Why Are Accent Chairs So Short?

Why Are Accent Chairs So Short?

Accent chairs can go with every kind of furniture and you can place them anywhere you like. However, it is a common observation that the height of these chairs is short than other seating pieces. 

Why Are Accent Chairs So Short? Accent chairs are so short to provide more comfort to short people and to create extra seating in a small space. These chairs are approximately 16 to 18 inches tall & 18 inches wide. Different types of accent chairs may vary in height and depth. For example, place them in front of the fireplace or make a corner reading spot by placing them in the corner. However, they should not precisely match other furniture in height, and you can make it taller by adding thick cushions and plastic risers.

These seating pieces are for the sitting purpose and enhance the beauty of your living room. 

They make the living room eye-catching and give an elegant look to your house. 

They should not match the rest of your furniture in the living room or bedroom.

Average height and width of accent chair

This seating piece is available in various sizes and shapes to place at different places. However, it should be tall enough to support your back while sitting. On average, an accent chair should have a height of 15 to 18 inches.

The width depends upon the size of the furniture with which you are going to pair it up. It also depends upon how much space you have for it.

For example, when pairing it with a small coffee table, it should be 20 inches wide. It should have a space of 12 inches from the tabletop to sit comfortably. The length of the back of the chair can be of any height, depending upon your choice.

These seating pieces are present in different styles and types. These types are different from each other in size and shape.

The armless chair is approximately 16 inches wide and 18 inches tall. The lounge chair is the biggest among all other types, with a width of 50 to 60 inches.

The sculptural chair is unique and is 18 inches tall and 20 inches wide. The armchair is a simple style; it is 18 inches tall and 18 inches wide.

Benefits of short Accent chairs

Besides enhancing the beauty of our house accent chair has many other benefits. Following are some of the benefits of this short seating piece.


This seating piece gives you a lot of liberty to sit comfortably anywhere. Just place it at the right place to start a conversation with your loved ones. To have more comfort, add a lounge chair that is wider and has a cozy thick cushion.

Its height allows you to rest your feet on a small stool. Furniture with arms also provides armrests and support to the body while standing up.

When you need to relax in the fresh air, place it in your garden or rooftop to spend quality time with nature.

Provides extra seating

It has a minimalistic design ideal for short space. You can place it in the room beside sofas to create extra seating space.

Place it in your bedroom or TV room to enjoy yourself with your friends and family. Armless accent chairs are excellent for placing in small rooms and lounges.

My friend gave me the idea of putting it in the dining room to create extra seats for guests. Place it in any corner with a stool to read your favorite books.

It is easy to move from one place to another place because of its small size. You can remove it from your room when you don’t need extra seats.

Place next to the fireplace

Its short height also allows you to place it near the fireplace. In addition, it has short legs, and you can get heat from the fireplace directly. This is an ideal location to place accent chairs in your living room.

It also occupies less space than other sofas and couches. In small rooms where creating space is difficult, enhance the point of the fireplace by placing these on both sides.

Place the footrest stool before the chair to warm up your cold feet in winter. I have placed two chairs near the fireplace to get a focal point in my living room.

In large rooms with a fireplace, place two or more couches to get a better conversation spot for your family.

Usually, furniture is placed at least 3 feet away from the fireplace to protect it from damage. But you can place them beside the corners of a fireplace without any worries.

Ideal for short people

These are ideal for short people who have difficulty sitting on chairs with long legs.

You can also stretch their legs to relax while sitting on them. On long chairs, people feel unstable and feel difficulty while rising from the seat.

You can also make the kids sit on these chairs with a lot of ease. Not only for short people, but tall people can also use it easily. A lounge chair is suitable for all people because it is the tallest among all the furniture.

Should the height of the accent chair match other furniture?

When you are using it in the corner of a bedroom, it should not match the height of your bed and other furniture.

But when you are pairing it with a couch or sofa, it should be of equal size to improve the room’s beauty. It should not match with other furniture. Usually, it can outstand in your living room with other things.

One rule is that the accent chair is within 4 to 5 inches of other seating pieces.

You can use it in contrast, but using the same size chairs and couches will complement each other.

When placing two couches together, they should have the same height of legs and seat.

Can I make the accent chair taller?

When the accent chair is too short, it is difficult to pair it with other furniture and couches. In such a situation, you have to make it taller. There are many ways you can make it tall and compatible with other furniture.

The simplest way is to use leg extenders to increase the length of the legs. I prefer using wooden risers to increase the height of the chair.

They also make it stable on the rough floor. You can replace the wooden frame of the chair with a taller frame. Add a thick cushion to increase the seat height.

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