Do Queen Beds Come With Split Box Springs?

Do Queen Beds Come With Split Box Springs?

People use queen beds in their rooms according to their needs. These beds come with split box springs because they have large dimensions and are suitable for them.

Do Queen Beds Come With Split Box Springs? The queen-size beds come with split box springs to place mattresses on them. People are using them for comfortable sleep, and it will also increase the life of mattresses by preventing them from breakage. In addition, it is also helpful for queen beds because it will reduce the sagging issue. The average dimensions for a split box springs are about 60×80 inches. Their average life is about 7 to 10 years, depending upon their quality and brand. 

Many people prefer them for the foundation of their mattress to prevent sagging and sleepless night due to this issue. The use of these boxes will also decrease your cost to change the mattresses repeatedly because of wear and tear.

What are split box springs?

A split box spring is a box-like material containing two sections and functions as a frame. It is made of two types of material, including steel and wood.

For queen-sized beds, these are primarily designed in the form of two boxes attached to each other to provide support.

You should need a base or frame to place both of its parts together so they can not get separated or move forward or backward.

These are metal or wooden frames where people place their mattresses and enjoy comfortable sleep during nighttime.

Why Queen Size Beds come with split box springs?

Most split box springs come in queen-sized beds, so if you have more family members, all people can sleep on them easily.

People mostly use them for their ease because sometimes they have to change their place from one place to another due to their jobs and other issues.

It is easy and comfortable for them to move these frames rather than a whole bed. In addition, durability also matters a lot when purchasing something new, and these are more durable than regular beds.

These are also beneficial for people living in small apartments, and they have to pass their beds through stairs that have less width so you can fold them and quickly take them upstairs.

Furthermore, shifting from one room to another takes less effort; you can fold both the boxes and place them in another room.

My friends always prefer them because they function the same as regular beds but are less costly.

It is a better option for people living in small homes with tiny rooms because they occupy less space.

The other benefit of using them beneath the mattress is that it will prevent the sagging issue, which is common after 4 to 5 years.

When you are coming towards comfortability, then they are more comfortable due to their hard frame people can easily place a heavy mattress on them due to their longevity.

Moreover, they provide excellent support to mattresses reducing wear and tear. 

When you are placing your mattresses on them, it becomes straight, and it will also prevent their breakage from the middle part, which is very common when you put them directly on the frame of the bed.

People often place them in their queen-sized beds, and some also directly place them on their floor with the attachment of casters.

They are easy to move from home to home, room to room, and one apartment to another because of their lighter weight which takes less effort to drag them.

Split box springs are necessary for a queen-sized bed because their large mattress needs double compartments for their placement.

What is the size of split box springs?

The size of these boxes primarily depends upon the size of mattresses. Therefore, you should purchase them after measuring the size of the bed.

If their size is smaller, it is challenging for people to adjust the mattress. The large-sized products also cause an issue because the bed repeatedly slips during sleeping at night.

The average length and width for queen size bed are about 60 × 80 inches. So now you should buy the springs according to these dimensions.

You should select the products with one inch more length and width because the bed covers also place some space, and people use a variety of covers for comfortable sleeping.

The dimensions of a single box are about 30×80 inches which are not suitable for placement on larger beds.

Single box spring is not enough for the placement of queen-size mattresses because they are smaller in size, so you should use split boxes for this purpose.

How long will split box springs last?

The average life of these split box springs is from 10- to 20 years, depending on several factors. Its life depends on its quality and the brand from which you are purchasing them.

If you buy products of low quality and from brands that are not making durable ones, then it will only last for 5 to 7 years.

Their life also depends upon the quality of manufacturing materials, including wood or steel material. The good quality wooden material will last for more than 15 years without damage.

It also depends on the amount of weight you are putting on them; if you place heavy things on them, they will start to damage after some years.

Due to continuous spillage of water on mattresses, the water seeps into these boxes and produces wear and tear in them.

If you face the sagging issue or see that slats start to break, you should change them after 10 years.

What are the disadvantages of using split box springs in the Queen bed?

It is a valuable thing but also has some minor disadvantages, and people ignore them. The major problem with these box springs is the slippage factor.

The mattress is slipping after some time, but people can cover this issue by placing rugs inside them to increase the friction and prevent these issues.

The other problem with these two boxes is that they become loose and get separated, so you have to tighten them after months and take regular maintenance.

Sometimes the partition also becomes irritating for people who face issues while sleeping. If you are using them along with beds, it will also increase cost and become costly.

In addition, the coils present at their base also become loose and break after 3 to 4 years, and you have to replace them with new ones.

Moreover, placing them on queen-sized beds will increase the height and decrease the safety of your children because they can fall off.

They will approximately increase the height of beds from 5 inches to 10 inches.

Can you use plywood instead of a split spring box?

Yes, you can also use plywood to support the queen bed instead of these compartments boxes. They are hard and rigid materials that can prevent the mattresses from sagging.

Plywood frames are not easy to move from one place to another compared to spring boxes because they are foldable.

It is also challenging for you to pass it from your home’s congested spaces like doors and corridors.

In addition, they are also less durable because of wooden material. They will also damage early and produce squeaking sounds while sitting and sleeping.

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