What to Put Between Two Windows in Living Room?

What to Put Between Two Windows in Living Room?

A living room is a sitting area where you can spend time with your loved ones and entertain yourself by reading and gossiping.

A room having two windows present side by side is in trend nowadays, and people want to decorate the space present between them.

What to Put Between Two Windows in Living Room? You can decorate your living room by placing an aquarium, artistic paintings, and family photographs between two windows. By placing a mirror and decorative panel, you can make your room feel bigger, more attractive, and better than before. You can decorate this place between two windows with a clock and vase on the floating shelves, lamps, artificial plants, and beautifully designed curtains.

You can place things according to the interior design and the furniture present in this area of your sweet home.

The presence of the things should complement the taste and choices of the people living there because it is the place where you serve guests and relatives.

My friend was worried about the settings because this space was not in rhythm with the other walls’ decoration.


An aquarium is a glass tank with plastic panels containing fish and plants, and a standard vivarium has 1000 liters of water.

You can place an aquarium to enhance the beauty and add a natural look to your living room.

The size of the tank and the aquatic life of the aquarium depends on the space where you want to put this, but it will add color to the place.

You have to keep it clean and glowing to avoid the attack of algae and try to reduce the direct exposure to sunlight.


The television can cover the space between these adjacently placed windows in your sitting area in a perfect way.

In my living room, I have put it according to the size of the area because everything that is out of order looks ugly.

It will provide you with entertainment while gossiping with the family members and playing with the children.

You can see family pictures and movies on a big screen with your loved ones at the same place without any hesitation.

You have to take care of that while seeing it; you should cover the windows with drapes to avoid the glare and light effect on the screen.

Add a Mirror

It is a better option to have a mirror between two windows as it will envelop the space giving a stylish look to the interior design.

By placing ceiling to floor mirror panel, you can observe your complete appearance and do not need to go to the bedroom to check yourself.

The size, quality, and embellishments on the mirror matter a lot, and most people want to have a full-sized one with decorative wood panels.

By putting it, you can make your room feel bigger than before, and it will provide you with more natural light with proper care.


The armchair is an invention of the gentleman’s club, consisting of wood or having a mixture of different materials, and you can place it where you want.

You can easily place it in a small place because of its smaller size and two arms that do not occupy a larger space.

You can put it with any style at any angle to enhance the beauty of your room by providing more sitting area in the living room that is helpful for a gathering.

It will demand cleaning the dust from the surface because it is in touch with the outside surroundings and dirty environment.

Artificial plants

Putting the artificial plants between two windows can give your room a natural beauty and an eye-catching view to the guests.

A long, green, lush, and fancy tree will provide a sense of relaxation and peace all around the area where you are sitting.

Their sizes, colors, and location depend on the choices and preferences of the people but of them demands green colored plants requiring less care.

You do not need to place other things because the two artificial plants will give synchronicity to the interior design.

Decorative panel 

Two windows having white curtains with light color paint on the opposite walls demand a dark or bright colored panel to give some color to the living room.

Different decorative panels of wood, bricks, and sheet are common to hide this area and give an illusion of a bigger room.

You can have different prints and color-contrasting on these panels to give a stylish and better look to the sitting area.


It is easy to have a switchboard on the wall having two windows.

You have to make sure that the switchboard is of good quality and should not have general wear and tear due to sunlight and moisture due to the presence of windows.

You can decorate the other walls with beautiful drapery and wallpapers despite placing switches of fans and lights.


You can put a bookcase to have easy access to books while having a great time with your family and enjoying a sunbath from the windows.

The size and design of the bookcase will enhance the beauty of your living area and describe that you are fond of reading books.

It will create enthusiasm in the children towards the habit of book reading, and they will start taking an interest by seeing their parents.

Wall clock

It is a common approach to have a wall clock at this place in the living room of your house, and it can make you punctual.

You can easily see the time at night because of the little light coming from the outside environment, and you have to be careful to avoid exposure to the humidity.

The big windows are eye-catching, and the presence of the clock between them will portray an image to the guests that you have the value of time.


You can decorate this space by having artwork with different designs with paint that will reduce the need for something else to place here.

You can place the historical paintings, the antique sculptured frames, and paintings of roses and lilies to increase their beauty.

By placing a rug, and a small table in front of these paintings, you can make your room look stylish and tell people that you are an artistic person.

You can have a number of them with different sizes to place on this wall that is totally up to your choice and taste.


A beautifully designed drapery between the curtains on the windows will give a luxurious view and a style statement to that place.

There is no need to place anything else because this curtain perfectly covers most of the place in a precise way.

But you have to take care of cleaning and washing them regularly to have a neat and clean look, and most of the people use dark color curtains due to this reason.


Modern-day living rooms find it necessary to have a black dresser, and it is better to place it between the windows.

It will save the place for having other furniture items and helps you to place the television on it, without any tension of falling.

It has drawers in which you can place the newspaper and other products of daily routine to find easy access at the time of need.


The windows flanking the fireplace in the room will give a perfectly luxurious and stylish look to your living room.

These fireplaces usually come in woody and dark colors, but you can modify them by having some decoration pieces on the mental.

Try to make a rhythmic distribution by adding to their symmetry to present them as a single decoration unit.

You have to take care that the curtains are not touching the floor and try to close the windows to insulate the room at the time of the fire.

Lamp and family photographs

You can put a big lamp to have less amount at night when you wake up and come to the kitchen to eat and drink.

You can stand it on the floor or place it on the dresser or shelf with a source of electricity to make it glow at night.

The placement of the lamp and your family photographs will enhance the picture of your room and will present strong bonding and love among the family members.

Floating shelves

You can have the floating shelves between the two windows to place the decoration pieces and vases in the living room.

The number and size of the shelves depend on the area between them and try to be sure of their dimensions at the time of construction.

You can place books, standing clocks, remote control of television and air condition, lamps, and the photographs on them.

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