How to Keep Rug Corners from Curling Up on Carpet?

How to Keep Rug Corners from Curling Up on Carpet?

Rug corners can curl up because the tension in its strings does not have sufficient balance at specific points.

A firmly knitted thick bundle rug possesses more significant potential to fold, and a straight fabricated rug without a bundle can also curl up due to water-shrinking its wool.

How to Keep Rug Corners from Curling Up on Carpet? You can keep rug corners from curling up on carpet by folding the rug on the opposite side of the curled edges or putting weight on its corners. Similarly, you can hydrate and press the corners or apply double-sided or masking tape to flatten its curled corners. If corners of the rug have become rigid and you cannot fix them with anything, place your rug between your mattress and bed or use a Cork-backed ruler, which is the ultimate solution for this problem.

The rugs corners curl up on the carpet because rugs come in folded form from the factory or due to rug contact with water.

When rugs corners become curled, they can also cause issues for children if they play around them. In this situation, you should follow these instructions to avoid the problem.

Put Weight on Edges

You can put some weight on the rolling corners, and it will facilitate you to deal with the issue.

For this purpose, you will require the assistance of another person because you will need to stretch the edges straight before you can put weight on them.

After this, you will need to put weight on the extended boundaries of the rug. There are two ways that you can opt for avoiding the corners from curling up on the carpet and giving an odd look to your overall interior.

First, you can put weight permanently upon the curled edges, and if you decide always to place some weight on the edges, you can relocate your furniture like the table on the edges to avoid their rolling up.

There is also another choice for you to utilize the anti-curling rug system for flattening corners permanently.

Anti-curling rug system doesn’t bind the corners to the floor and attaches them only to the rug itself.

When edges bind to the rug despite binding to the carpet, these provide extra weight so that corners lay straight.

Secondly, you can put weight on the rolled corners for an interval as long as your issue resolves.

If you want to go for this second option, you can place almost 4-6 heavy books on each curling part for some time.

When you choose this method to straighten the curves, then you must wait for almost 15 days to see good results from this procedure.

You should keep these books on each corner for 15 to 20 days, and after this time, your problem will solve when you lift this weight.

If you cannot wait for two weeks, you must try to put your available furniture like a sofa or put potted plants on each side for some time, and it will help you straighten the curves.

If its size is extra-large, you can notice straight corners by placing heavyweight like furniture after a few days. You should select a bigger rug than the sofa to fix this problem.

When your rug sides become straight, you can remove this furniture, and after following any of these two steps, you will not need to panic about curling up edges on the carpet.

Use double-sided or Masking Tape

When the rug is on the Carpet, use masking tape to avoid rolling sides. The painters utilize simple masking tape, which is brown, so choose it.

This type of tape will not produce any remnant on the carpet, and you can easily peel it off.

Flip the rug, and its upper side should be downward, and then cut the masking tape according to its size.

Masking tape functions miraculously if the carpet under the rug is in plastic material.

You need to stick a required amount of the masking tape beneath to straighten the curves, and then you must flip it again and place it upon the carpet.

You can also use double-sided tape because it will also assist you in keeping edges straight.

It is economical and readily available buy you must choose its high-quality version but if you decide to use it, keep in mind its feature of permanent sticking.

Hydrate and Press the Rug

You can put weight or use double-sided or masking tape to fix the problem, but if you have tried these steps and are in a hurry to sort out the issue, you can opt to follow the procedure.

When its corners keep curling up on the carpet, you can straighten them by hydrating and pressing them with the help of iron.

First of all, you need to moisturize curves by using water and then dehydrate them by soaking the moisture with the help of a towel.

You also choose to use a wet paper sponge or steamer for moisturizing the corners, and once the towel absorbs moisture greatly, place the iron down on these wet and rolled edges.

If you slightly hydrate the sides before pressing, then it will remain intact from accidental damage.

Consciously choose the towel according to the stuff of your rug and place the towel in the proper position and then press down the rolled-up corners with iron.

Don’t forget to check the temperature of iron by placing it on any other clothing so that you can prevent the burning of the rug.

Therefore, you can choose medium heat of iron for pressing the rug’s corners, and if the rolled sides resist the pressing due to placing the towel, remove the towel and try to iron the corners precisely.

You can repeat the procedure several times until you obtain desired results that your rug edges are entirely straight.

Use Rug Pads

Rug pads are one of the most accessible solutions to straighten its curled sides, and these are generally present underneath to assist them in their durability for a long time.

The purpose of the pads is to grip the carpet, so these are the best source of preventing curling up of edges on the Carpet.

You can cut the pad according to the size of the carpet so that it can fit easily and then place the pad on the upper side of the carpet.

Measure 0.5 inches from a side of the rug and then put a dot on every corner of the pad.

Then you can detach the pad and place it on the floor after cutting it from every side where you put a dot.

You can place the pad on the carpet because you want to put the rug on it, and then you can set it with its lower side on the pad.

The books can also help press the rug on the carpet, so choose either books or something else to press it firmly.

It will help you when you want to fix the problem of curled edges of your rug on the Carpet in your home or office.

Place the rug under your mattress

When the curls on the rug corners are not flattening by trying anything else, and the size of your rug is equal to or smaller than the size of the bed, then you can remove it from the carpet.

You can place it between your mattress and bed by ensuring the straight position of the rug before placing it. I usually slide the rug under the heavy bed to fix this issue.

You may have to wait for 7 to 10 days to observe improvement in the corner condition, and after this, you can reveal the straight carpet by placing it in the previous location.

Use of Cork-backed ruler

When you utilize two ordinary rulers for fixing the curled corners of your rug, it functions well and gives you good results.

All you need is to get a straight ruler then line it with the help of a cork alongside the back of it.

You can precisely obtain the grip you wish to provide on the lower side of the rug with the help of cork.

It is crucial to bind both rulers at the precise angle with the reclining position of the cork and bind these rulers with a pin and a thread.

Ensure the security of rulers by sewing up the rug’s backside and binding the thread surrounding the rulers twofold.

Fold the Rug on the Opposite Side

You can fold the corners on the opposite side of the curls because it will help straighten your rug edges.

If these fold from the left side and keep curling upward, you can fold them in the opposite direction.

Fold the rug back up once again, left- side out, and keep repeating the process for some time, and then bind a loose rope around it, which will prevent it from curling up.

Whenever you go through this issue, repeat this process, and you will amaze by seeing the results.

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