Can a Queen Mattress Fit on a Full Bed Frame?

Can a Queen Mattress Fit on a Full Bed Frame?

A queen mattress needs a frame that is suitable according to its size, and a full bed frame requires bedding that fits exactly in it.

Can a Queen Mattress Fit on a Full Bed Frame? Technically, you can fit a queen mattress on a full-bed frame that differs in dimensions and size from it. You can fix this by increasing its size and adjusting a longer and wider bed. Changing the steel and metal frame is more convenient than the wooden frame that demands a carpenter and more money. You can amend the steel frame by loosening the nuts, bolts, and screws and addition of the modifying plates that will make it bigger. However, the accumulation of dirt in the empty spaces and difficulty in its movement from one place to another creates a problem for this adjustment.

Many people who want to shift to a new place find it difficult to have a new mattress with a new mount because they have the budget only for one of them.

They come with the problem, that how they can fit their bigger size bed on the old settings already having at their place.

How is a Queen mattress different from a full-size bed?

There is a clear-cut difference between them regarding their sizes and other cons and pros that will help someone choose the bed.


The queen mattress has an average length of 82 inches, while a full-size bed is 76 inches long.

It is 60 inches wide, while the full-size bed has an average width of 56 inches.

These dimensions are set according to the type of fabric and material used to make them, concerning the size of the room, you want to place them.

It is heavier in weight than the full-size bed due to an increase in its dimensions and depth that ranges from 10 to 16 inches, and a person finds it difficult to move it alone.


A queen bed is suitable for more than two persons sleeping in a bedroom, and it is preferable for couples because it provides more space.

It also helps you feel free and relaxed at the time of sleep, and you feel no fear of touching the other person because some persons have a deep sleep.

It is also useful for the persons who are taller and obese than others, and they feel at ease to lay on this longer and wider bed.

A full-size frame is convenient for the single person of average height laying on the bed, and it does not cover more space as it is a better option for smaller bedrooms.


A queen mattress is costly regardless of the fabric, foam, polyester in its preparation because of its bigger size and increased dimensions.

A full-size bed needs less money to purchase because it is shorter in length and width.

The accessories for the queen mattress are less common than the other bed sheets and demand more money to expand because not many people use them in their homes.

How to fit a queen mattress on the full-bed frame?

Firstly you have to select the body that is a few inches long and wide to fit a mattress in it, but still, it is short.

You have to increase its dimensions to create an exact adjustment for the setting without any overhanging on the fixture.

Mostly, the wooden frames are non-adjustable, but you can adjust the metal frame by loosening and relaxing the nuts, bolts, nails, and joints.

You can have amendments between them on the same frame because the manufacturers provide you with the easy adjustment of these holdings.

I have done the same thing in my bedroom, and I came to adjust this successfully and still using it in my room for 5 years.

You can use the modifying plates having some holes that increase their dimensions and size, and you have to weld them for fitting it precisely.

For altering the wooden settings, you have to add a fixture of plywood on the top edge of the existing one, which will increase the area for fitting this full-size bed.

You have to go to the carpenter and ensure the precise attachment of this plywood support because it can move when you sleep.

There are some wooden structures with lots of springs in the design, known as a spring box supporting the queen mattress.

You can alter them by attaching a board to the sides of this box by creating holes on the sides with a driller.

Now take an inches tape to measure the fabric accurately that will envelop the whole of the box and tuck in by giving an allowance of 6 inches.

Fix it by tucking pins on it, and you can also use the tape for having a perfect attachment, and in this way, you can avoid the movement of the fabric.

You can add the foam behind the fabric to make the sides softer, and due to the heavyweight of this queen bed, you have to attach the legs, but it is not a compulsion.

You have to turn the frame for piercing the holes and attaching the legs to it, and you have to make sure that the screws are tight enough to have perfect standing legs.

Why you should not fit a queen mattress into a full bed frame?

You can fit this mattress in a bed frame of full size by using some techniques, but it is not a good option, and you have to purchase the appropriate one for fixing it.

It can damage the foam and fabric of the mattress, will impact its durability and sustainability, and decreases its originality.

My friend had the same problem as he tried to adjust it in the old setting, and he told me that his bed started losing its shape quickly.

It will cost a lot of money to buy a new one for your bedroom, which is difficult for a man having a big family.

You can have a slight trim for adjusting this because most of the frames have long and wide dimensions that can fix your trimmed foam.

You have to keep in mind that you are opening the foam and fabric lining by trimming, which will affect this quality.

By fitting it in the old fixture, you provide the space for dirt and dust to make a place below the mattress in your room.

My friend said, it is easy and convenient to move from one room to the other, but this setup is difficult to move.

As you have to make adjustments in the frame, the spring box may slip from its original position due to the movement of the bed during shifting.

There are chances that the spring design may create a hurdle in the movement from the door because of the heavily weighted foam above it.

It is the rule of nature that a thing looks beautiful at its proper place and position, and to have the full functional mattress, you have to keep it within standard settings.

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