Do Ottoman Beds Have a Base?

Do Ottoman Beds Have a Base?

Ottoman beds add a luxurious look to the room, and the base provides storage space within the bed. These beds are ideal for rooms with less space and function as furniture or wardrobe.

Do Ottoman Beds Have a Base? Ottoman beds have a base that allows the hydraulic gas lift pistons to lift the top part. The base of the bed works on the principle of the hinge lifting mechanism in which the pistons lift the weight of the mattress. Moreover, its base gives storage space for the household items such as beddings, clothing, shoes, and books. The boarded mattress base is suitable for ottoman beds as they are supportive, and the mattress will not slide while lifting.

These beds are innovative as they serve the function of both furniture and storage space. It gives a trendy look to the room and accommodates well in less space.

They are comfy, have super saving space, and organize or sort the spare things. These do not take up a lot of space and are aesthetically pleasing. They come in the market in different colors, designs, and styles.

What are Ottoman beds?

Ottoman beds are the absolute game-changers as they have built-in storage space within the beds. They are a great option in homes with small bedrooms as they occupy less space.

They add a stylish look to your room, and you can put your items safely within the storage. In addition, they have a unique feature of lifting the mattress with the help of gas lift struts to access the storage area.

Depending on the room’s space, you can lift it up either from one side or from the foot end of the bed.

Some of these beds open halfway from the end by supporting the gas struts and revealing the bed base. It offers discrete and easy access to the storage area beneath the mattress.
The side openings are good when you are tight on space, and you do not need drawers or cabinets for keeping your items.

Working principle of Ottoman base

Ottoman bed base is attached to the base of the mattress by the gas struts that helps in lifting. They work by lifting from the bottom end or the side.

A strap is joined on the opening of the bed, which lifts, and then gas struts take over the charge by taking the weight of the mattress. It is better to know the weight holding capacity of Ottoman beds.

The hydraulic gas lift struts help prevent the sudden movement or crush down the struts or mattress on the frame.

The gas struts and the strength of the pistons determine the lifting mechanism of the bed.

An end lifts ottoman with specification 4 x 800n provides a trouble-free lifting mechanism. The gas pistons are present on either side of the bed, and they make a sound when you move in an upward or downward direction.

Its bed hinge mechanism is the ideal solution to help you with the lift-up technique and allows you to keep your belongings within bed frame premises.

Which type of base is suitable for an ottoman bed?

Ottoman beds base works as a storage space and the top base on which the mattress is placed.

Sprung slatted mattress consists of slats placed horizontally at a distance of 3cm and made of flexible wood. The adjustable slats provide support, increase the airflow, and hold the mattress in place.

Its base should be solid and sturdy as it lifts the mattress. The slats are connected to the central rails of the body frame, and extra support is attached in the middle of the slats.

Sometimes the fabric is attached to the mattress to keep the slats in place. The curve slats provide flexible support and reduce the strain.

A solid platform base consists of a flat surface and allows the mattress to sit directly on the supportive surface.

It gives a solid wooden base and sturdy structure to the mattress not to slide away from the place.

The boarded mattress base is recommended for these beds. It provides a supportive base and lasts longer than the slatted structure. But my friend prefers a solid slatted platform as the mattress fits appropriately and is cost-effective.

Easy steps for the assembly of the Ottoman base

These come with the proper fitting, but sometimes you need to assemble the bed base. Firstly, the headboards and footboards are attached to the side rails by tightening the bolts with a screwdriver.

For ottoman beds, the mechanism of the hydraulic gas piston is attached to its side rails by the bolts. After this, you have to tighten the first two bolts on the headboard side and locate the other bolts on foot ends.

In the next step, you have to attach the pistons to the mechanism and make sure the position of the gas piston is correctly placed.

Then add rubber stoppers to the headboard, and after this, screw the stud bolts under the base of the lift. Next, you have to join the handles and the rails supporting the mattress with the bolts.

After this, place the top base on the headboard onto the lift mechanism using stud bolts. Make sure that the top part is held in the position, and by using the Allen key, locate all the bolts on the holes.

This step is critical because if the bolts are not aligned, they will slide the mechanism from the bolts. In the next step, attach the remaining lift base to the mechanism and fully tighten the screws.

The metal plates are attached below the side of the baseboards by using the screws. Next, you have to connect the long bottom and short bottom cross rails. Then place its panels on the cross rails for the storage area, and it is done.

Advantages of Ottoman beds

These beds are designed to give more storage space and adjust in a room with less space. In addition, they provide comfortable support and provide a luxurious look to your room.

It gives plenty of storage space, and you can put anything you want to keep underneath.

You can add household items such as beddings, bedspreads, pillows, duvet covers, bedsheets, towels, and even books stakes. In addition, you can place clothing for the summer and winter seasons so that you can swap it.

Some of these contain different compartments and even pockets to give storage space a more organized look. Kids and teenagers can place their belongings or toys underneath to keep things away from sight.

Ottoman beds consist of a firm and sturdy base frame with a plush mattress topped on it that provides relief during sleeping.

They are easy to maintain as the materials are used in construction minimize the dust mites or allow the opening to clean it from inside.

These are suitable for a small room as they accommodate and store extra things instead of placing a separate drawer.

You can save money by investing in buying an ottoman instead of a bed and drawers. It is affordable, versatile, and acts as multi-purpose furniture.

This storage keeps the things free from dust and retains the quality. I have an ottoman bed with a foot-end opening as it gives a more organized look to my room and makes it unique.

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