Why Do Some Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Why Do Some Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Mattresses contain cotton, foam, polyester, feathers, fiberglass, and springs depending upon their suitability.

I have been using a fiberglass mattress with a cover for the last 2 years, and I have to say that it is in good condition and has no gaps, unlike a foamy mattress.

Why Do Some Mattresses Have Fiberglass? Some mattresses have fiberglass because of its ability to withstand excessive heat and do not catch fire even at a very high temperature. They have more durability and sustainability due to their more mechanical strength towards general harsh blows, children jumping, and environmental damage. They are affordable and do not allow the water to penetrate the deeper layers. They can regulate the temperature and require less energy during the fabrication process. You can clean them with a duster and wet cloth by removing the outer cover of the mattress.

Fiberglass beds have some particular benefits that increase their demands in the market, especially in western countries.


Fiberglass mattresses have the endurance to high temperature and do not trap fire even everything around is burning.

These are not flammable; therefore, they are suitable for the areas prone to fire, and people feel safe having them.

A friend of mine has this one in his bedroom; he told me that it does not catch fire.

Due to this property, it can bear the temperature of 540 degrees Celcius which is drastically high, and we cannot survive at this temperature.

They can slow down the burning process due to the non-combustible material present in their constitution.

This fact describes its thermal conductivity and power to bear the heat, even it does not melt, and due to this reason, many people prefer these products.


Fiberglass mattresses are sustainable to the changing temperature and are long-lasting due to their damage-bearing capacity.

It has chemical resistance and can withstand the jumping of the playing children in their bedroom beds and sofas.

Even a harsh blow is bearable to them, and they can last for a longer period with proper maintenance and without any tension to wear and tear.

I have used this for a long time, and it is in its original condition but requires the care necessary for everything.

Low cost

These are cheaper and have more life span due to their fireproofing material and sustainability.

Their fabrication process does not need any chemical retardant to make them non-combustible that other mattresses have.

It is its natural property and requires no fire-retardant to add to the constitution of the mattresses making process artificially.

A person with a large family can easily have them because he has other things to do despite spending a lot of money on bedding.

Fiberglass is not present in every mattress; mostly, it is a part of low-cost ones and is accessible for a low-income family with non-fire catching ability.

Its cleaning does not require much money; you can clean it with a wet cloth and foam.


They have a cover that does not allow the water to penetrate the other bed layers, making them water repellant.

A friend of mine told me that his child put water on the fiberglass beds while playing, but it did not damage its quality.

It has a minute absorbance of water, but just a few minutes of drying is sufficient to lay on the wet bed with a night of good sleep.

Temperature Regulation

It can resist and insulate heat and is involved in thermal regulation.

They do not become shrink and expand due to their high tensile strength, making them a better option to have in the bedrooms.

This property makes them beneficial to have them on the beds in a home to have a homeostatic environment during sleep.

Environment friendly

Fiberglass mattresses are friendly to the environment as they do not require much energy during the fabrication process.

It is easy to make, pack, load, transport and use them at the homes without losing too much energy and are preferable.

Non-toxicity is also an essential property of fiberglass as they do not use chemicals to avoid fire flames.

Most foamy products have toxic chemicals to retard the fire and burning, making them poisonous and hazardous.

Less prone to sagging

Many polyester and feathery mattresses have the issue that they start to sag after a few days of using them.

Sagging occurs when the bed does not provide firm support, and it is due to the gaps that come due to the weight of the individuals.

These are less prone to sagging and can bear the pressure of the sleeping bodies without undergoing damage.

Due to that reason, they are preferable to foamy mats, and people with a single room for their family find them best to bear the weight of family members simultaneously.

This is especially helpful in hotel rooms having people of different weights and almost every time a new person or family comes.

Why some of the mattresses do not have fiberglass?

Not all mattresses have the compulsion to acquire fiberglass, and even it is not recommendable for many reasons.

It is challenging to remove the fiberglass after washing the bed because it spreads everywhere.

It seems next to impossible to wash these beds because they have binding chemicals, and it is time-consuming and expensive to clean them.

It can accumulate in the air, causing breathing problems and serious disorders if it is not maintained carefully.

What types of mattresses have fiberglass?

Not all, but a few mattresses can have fiberglass as a constitutive part due to its fire repellence and durable nature.

Spring mattresses

These have many springs that provide firm inner layer support to the bed for the sleeping body.

They have fiberglass in their constitution that makes them fire resistant and sustainable with more support than the foamy panel to use in the homes.

Hybrid mattresses

These have layers of different materials, and each layer performs a suitable and precise function.

These are less prone to sagging and provide a means of thermal regulation.

Memory foam mattresses

Some foamy mattresses also have fiberglass as a component that helps in making the fabrication process more environmentally friendly.

Mostly, it is helpful in countries where the fire is more prevalent, and people are at the risk of burning due to extreme hotness.

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