How to Convert Antique Full Bed to Queen?

How to Convert Antique Full Bed to Queen?

People have been using antique beds for many years. Here are 9 easy steps to convert them into queen-size beds. 

How to Convert Antique Full Bed to Queen? You can convert an antique full bed into a queen by attaching the converter rails to make the space for the large mattress and place the large headboard, footboard, and upholsters to increase its size. Typically the antique bed is 45 inches wide and 70 inches in length. The queen-sized bed is more significant in length and width, which are 85 inches and 65 inches, respectively.

You change your bed size to put the large mattress on it. The length and width increase according to the size of the furniture.

You can adjust the size without cutting the frame and attachment of support for the required size mattress.

Attach converter rails to the antique bed

You can attach converter rails to the antique bed to increase its size. You need rails connecting kit containing four L-bracket, four bolts, four-star washers, four small wing nuts, one adjustable leg, one plastic socket, one more giant wing nut, and a c-clamp.

Resemble all the things in one place so you can use them without wasting time. You can do this with a metallic bed and wooden bed as well. Attach the rails of the same material if it is made up of wood, then join the wooden rails. 

On the other hand, if it is made up of metal, then place the metallic rails. Then, it will be the best match for the furniture. Otherwise, you can add the rails according to your choice and preferences.

First, insert the star washer into the adjustable legs and move it in a circular path to tighten the nut. Next, place its leg into the hole so that the cap portion of the adjustable leg facing toward the floor. It will provide support to the furniture when you place a large and heavy metal on it.

Connect the center of the rails with a c-clamp so that they overlap each other. Then, tighten the nut of the c-clamp to fix the rails together, repeat this same procedure with the other rails.

Tighten or loosen the adjustable legs in such a way that it reaches to the floor. You can now move the star washer and place the nut. You will need a screwdriver and pliers for nuts and washer tightening.

Repeat this procedure with other wooden or metallic rails in the same manner. 

Placement of headboard and footboard by adapter bracket

When you enter the room, the first that you see is the bed. Although antique furniture is attractive and stylish for the room, there should be some changes after some time.

It will build your interest in the interior of your home. Most of the people feel bore with the same size and structure of the bed. They wanted a large size but did not want to replace their existing mattress.

Adapter brackets are the creative material you can add on the sides to attach a giant headboard and footboard. You can change the position of the adapter bracket horizontally and vertically according to the size of the headboard and footboard.

If the headboard is smaller than the existing size, attach the adapter to its horizontal slots facing each other. However, if you are replacing it with a larger size than the previous one, you have to place the adapter bracket so that its smaller slots face each other horizontally.

The headboard and footboard provided support to the mattress and did not allow the pillows to fall. Start your work and place the adapter bracket on each corner of the bed.

You should do it with care and consideration because it is much tricky regarding the balance of the headboard and footboard. Before tightening the nuts closely, leave some margin and check if the board is on its level.

One by one, place the headboard and footboard to increase the size of your furniture. If you have antique furniture in your home and you do not want to waste it. You can use its frame and adjust the size.

Attach large upholsters

If you have a small double or single bed and want a larger bed for your comfort. It not only provides comfort but also gives a new appearance to your room and interior.

Place the extensive upholstery on the headboard in place of the small headboard. You can replace the large size headboard with a small one.

The addition of upholstering to the wooden frame gives it a giant and new look. Try to provide a crown look to the headboard, and it will look like a queen bed. Finally, cover it with a beautiful and soft fabric sheet for a charming and stylish look.

You can do it at home. First, you have to separate the headboard from the frame and cut the upholsters in the shape of the headboard. Then, place the foam all over the surface and pass the nuts across the holes.

The next step is the foam batting, and you can do double batting if you want more comfort. Keep in mind that the form should be cover from both sides.

You can choose the material of upholsters covering according to your will. There are faux fabric and velvet in use for upholsters nowadays. Try to select the comforting stuff because you will take backrest.

The upholsters make it more luxurious and stylish. It also works as a temperature regulator between bed and wall. You sit on it by taking a backrest with upholsters, and it will not allow the heat on the wall to reach your body.

Attach wood pressure clamp

The most common way is to attach the headboard to the wall and fix the wooden frame in front of it.

Sometimes it comes to mind that it will slide away from the wall while sitting or doing some activity. 

It will weaken the strength of wood when you drill holes in it. Also, the headboard size depends on the ceiling of your room, do not place a heightened board that will touch the roof if it is lower.

If your ceiling is on height and you are fond of a giant headboard having a greater size, you are lucky enough to do that.

Measure the width of the headboard attached to its frame. Note the reading of combined width and cit the small pieces of wood according to the measurement, for example, 2×4 inches and 2×5 inches pieces.

Attach the wooden pieces in U shape so that the 2×4 inches two wooden blocks resemble with 2×5 inches wooden piece.

Now take a drill machine and drill a hole in the center of the two × 4 inches wooden block. The holes should be in front of each other, and you should measure both the surfaces carefully and mark them at the center.

Insert the carriage bolts passing through both the holes and add washer nuts at its outer side; revolve the nut until it fits into it.

Place the headboard into it in an upright position with the help of a second person. Repeat this procedure with the other side.

Place the mattress on the frame and cover the spring sheet. The wooden clamp is hidden from inside and outside. 

Convert wooden antique full bed to queen bed

You can convert the antique wooden bed into a queen bed with the addition of a wooden clamp and a large headboard and footboard. In general, the crown-shaped board both on the head and foot of the bed is attached to give it a royal look.

If you have wooden furniture for many years, you can refurbish it to a new one by increasing its size and put a queen-size mattress.

Take the wooden panels and cut them according to the length and width of the bed frame. Place this at some distance, and it should be three inches extra from both sides. The addition of an L-bracket will provide support to the mattress.

Convert metal bed to queen bed

You can easily convert metallic furniture such as an old metallic bed into a queen bed with the addition of metallic rails. However, it is unnecessary to widen the headboard and footboard, and you can only attach the rails on both sides and put a large mattress.

The mattress will hide the spring sheet, and sometimes the mattress is two folds. 

Tighten the nuts and bolts carefully; otherwise, it will make an anxious sound while doing some activity. Next, fix the headboard to the wall by creating holes with the help of a drill machine.

Why would you convert an antique full bed to a queen bed?

Sometimes people feel sick with the same look and design. They want a stylish and reliable thing for their room.

So here is the solution to their problem. Convert the old and traditional bed into queen-size with some modifications. You can do it at home or call a professional for this purpose.

The attachments of upholsters and an extensive and thicker mattress on the bed frame will make it more luxurious and comforting.

The adapter bracket at the four edges of the frame supports the mattress to not fall and slide down.

How much time does it take?

The time required to convert the bed size is about one hour two hours. It also depends on the material and method; if you are converting it at home without any other assistance, then it will take more time.

If you call the professional, he can do it in thirty minutes. The addition of upholsters to the headboard will take extra thirty minutes. On average, it will take two hours to three hours for all the procedures.

How much does it cost?

It will cost $1500 to $2000 to convert the bed into a queen size. It will include the cost of the mattress, nuts, bolts, washer, c-clamp, and all the other materials required for this.

If you add the cost of labor or professional, then add an extra $500 into the budget. Within this cost, you will have your new and big size mattress and bed.

Some people have affection for their things and furniture that belongs to their ancestors, and they do not want sale them.

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