Why Does My Bed Vibrate Sometimes?

Why Does My Bed Vibrate Sometimes?

Many people complain that their beds vibrate when they sleep on them. This can cause restlessness which is a very annoying condition.

Why Does My Bed Vibrate Sometimes? Sometimes, your bed can vibrate due to loose frames, damaged nuts, and bolts. The loose headboards will also cause this problem when you place them away from the wall. In addition, old and used furniture will also cause this problem. In addition, damaged mattress springs, uneven floor, broken slats, and loose connecting joints will cause the shaking or vibration of the bed when people change their sides while sleeping.

You should not ignore this problem and solve them as soon as possible because if you cannot tackle them early, it will damage the whole frame.

Loose bed frame

The bed in our homes comprises frames primarily made up of different materials. The material of these frames is of two types, wooden and steel; you can purchase them according to your choice.

These bed frames become loose because of damaged wooden material.

The frames also start to loose during the continuous movement of furniture from one place to another. In addition, the regular movement will also cause misalignment of their structure.

Due to this misalignment, the frames become wobbly when you sleep on the mattress at night time.

Some people also complain that due to consistent shaking, they become restless all night and cannot sleep, which can also disturb their daily routine,

You can fix it by replacing the wooden frame with a new one if they are completely damaged. You can also tighten screws and bolts with the help of a screwdriver to fix this problem. 

I have recently added center support for my bed frame to fix this issue.

Faulty springs

Springs are crucial for mattresses because they increase comfortability and durability by providing excessive support.

After some years, these springs will go wrong, and these mattresses begin to sag from the middle side. The wear and tears are also produced, damaging them entirely and failing to perform their function.

The springs will also damage when you add excessive weight to them than their standard capacity. In addition, they will also go wrong when your children are consistently jumping on them.

The jumping will damage these springs, and you cannot sleep at night due to the movement of the bed.

The spring will also damage and wear out when you purchase the low-quality ones; they don’t last for a longer time.

The springs will also wear out or uncoil when they become old; it commonly happens after 5 to 6 years which is their average life.

Due to these faulty springs, people also face difficulty sleeping because of bed sagging and shaking due to an imbalance mattress.

You should resolve this issue by changing them after 7 to 8 years when you feel they move downward while sleeping.

You also have to change them and replace them with new ones when their springs are damaged completely.

Uneven floor

Many of my friends said that they feel their bed is shaking while sleeping on the bed during nighttime.

This issue commonly comes from uneven floor surfaces, which can occur when the floor becomes old and bumpy.

When placing the beds on uneven surfaces, all four legs are not smooth. Due to the rough surface, they are unable to keep the balance.

This unbalancing will cause movement when you change your side while sleeping and cause an uncomfortable situation.

The uneven floors will occur when they become old, and you are continuously dragging furniture from one place to another, which damages its upper layer.

This issue will also come when you clean the floor and do not dry it thoroughly; long-term exposure to cleaning agents or water can erode its upper layer and cause misalignment.

You can tackle this problem by placing rubber pads on the sides, which are unsmooth. You can also add wooden pieces on the lower sides of the legs of the bed, so they maintain balance.

Loose nuts and bolts

Nuts and bolts adequately fasten the frames of the beds and all of their sides. These nuts and bolts will be unsecured due to their consistent use for a longer time.

The wooden frame contains the nuts and bolts to tighten its sides to hold the whole structure together.

When these bolts become loose, they cannot hold the entire frame together, and when you sleep at night, it will cause vibration.

The nuts will become loose when children play on them and cause their misaligned structure. In addition, the bolts become out of function due to wear and tear in them.

Moreover, they also become unsecured after some months, and you have to tighten them; if you are not doing so, it will cause an issue.

The expansion and contraction of wooden material in response to a change in environmental conditions also cause the unfastening of screws.

You should fix this problem by tightening the screws with the help of a screw wrench. You should take care that does not over tighten them; it is also problematic.

You can also apply liquid adhesives around them to ensure they do not become unsecured early.

Low-quality beds

The beds also come in various wooden materials; some are good quality, and others have lower quality.

The quality of furniture depends upon the type of wooden material used in their manufacturing. The low-quality wooden materials will also cause the beds to vibrate while sleeping.

Those whose quality is not good are more susceptible to damage than the higher ones. They will be misaligned early in response to a small amount of stress.

Their nuts and bolts will also damage when you place slightly more weight on their surface. These are a favorite places for children to play on them.

Their screws will loose, and all four sides will also be crooked and cause challenging conditions for people who sleep on them.

Some people also purchase used furniture because they cannot afford the new ones.

The used ones are not of good quality they were damaged early and have some fault. Therefore, I do not recommend old or used furniture because you also have to spend money to repair them.

You can fix this problem by purchasing beds made of high-quality wooden material to reduce the repairing costs.

In addition, you should also check if you are buying used furniture.

Loose headboards

Headboards are present on the head side of the mattresses, and they provide support to your whole frame.

In addition, they are also necessary because people read novels while relaxing with them. They are adequately attached to the bed frames with the help of screws and bolts.

In addition, they also become loose when you shift your home and change their place from one apartment to another.

The wobbling of the headboard will also occur due to the thin frame, which is unable to support them. Furthermore, the issue will also occur due to inadequate fitting with the frame.

Due to their loose-fitting, people face issues while sleeping because it can cause a vibration of the whole bed when they change their side.

You should resolve this problem by adding glue and rubber material to fill the gaps. Moreover, you should also tighten the bolts at a certain level that is not overtight because overtightening will produce a squeaking sound.

Damaged connecting joints

The connecting joints are present to connect the different sides of the frame adequately and hold all its parts.

These joists are appropriately fixed deep in the wooden material, so their legs do not loose. When they become unfastened, it will also cause loose legs of the furniture.

Due to these unsecured legs, you can face shaking movement sometimes while sitting and sleeping on them.

The connecting joints also become unfastened due to cracks on some sides. The cracking will occur during movement or due to exposure to heat.

The cracks will also produce when you place heaters near your furniture wood become dry, and cracks will produce in them.

These cracks will cause the joining points to become loose and insecure. You should resolve this problem by filling the damaged parts with wood putty to give a furnished look.

After filling with putty, wait for their surface to dry and install new screws to adequately secure their legs.

Broken slats

The bed frames also contain supportive material under mattresses, preventing sagging and uneven movements.

These slats also become damaged when they get old and cause shaking while sleeping. Mattresses cannot fix these broken slats and cannot adjust them adequately.

In addition, these slats will also damage when you put more weight on them. You should fix this fault by replacing the broken slats.

If more than 3 to 4 slats are damaged, you have to replace the whole frame with a new one.

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