Is Bamboo Furniture Waterproof?

Is Bamboo Furniture Waterproof?

The bamboo furniture is not waterproof, but it has natural silica that makes it resistant to moisture to some extent.

Is Bamboo Furniture Waterproof? In general, bamboo furniture is not waterproof, but you can make it waterproof by applying furniture wax, Tung oil, Danish oil, and waterproof paint on chairs and tables. It is lightweight and has the maximum weight-bearing ability. You should clean bamboo furniture regularly, paint and apply sealant twice a year to make it long-lasting for outdoor use.

Interior designers decorate the interior with bamboo sticks to give a vintage look.

Does bamboo furniture rot in water?

Bamboo has natural silica in its lining that protects it from moisture. It can rot in water when you leave it for a long time.

The water molecules go into it and swell the bamboo. So that area will become soft and break when you put weight on it.

The rotting process starts when moisture sticks to the surface and penetrates the silica layer, damaging the bamboo chairs and tables.

How to make the bamboo furniture waterproof?

These are the general step-by-step guidelines to protect it from damage and cracks under harsh environmental conditions.


Use the soft fabric to remove the dust from the surface to keep it safe.

Use a wet cloth and soapy water when the dust is stuck to it. Finally, you should use sandpaper for the stubborn particles but with a soft and light hand.

Do not rub it harshly because it can cause scratches on it. Instead, you can use the vacuum cleaner and clean it with a brush to remove the dust from the lining.


You should remove any spill immediately when it spreads on it. The attractive appearance of chairs will become dull and awful. 

The ink spills on it and spreads if you do not remove it. In this way, if there is any other stain and spills on it, remove it with a cleanser and dry instantly.


You can paint your bamboo furniture with waterproof enamel to keep it safe and sound. Many people do not care about its texture, and it will become dull.

You should repaint it if the existing paint starts losing its bond with its surface.

You can also do it when you are refurbishing your interior. There are different types of paints available in the market with water-resistant quality.

Apply the one coat and wait for dry, and again apply the second coat if needed. You can also use spray paint over the whole surface. The spray paint is a better option than the brush paint as it does not require touchup and coating.


It is the final step in this procedure; you should choose the best quality product and apply it to the surface.

You should do it after the paint dries. It keeps it resistant o moisture and increases its life span, and imparts shining and glow.

Dish wash soap method

You can use this method to clean the dust and prepare the surface to apply a water-resistant product. Add a 6 to 8 few drops of a dishwasher in the warm water and mix well to form a good mixture.

Clean its surface with a dry cloth and dip a sponge in the bucket containing dish wash solution. Next, wash the table with a wet sponge thoroughly.

Remove the detergents and dry them using a dry cloth and turn on the fan. Then, use another damp sponge without soap and clean it properly. 

Apply the sealant and water-resistant products all over the surface to increase its durability. Keep in mind do not leave a little moisture on it.

Spar Urethane and Polyurethane

Various products are available in the market that you apply to the chairs. You can also use home-based products for the same purpose.

You should keep in mind that you will not coat the substance on the existing layer. Instead, you have to sandblast it before applying the same or different water sealant product and paint.

The professional used it for shielding the spar of sailing, and nowadays, you can also apply it on the furniture to stop the moisture from going inside.

Spar urethane is quite different from polyurethane. It contains a high proportion of oil and protects the wood in damp conditions. You can keep the chairs in the rain after applying the spar urethane coating.

Tung oil

The professional obtained the Tung oil from the Tung tree after pressing its seeds. Many people call it China wood oil because its appearance is oily and shields the wood.

It is the best option to provide elasticity, efficiency, and shine to the tables. It also protects it from cracks and allows flexibility while sitting on the chair. You should apply it twice a year, especially in the summer and spring seasons.


Shellac can impart the water-resistant ability to bed to some extent. It is a resin that is obtained from the tree and added to many products.

It enhances the natural grain of bamboo and gives a natural effect. 

Waterproof paint

Waterproof paints of different brands are available in the market at reasonable prices. Therefore, you can buy it from the market and apply it yourself.

There is no restriction if you want to hire a professional for this purpose. You can apply it with a brush and spray to make a smooth and shiny layer.

Furniture wax

Furniture wax is thicker than the polish and maintains the natural texture of bamboo furniture. Although it does not work efficiently as a water sealant, it cannot allow the moisture to stick to the surface.

Always apply the wax to the primary layer of paint. Do not use it directly on the bamboo chair. You can increase the life of the table when you apply the wax twice a year.

Use mild detergents

Detergents are available in almost every home as washing agents. You can also use this to make the furniture water-resistant,

Take a little quantity of detergent in warm water and mix it well. Then, apply its coating on the chair’s surface from top to bottom and clean it with a dry cloth.


Lacquer is thick and more durable than other water sealants. First, take the chair to an open area if you want to apply the lacquer on it.

Dilute it with water in 1:9 proportion to make a solution and fill it in a spray garden bottle. Apply it at the back, front, bottom, and legs of the chair.

Teak oil and Danish oil

Teak oil is the best product to apply to bamboo furniture to protect it from damage. It not only resists the water molecules to penetrate inside but is also resistant to ultraviolet rays.

It also makes the tables and bed shiny and maintains the color for a longer time. Apply teak oil carefully, and teak oil is effective for both inside and outside furniture.

The carpenters use Danish oil to apply on the surface of the bed as a finishing agent. It has the same qualities as teak oil has.

Apply marine varnish

Marine varnish is an excellent water sealant with maximum holding capacity. Although it alters the paint color to some extent, you will not feel the difference when you apply it all over the surface.

Apply it on the paint and leave it to dry for a minimum of 10 hours. It is better to keep it under the fan and turn it on for one day.

Why do you use bamboo furniture for home?

Many people like to arrange tables and chairs made of bamboo on the lawns and outside the home.


Everyone tries to make the home stylish and modern. 

If you already have wood tables, then you should replace them with bamboo style to make it mode and up to date.

Lightweight and strong

These are lightweight than any other material such as wood, steel, and iron. You can bring the chairs inside and out without the assistance of another person.

You can change the location within a room or within the apartment from one room to another. 


It is more durable than any other. It has maximum weight holding capacity and lasts long.

It is best for everyday use, and you can increase its life by adequately protecting it from direct moisture exposure and ultraviolet rays.

Resistant to harsh environmental conditions

It can bear harsh environmental conditions when it has a shield over the surface.

In addition, the coating of furniture wax, oil, and water-resistant enamel makes it shiny and resistant to weather changes.

How do I protect my bamboo furniture outside?

You can protect it in the following way and recommend keeping your bed safe and increasing its elasticity.

  • You should reduce the water exposure by placing it under the shades and inside the home.
  • The best way is to clean it daily and remove dirt and dust.
  • Remove any spill and stains immediately.
  • These needs extra care, for example, maintenance and changing the position while it’s raining outside.
  • Repair the broken parts and place cushions to provide comfort.

How can you care about bamboo furniture?

You should care for your bamboo furniture either you have it open-air or inside your room.

It needs special care to maintain its look and durability. I have divided the care into four groups for your ease.

Daily care

The couches need daily care, and it is the best method to keep them safe and sound. Take a soft microfiber cloth and rub it on the surface of the bed and remove the dust.

Mostly they have an engraved texture and dust particles go into it if you do not clean it regularly. Therefore, you should be extra careful when you place it on the lawn and outside the lounge.

First, clean it with dry fabric, then rub the whole chair with a damp cloth. After that, again clean it with another neat cloth so that it will absorb the moisture.

Weekly care

You should move towards extra care to keep your furniture neat and clean. Sometimes the dust gets into the lining and is unable to remove with the simple plan fabric.

In this situation, you should prefer vacuum cleaning to remove stubborn dust particles. Clean it with a simple and soft microfiber cloth.

The manufacturer recommends using smooth fabric because it does not scratch the surface of chairs and tables.

Monthly care

You should maintain the sofa and beds after thirty days before it requires. The maintenance includes repairing broken parts, replacement of doors, cleaning, and application of water-resistant wax.

The coating of waterproof material on its surface will protect it from humid and damp weather. The wax will lose its strength after one month, or you can increase its duration by placing the sofa and table inside.

You should repair the water-resistant product layer and oil timely; otherwise, it will crack at some points. Then, it will spread to the whole table slowly.

Annual care

The annual care includes the sandblasting of the existing furniture and changes its entire look. Therefore, you should paint it the same color or change its color after sandblasting.

It will make it different and give a new look to the room. Replace the old bamboo furniture with a new one if you do not want to alter its existing look.

You should replace it annually if you place it outside in an open environment. The best choice is to place it under some shade to not expose it to moisture directly.

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