What Color Curtains Make a Room Look Bigger?

What Color Curtains Make a Room Look Bigger?

The light color curtains make your room look bigger. Many people have small apartments for living in many places. Sometimes you have a small area for rest in your home, but you can make changes and look spacious.

What Color Curtains Make a Room Look Bigger? You can make your room look big with off-white, gray, sage green, and light blue color curtains. Hang these above the windows and door to the floor if you want to make it large. There are different types such as sleek and chic, Venetian, roller, and pleated shades curtains that will create a large size illusion. You should prefer light colors and lightweight curtains for small rooms.

The interior designers share the view regarding the selection of themes. He said you could make your small room vast and bright if only you imparted a light color scheme.

Sometimes you cannot change your home or apartment and are fed up with the same look. 

The dark colors such as dark brown, maroon, and hazelnut make it packed. You will feel suffocated with these small living things.

Yes, it can make your home look bigger as these are the essential part of every home. You cannot decorate your room without them.

It has the ability to darken or brighten the inside of a home. It depends on the type and size; for example, hanging sheer blinds will create a brighter and large illusion.

The main factor that describes the size and design is the color. Always choose the suitable tone that will look great with the wall paints and furniture.

Do floor to ceiling curtains make a room look bigger?

Yes, the floor-to-ceiling blinds make it bigger. Mark the points to place the rods for hanging the blinds above the door and windows frame.

Drill holes carefully and place the steel or iron rod. It should be near the ceiling if the room has a lower roof. Just leave a 1 to 2 inches gap between the edge of the ceiling and rods.

It will look large when you see the hanging fabric from top to bottom. However, you can make your home more comfortable and soothing with little modifications.

Which color curtains are suitable to make a room look bigger?

Here are the details of some colors that will create a deep and vast appearance. You can choose it according to the interior and wall paint.

White and off white color

It is the best option to choose white and off-white curtains when you want a wide room.

The white and off-white color window and door covering make the environment classic and comforting. You will feel relaxed and free when you enter the small area after a hectic routine of the full day.

White is a versatile hue that always glows to the surrounding. As a result, it will spread natural light when sun rays fall on it. 

Light Blue and light pink Color

Many people reserve small rooms for children and decorate according to gender. Apply the pink theme for girls and impart the blue scheme when it is for boys.

It will attract attention and provide a feeling of ownership in the children. The needs increase as the children grow to hang the baby pink and light blue curtains in the room.

It will look bright and large when you enter and sit in it. This is because the small spaces are mostly present in a small apartment, but it is also available in big houses.

Sage green

Sage green is the most trending and modern tone. The green and gray combine to form sage green. Hang sage green curtains in the small room if you want to make it look large.

It will look natural from the inside also when the interior has the sage green touch. It is smooth, plain, and symbolizes wisdom.

The interior designer prefers this scheme for that person who mostly remains in anger. The level of exaggeration increases when you enter the small and darker territory.

It is better to change the curtains of windows and doors and hang these from the ceiling to the floor to0 give a new bright look.

Light purple

The light purple color symbolizes confidence, bravery, and spirituality. Replace the dark color blinds with light purple in your small place.

It should be lightweight so that the rods can bear their loads without bending and breakage. Mostly the girls like this theme, but you can give a touch to anyone’s room.

It affects the mind and personality of someone, according to the psychologist. So always choose the bright and light color; it will have a positive effect on your thinking.

It is preferable to hang vivid curtains if the furniture, carpet, and paint are neutral. On the other hand, choose neutral color blinds if all the other accessories are vivid according to the rule of thumb.

Gray color

Gray color comes in between black and white. Therefore, it will be darker when the black shade is more than the white. In the same way, it will be light if it has more white shades than black.

Its appearance depends on the percentage of both shades. Therefore, choosing the light gray for the small room is better if you want a balance.

The demand and use of gray are increasing day by day in homes and offices as well. In addition, people prefer gray for interior decoration, for example, hang curtains, sceneries, and ornaments.

It is soothing and makes your place look brighter when sunlight enters through windows and doors. In addition, it will reflect the light when you hang mirrors with gray frames in front of the window and door.

Which type of curtain makes your room look bigger?

Different types of blinds make it bigger and spacious. You can stitch according to the size of the windows and door.

Sleek and Chic modern style

Everyone wants to give mode and a new look to the room.

You can hang sleek and chic-style curtains on the wall. The selection of fabrics depends on your choice. It should be a light color and match the interior.

It is primarily available in light gray and white color and lightens it. So you can take it as the best choice to make your room bigger and brighter.

Roller shades

Many people like to hang the curtains over the roller. The fabric will roll over the cylindrical rod above the window frame about 8 to 10 inches above or near the ceiling.

It has a button and rope at one side to rotate the roller rod. It will start coming down when it rotates to the wall side. In the same way, the fabric will start rolling on the rod when it rotates in the opposite direction.

It depends on the quality of the rod and how much weight it can bear. It is better to choose lightweight and light color blinds for a small room. It will be easy for the lightweight and thin fabric to open and fold.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are stylish and modern available in almost every color. The manufacturer arranged the plastic or leather strips horizontally, one after another.

However, it is best to choose a light color such as white, gray, and light pink. You can hang this in the small rooms from ceiling to floor.

It controls the intensity of light coming from outside. You can open the gaps between the strips when you want more natural light. The sunrays will not be able to cross it when you close it completely.

Pleated shades

Most people like to hang pleated shades in front of the windows. The professional made this with stiff fabric, plastic sheets, and leather. It should be low in weight to gather its upper part when you want to open the window.

It also works as an insulator and does not allow the external heat to come inside and keep the room cool.

Sheer curtains

These are light and transparent to some extent when you hang them in a small room. This is because it will allow the sunlight to come inside during the day.

You will be visible to outsiders from the sheer blinds when sun rays go inside. It creates an illusion of a large room and also brightens it with natural light.

Can the contrast of light colors make the room look bigger?

Yes, the contrasts of two or more colors also look bright and make it spacious. You can create an illusion with wallpaper, sceneries, and glass decoration pieces.

You should try the ocean and sky scene in the small room. Dye the curtains with light blue and white color. Make the light green pattern on it and it will look natural.

Valley theme also enhances the space, and you will feel cool. Contrast white, blue, and light skin color with vertical patterns and make the blinds bright.

Tips for hanging curtains to make a small room look big

You should follow some tips and tricks while hanging curtains in a small room to make it large. The best interior designers follow these rules while designing the home.

You should purchase long fabric so that they can touch the floor. When you have heightened curtains, the wall will also look high, ignoring the ceiling.

It is better to hang them on the rods minimum of 8 to 10 inches above the windows and doors.

Although the fabric blinds are available in different styles and patterns, some are fancy-loaded with flowers, and some are horizontal prints. You should prefer a vertical pattern for small rooms.

The fabric of the curtain should be lightweight and thin in appearance.

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