Do I Need a Special Mattress for a Murphy Bed?

Do I Need a Special Mattress for a Murphy Bed?

Murphy beds are popular due to their portability and compact size. Moreover, you can save some space by folding the bed along the wall if you have limited space. You have to add a mattress to make the bed comfortable like regular beds to enjoy a sound sleep.

Do I Need a Special Mattress for a Murphy Bed? You do not need a special mattress for your Murphy bed; instead, you can use any mattress with specific thickness, dimensions, and weight. The standard thickness compatible with the wall beds is 10-12 inches. Typical mattresses suitable for Murphy beds are gel foam and memory foam to prevent slumping over time. Do not use latex or air mattresses with them due to safety concerns and for the sake of your comfort.

This article will guide you regarding selecting the optimum size, depth, thickness, and type of mattress for a Murphy bed. We will also discuss a few mattress types not feasible for use with such portable beds because of their weight and material. 

Can any mattress work on the Murphy bed?

Murphy beds are a great option in your apartment or guest room to save space for other purposes while not sleeping.

Its portability is manifold because it does not require any specific mattress from the manufacturer to buy with the bed.

You can use thousands of mattress options available in the market as long as it matches the depth of the bed frame and has the exact dimensions of the bed.

You can choose its type and design according to your preferences. Whether you like firm or soft style or want to sleep on a shorter and deeper mattress is up to you.

What kind of mattress do you need for the Murphy bed?

The 2 most common mattresses compatible with Murphy beds are foam and gel memory foam designs. You can also use an innerspring design, but it can be heavy and difficult to handle.

Memory foam offers more comfort for sound sleep according to your body contour. In addition, memory foam will adjust according to your body shape, providing a custom sleep comfort with time.

It is the most economical and easy to handle option with these products. You can select it according to the depth of bed and support required.

Although it is not as comfortable or fluffy as memory foam, it is an excellent option to provide support and sound sleep at night.

Another option is to use innerspring mattresses with layers of cotton with springs to support them. However, they are heavier and can produce squeaking sounds when they become older.

Moreover, they require the box spring to back them. Finally, you should select the appropriate thickness and weight according to your bed ratings.

The thickness required for Murphy bed mattress

Mattress thickness depends on the depth of the bed frame and available space while folding the bed along the wall.

The maximum depth available for a Murphy bed is 12 inches. Therefore, your mattress should have thickness up to 12 inches or less.

Moreover, it should not be 6 inches because it will become uncomfortable to sleep on and slump with time.

Therefore, the optimal thickness should be in the range of 10-12 inches. It will ensure a proper fit in the frame and enhance the comfort level you require for a sound sleep.

Size of mattress for Murphy bed

The size of a mattress suitable for a bed depends on its dimensions for optimal fit. It is available in 5 standard dimensions like other beds.

They are Queen, King, Double, Extra Long Twin, and Twin sizes. Each type has its standard dimensions having its length varying from 75.5-80.5 inches and width in the range 39.5-80.5 inches.

Furthermore, the king-size bed is the largest and requires a full-size mattress. In contrast, the Twin type has the smallest dimensions amongst all 5 designs.

You can choose the bed dimensions according to your requirements. For example, a twin-size bed is most appropriate for children due to its shorter width, while a full size has optimum dimensions for a guest room.

You can use a King or Queen Murphy bed in your bedroom if sufficient space is available.

While selecting the mattress, you should know the length and width of the bed. In case of any ambiguity, I will suggest using a measuring tape to take measurements.

It will help you accurately select the bed and save you the embarrassing situation of mattress size mismatch.

Can you use a Murphy bed without a mattress?

No, you cannot use a Murphy bed without a mattress. It has a similar construction to a traditional bed with a wooden or metallic frame and supports on the ground.

It has a built-in mattress platform, and you don’t need to install a box spring to back it. 

Therefore, choose the best quality mattress with appropriate thickness to ensure comfort for anybody who sleeps on the bed.

Do you need a mattress platform and straps for a Murphy bed?

Murphy bed has a frame with additional supports to hold the weight of the mattress and sleeping person.

Therefore, you don’t need a platform like a box spring. Moreover, it also has straps on its ends to firmly hold the mattress with the bed.

When you open or close the bed vertically against the wall, there is a chance of the mattress falling backward.

It can damage any picture or artwork on the wall during the process. Therefore, it has straps to hold the mattress in its position.

You can also tuck the bedsheets, quilts, pillows, and comforter along the mattress using the bed straps to keep them in their place.

What mattresses can you not use on the Murphy bed?

Even though you can use any mattress with a Murphy bed, few types do not go well with their structure.

One such type is the Latex mattress. It is heavier than other types because of its rubber material and density. Therefore, it will be difficult for a bed’s opening and closing system to hold such a weight on its ends.

In addition, it will result in malfunctioning its operating mechanism. Therefore, you cannot use a Latex mattress with a Murphy bed.

Another type is an air mattress that is not compatible with wall bed arrangements. They are lightweight and do not go well with the lifting mechanism.

Moreover, they produce strange sounds while opening and closing the bed that is annoying in front of guests.

Comfort mattresses are also not usable with these beds because of their lightweight. 

Is there any Murphy bed with a mattress thicker than 12 inches?

These beds available in the market have a depth of 14-15 inches. It supports a mattress having a maximum thickness of 12 inches. In addition, 2-3 inches of space left beneath the bed is for ground clearance and storage purposes.

To make it usable with 13-15 inches thicker mattresses, you will need to buy a customized bed. You can inform the manufacturer regarding its thickness, increasing the bed depth.

For a 14 inches foam, you will require a 17-18 inches deep frame to have sufficient space underneath the bed.

Why do thinner mattresses bend or slump on a Murphy bed?

Thicker mattresses do not slump or bend while in a vertical position on a Murphy bed because the wall acts as a support to hold it in its place, preventing bunching up at ends.

On the other hand, products with lesser thickness will require bending more to get wall support that is less likely to happen. Therefore, they are more prone to slumping with time.

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