Why Do Beds Have Two Mattresses?

Why Do Beds Have Two Mattresses?

Mattresses provide comfort and support to the body during sleep time. In addition, they enhance the bed frame structure and make it stable.

Why Do Beds Have Two Mattresses? Beds have two mattresses because they add a height on low structured beds. Many people prefer to sleep on them as they feel comfortable, and it provides support to their back. Sometimes people have an extra mattress in the home and stack it on each other to prevent dust and dirt. Some beds have a low wooden frame, so you can add two mattresses to raise the bed.

A good mattress improves health and gives a feeling of freshness after waking up. It allows better sleep to reduce stress levels by improving overall mood.

To raise the bed higher

If the bed height is less, you can give raise it by putting two mattresses of the same size. Some people prefer to give a height to their bed as they do not like low profile beds touching the floor.

This is an easy and budget-friendly technique as you can enjoy the benefit of 8-10 inches of foam. In addition, putting two on top of each other gives a denser and firmer structure to your bed.

Platform beds are usually stacked with two as they are low. If you put on two mattresses, then the weight of your body is distributed on the surface of both. Ensure that both are of the same size as they give more support to your body.

Kids love to bounce on the bed

Bouncing on the bed with two mattresses stacked on each other is the children’s favorite activity. They love to jump as they move upward and enjoy it more than the adults.

They like to do fun in their homes rather than going outside on jumping bouncers. Jumping on one foam does not make you bounce in the way that these mattresses do.

Spring foams are the favorite mattresses for kids as they are more bouncy than normal ones. I have 2 kids in my home, and they love to jump on the bed.

It’s natural that whenever kids find a piling of two, they start to jump on it and try to climb. They can climb it easily with the support of the below-placed mattress rather than one that is in height.

To make it more comfortable

If your old mattress has a firm or rigid surface, then you can add another to give it a comfortable texture.

If one of them is broken down, you can put the other on top of it, providing more support to your back.

More often, when you feel tired, it provides relief when you rest on dense foam. It gives the texture of a plush mattress, and you feel good when you sleep on it.

Many people do not like rigid ones as they feel that they are sitting on the hard thing, so they put another on the top.

One mattress is low for the bed frame

Adding another foam gives a uniform look to the bed, and the surface of the foam becomes smooth.
If the bed is low to the floor, adding another one helps you sit in the correct posture.

My friend also stacks two foams to give a uniform look. I have seen many people doing this to raise the height of their bed frame.

Personal preference

Some people prefer to sleep on cozy, soft mattresses to relax. Many people do not like the rigid surface of the beddings so putting two on one another seems pretty basic to them.

You can stack them if you are tight on space and have no underlying issue. Sometimes people have pets in their homes, and they love to jump and play on them.

Adding two of these is a good solution for those who prefer firmer or softer ones as it gives support during sleeping.

Spare mattress

When you have the extra mattress in your home, you mostly put it on another as it is of no use. However, the spare one occupies more space, and you can free it by stacking it on the bed.

It gives a more organized look to the room while protecting it from the dirt and dust on the floor.

I have a spare twin bed mattress in my home and stack it on another bed to free up the space. You can lay it on the floor if you have guests in your home.

Disadvantages of putting two mattresses on one another

Stacking of mattress sometimes is not a good idea as it puts pressure on the bottom one and damages the quality.

The continued weight of two breaks down the slats, and it changes the overall structure of the bed.

Moreover, you may slowly slide off on a twin bed due to continuous movement during sleep.

The top foam has no proper foundation, which disturbs the posture and positioning of the fabric.

The warranty of these products becomes invalid, and the wooden frame slats are also damaged.

Unstable or slipping of mattress

Wooden frame structure becomes unstable if two foams are stacked on one another as they slip due to uneven placement.

Also, during sleeping, if you turn over or change the side, it results in the wobbling of the mattress in the forward direction.

The foam placed on the top does not fit in the bed frame, due to which it slides sideways and causes restlessness.

In addition, sometimes the kids scramble on and off; due to this, it moves from the original position and pulls the bedsheet with it.

Similarly, if you put different size mattresses on one another, it loses balance and causes slipping. In addition, the foam slides due to the silky texture of the covers and cause the falling of the person sitting on it.

Damage the slats of the bed

The slats are installed on the bed frame by keeping the weight of the mattress in mind. If two heavy-weighted mattresses stacks, then it damages the slats due to more load.

Sometimes the slats break due to excessive weight and result in sagging of the mattress.

If you put the heavy product on the soft one, then the layers of the foam deteriorate, and the pressure is also exerted on the slats that can break them.

The slats that break due to the pressure makes a lot of noise when you get into or out of bed.

Damage to the quality of the mattress

If you put one mattress on top of another, the quality of the bottom mattress deteriorates or damages with time.

The bottom foam is pressed due to the weight of the other, and the thickness is affected by constant pressure.

In some types, stacking one on another increases the risk of damaging both. When you are using memory foam, adding other rigid foam significantly decreases the bed lifespan.

Some products have soft layers, and they are damaged if exposed to more weight.


When your bed is exposed to more weight or pressure due to the stacking of two, then it softens or sags from certain points.

Sometimes the slats of the bed frame are placed at a distance, and if you put heavy weight bedding on memory foam, then it squeezes the mattress resulting in sagging.

Reduced airflow

These are manufactured in such a way to keep the flow of air through the layers. Therefore, if you put one mattress on top of the other, air will not pass through it and cause moisture buildup.

It reduces the overall performance, and you feel hotter in bed due to reduced airflow.

Allergies also trigger due to the buildup of moisture and heat, reducing the effectiveness of bedding.

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