How to Separate Living Room and Kitchen With Paint

How to Separate Living Room and Kitchen with Paint?

The open kitchen with an attached living room is trendy because it will make the space look more prominent and creative.

People use different designs and creative skills with paints as a visual divider to separate the kitchen from the living room, making them look different and stylish.

How to Separate Living Room and Kitchen with Paint? You can separate the living room and kitchen with paint by using different themes on both sides, including a snowy look and farmhouse touch. In addition, you can also use combinations of dark and light colors for this purpose. Different arts like horizontal and vertical lines will also distinguish the two places. You can also use different shades of paint to make paintings on walls to prominent the places. Furthermore, it is also better to label the kitchen and living room with varnish. You can also use a contrasting color and apparent the ceiling with darker shades.

The separation of places using various colors and paints is cost-effective for people living in small apartments. People can distinguish the two rooms by creatively drawing two bold lines or contrasting colors.

Architecture style walls

Many people separate their living room and kitchen by using paints; they try different styles on their walls that make them look unique from one another.

Many people try different architecture styles on one side and paint their interior with these designs. Then, they apply varnish to their wall and make large trees on the front wall.

You can also make a different appearance with historical pictures, so it gives an antique and historical look to your interior, and it will also look modern.

It is also good to make large flowers of the same colors and then add small mirrors between them to enhance the beauty of the living room, and it will also look different.

For architecture style, you can also try a splash of paints with a rainbow of colors on the front wall, so it shows something different.

Add some random paintings with varnish, which look attractive and different from your kitchen area.

Try different themes on walls

You can also try different themes on one side to make it look different. For example, you can try a snowfall theme and add a grayish-white color to all living room walls.

You can give them a classical look for a farmhouse theme by adding wooden shade varnish to look stylish.

You can also make the refreshing theme by adding greenery painting like adding different color flowers, petals, and greenery on walls.

You can also make it different by drawing aquarium paintings on the walls with fishes, stones, and greenery.

You should also try day and night themes by painting the walls with sun, moon, and bundle of stars.

When you have children in your home, you can also try something that attracts them, and you can add artwork of frozen and Barbie dolls for their happiness, making them look separate from your kitchen.

It always looks modern to make different musical instruments and add other letters on walls for a fun theme.

Use a combination of dark and light paints

The use of different colors on both sides, including the living room and kitchen, will also make them look separate from one another.

You should match the varnish of the kitchen with cabinets, so it looks beautiful. In addition, you can try the same color as the color of the furniture, so they look the same and unique.

I recommend adding a dark shade on one side to make this part look brighter, bigger, and distinct from others.

My friend used light colors in the living room to make it look peaceful and more comfortable.

The other benefit of using lighter ones is that it will add more light to the room and enhance natural light, making it look bigger and more relaxing.

You should always try a dark color to give them a brighter and bold appearance. In addition, the more colorful and dark colors will not get dirty early compared to lighter ones.

I am adding different combinations of dark and light colors for kitchen and living that you can try to make them look distinct from one another.

  • Creamy white with navy blue
  • Brown with mustard
  • Light green with purple
  • Gray with sky blue
  • Beige with purple

 Make different designs on living room walls

You can also make different designs on the living room walls to look different from the kitchen.

It is better to paint the walls with more colors to look distinct.

In addition, you can also add strips of two colored varnishes on the walls. It is also better to add different shades horizontally on the lower border.

Moreover, you can also add a zigzag design to the living room’s accent wall to easily separate the kitchen.

When you varnish with one shade like it is lighter, make blocks with the darker color. You can also add small triangles on the accent wall of the room.

You can also make random horizontal and vertical lines to create a messy and stylish look. You can also make a geometric wall design and fill some horizontal or vertical blocks with darker shade varnish.

In addition, after painting with different shades, you can make various designs with the help of a small brush.

Add strips by using a rainbow of colors, so this part looks brighter and distinct from the kitchen.

Add contrasting color on the ceiling

You can also make them look different by adding contrasting colors to the ceilings. When you add lighter ones on the adjacent walls, you should dry darker shads on the roofs for their brighter touch.

You should do the contrasting ceiling theme only with your living room; if you apply them to kitchen ceilings, they will look the same.

If you add creamy white colors to the walls, then apply plum purple or dark pink shade on the ceiling.

If the furniture is of brown shade, add creamy white or beige shade on walls and navy blue or royal blue ones on the ceilings to attract more light in the room and appear attractive for gust.

You can also try different designs on ceilings; they will also look beautiful. You should varnish their boundaries with darker ones.

You can also make designs prominent in the central area to give a classical appearance. For example, if the globe or ornament is present on your ceiling, add a zigzag design to enhance the beauty.

Kitchen and living room label with a paint

When your kitchen and living rooms don’t have any walls, you can separate them with paints by using creative ideas.

You can label one kitchen wall with alphabets or write them on the accent wall. It’s the same thing you can do with the living room, write it on the front wall.

You can make these labels more attractive by adding these labels to look prominent and fantastic.

It looks cool if you add the alphabet with different paints, giving a cool and stylish appearance.

Moreover, you can also add different signs like fire, cooking, and dish signs so this area shows the kitchen.

You can add different signs to your living room walls like bookshelves, various paintings, and other relaxing posters.

How to separate the kitchen and living room without paint?

You can also separate them without walls and paint by trying creative ideas. For example, you can try a wooden screen to make both the portions different, giving the farmhouse-like appearance.

You can also add curtains between them, giving them a modern look. It is also better to install striped curtains that are lighter in weight.

You can also try floor to roof paneling in your room and simple paint. In addition, also add stylish book counter or bookshelves near the entry wall of the room, so it shows that it starts from there.

The sliding glass portions are also common and stylish part of your house. Blinders are also a good option; you can install them, and they are easy to move around.

You can also make a brick Arche design where your living room ends and the kitchen starts to separate its boundaries.

You can also add different wooden stripes between these portions, making the interior attractive.

Wood separators with various designs are also available in the market; you can purchase them and fit in between these portions.

You can also place the furniture in a way which shows that living rooms start from there place the sofas or chairs in a way that their back is facing the kitchen side.

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