spot on the top side of the door and make it more visible. 

However, several people hang them on the entryway doors. You can adjust it on the outside door.

But, it depends on the condition and appearance of the door. Also, a few people hang them on the doors of rooms and lounges.

You can select a hanging spot according to your preference. However, make sure it is on the upper side of the door surface so that everyone can access it conveniently.

The width of the door must be far more than its size. It helps the appropriate adjustment and fixation.

Clean the door

You cannot add the horseshoe on a rusty and dirty surface. Its cleaning is necessary before adding the nails. The existing corrosion can destroy the entire material of the product.

Use different cleaning techniques and remove rust through rubbing. Also, use commercial cleaners and remove all dirt particles. Finally, use a lint-free fabric and wet it inside the cleaner.

Be careful while cleaning the wooden doors. Excessive moisture can destroy their surface. You should clean the surface with dry fabrics and remove rust to prevent any damage.

Measure the horseshoe

Use a measuring tape and measure the sides and corners of the horseshoe. Note the calculations and measure the size. It helps in the adjustment in the upward or downward direction.

You can access the placement position. People adjust them in the top center of their entryway or interior doors.

It should leave side corners after adjustment. Use wide locations for such additions because they improve the appearance of such items.

Access the spot with a ladder

You have to fix a spot to adjust this thing because you cannot put it randomly. Take the help of a friend and arrange a ladder.

Reach the spot through the ladder and mark it with a non-permanent marker. In this way, you can manage the adjustment without any fluctuation. Also, it prevents repositioning if it moves accidentally.

Adjust position

Hold it carefully and reach the fixation spot. Then, adjust its position on the clean and dry door surface. 

Ask your friend to confirm the central spot and move it until you get the desired results and fix it repeatedly. Also, it is on a specific height, and you cannot adjust it frequently.

I usually use a pencil and add spots on each horseshoe end. Never leave a single nail section because it results in loosening.

Adjust it on a specific spot and measure the height. You can use a measuring tape for the height calculation.

Run the tape from one end to another and perform the activity before adding holes. Follow the procedure 2 to 3 times for appropriate adjustment. 

Also, it destroys the surface appearance and confuses the installing person. You can mark the spots with a pencil to position iron nails.

Moreover, mark the positions of its end one by one. In this way, you can identify the resting spots, and the horseshoe never falls randomly. 

Drill holes

Understand the measurements and calculations before drilling holes. Also, consult with an expert person and avoid damage.

It is better to use a drill machine and make holes according to the nail spots on the horseshoe. Also, the open sections of the material describe the number of holes on the door surface.

Insert the drill and make holes according to the number of openings. Never cross the drill machine directly from the horseshoe holes. 

As a result, you can make appropriate-sized holes with the required shape. You can use a 1/16 inches drill bit for making pilot holes. 

These are standards for the adjustment of such items without any disturbance. For example, you cannot follow the holes pattern without identifying its structure because the number of holes varies accordingly.

Add nails and fix horseshoe

Now, hold the item and adjust it to the drilled holes. These are heavy objects and require precise handling. Also, they need security because sudden falling is unfavorable for any person.

However, adjust the nail holes on the surface opening. You can get a rustic and classic appearance by selecting iron nails.

Moreover, use iron nails with a square cut to adjust this material. These are of different sizes, and a square cut provides a classic appearance to the overall layout.

People find iron nails fascinating because they provide a classic appearance while adjusting the item. Fit them inside the horseshoe holes one by one.

Select them according to the size of openings and prevent time consumption. In addition, push the square-cut nail inside the hole and adjust with a hammer.

Fix the iron nails one by one and never leave any holes. Next, hold it and slightly pull it outwards. Finally, check its stability and fix the nails repeatedly to adjust it appropriately.

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