Why Do American Beds Have So Many Pillows?

Why Do American Beds Have So Many Pillows?

Pillows are the source of comfort and peace. They create visual interest in your room aesthetics and give a filling appearance to your room. You can also add colorful cushions if your bedroom looks dull.

Why Do American Beds Have So Many Pillows? American beds have so many pillows because they give a comfortable and cozy touch while sleeping. Many people also add them for aesthetic, modern, and decorative purposes. In addition, these are suitable for children for their safety. They also act as insulators, are ideal for side sleepers, support the mattress, and are suitable for people who feel lonely.

You can add a variety of designs to these pillows for a more attractive feeling. In addition, you should use different fabrics like cotton and silk for them according to your choice.

Cozy touch

A cozy feeling is vital while sleeping because people need a comfortable environment and a warm environment during winters.

More pillows on the bed give an extra cozy touch to your room and make it a comfort zone for you.

It is suitable when you read a book during nighttime and have a cup of tea while lying down with them.

Some people like cozy places; if the mattress is not like that, they can’t sleep in their comfort zone.

In addition, if the mattresses are not comfortable, then it will cause restlessness.

Aesthetic look 

The interior with an aesthetic look is crucial for the modern touch of your bedroom.

Interior designers recommend you use four pillows on your queen size bed, including two accent pillows and two regular rectangular, to give an aesthetic look to your room.

You can also add two accent cushions and put two small pillows on them for a stylish look.

You will get a warmer look and further support to hips, neck, and or arms if you use additional small cushions.

Decorative look

Your pillows with attractive bright colors and design complement the room decor.

They completely change the bedroom appearance by arranging these in your styling arsenal.

For example, you can use solid colors in addition to pattern-designed pillows to break the boring, dull look and give a stylish appearance.

You can also use a different fabric for their covers for decoration purposes, including silk, velvet, and cotton.

You can also use glittery fabric, making them more modern and stylish.

It is better to match their color with the paint of your interior wall for a fantastic and charming touch.

They keep two bolsters on the sides of the bed to give it a luxurious aesthetic.

Side sleepers

If you are a side sleeper person and use a soft feathery pillow to support your side, you will need an extra pillow to keep beneath your head.

Adding an extra pillow under your head will give you a comfortable position to sleep at night.

Most people use side sleeper pillows in addition to regular to relieve pressure from their body by keeping them aligned to their body.

It is suitable for the spine to be in a straight position with the help of these side pillows because a curved spine can cause dangerous situations for your health and body.

They are also beneficial for older people because they cannot sit for a long time without support to use them during gossip with family.

Support for mattress

Some of these work as a support to your mattress by aligning your entire body in a straight position.

You can use more oversized cylindrical or rectangular body pillows to keep your whole body in alignment and comfortable.

In addition, they also provide excessive support to the mattress and increase its longevity and durability.

Safety of children

The safety of children is equally important while they are sleeping on the bed, and the mother has to do home chores.

They can resolve this problem by placing multiple pillows around them for their security.

Mothers can also add them because their children cannot feel loneliness on the beds.

The majority of people with younger children use them on their beds for the safety purpose of their children.

Younger children have a habit of constantly moving and falling asleep, so they need a barrier around them that keeps them safe from falling.

To break off loneliness

Loneliness can increase anxiety and depression in most people when they go to bed.

Many of you use more pillows to break off your loneliness by hugging around them. That is the reason American beds have so many pillows and even I am using many of these on my bed.

When you hug a pillow, you try to get the same feeling when you come to any dear one and hug around this shoulder to please your heart.


These are good insulators and prevent you from the intense cold. Some people have non-insulated walls in their homes, which allow air movement that keeps the walls and room cool.

Your mattress remains naturally cool if it is present near the border; that’s why you need more pillows to keep your body warm. 

Rest on the bed

Most people habit seeing videos on mobile by lying on the mattress putting their phone on the bed in front of them.

For this purpose, they put stacks of pillows to support the phone and keep it exact in Infront of their eyes. It creates a comfortable position for these readers, and they remain comfortable.

Nursing Purpose 

Nursing pillows are necessary for lactating mothers as they use them for easy and pain-free nursing.

These are more comfortable for mothers and babies as it reduces acid reflux.

They also relieve pressure from cesarean scars while breastfeeding the babies and provide the perfect height and position for lactation.

Kids bedroom

Younger kids like many cushions of a cartoon character as it adds more colors and sharpness to their room.

Many people use these in bedrooms because these cartoon characters cushions are not so expensive and affordable.

You can customize cushions into characters of their likeness. Sleeping on their favorite character helps them to get a more relaxing and peaceful sleep.

Reading books

Many people have a healthy habit of reading books at night before sleep.

They are consistent with their routine and don’t skip this activity even if they are tired and read-only a page or two in case of tiredness.

Instead, you can use two or more pillows and put them on one another to make a stack and heightened position.

It gives you a comfortable and relaxing place for reading.

Filling Stuff

American pillows are mostly made up of pure polyester and soft material.

When people put their heads on a single cushion, their heads remain beneath the comfortable position for them, so that’s why they usually use two pillows for sleeping purposes.

Pregnancy pillows

Pregnant women have difficulty changing their position or side during pregnancy, so they are more comfortable sleeping.

They also help alleviate back pain and body discomfort that expecting mothers constantly face throughout pregnancy as they lay on the side portion.

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