Two Different Colored Curtains On One Window

Two Different Colored Curtains On One Window

Many people love to place two-colored curtains on the window of their living rooms because they give a modern touch.

The living room is the place that must look good and presentable because most of the people sit there in their free time with their family and friends.

You can add two-colored curtains to one window to enhance privacy and prevent the direct entry of sunlight into your room. In addition, use a color scheme to make the room look brighter and bold. You can add two schemes for two-colored curtains, including back to back and side to side. In addition, you can choose darker shades with lighter ones, contrasting colors, one lighter and darker shade of the same color. In addition, adding printed fabric and plain silk fabric with a net for back-to-back designing gives a more classical look.

For two-colored schemes on the window, you will also need panels to hang them. If you are adding darker shades on the sides and lighter in between them, then one panel is enough for this purpose.

Different styles to add two-colored curtains on one window

There are different styles to add two-colored curtains means layering them. First, you should need a double rod if you want to add them back to back.

There are different styles to add these in various ways, so they look attractive and cool. You should add them in a way like add one dark color on the sides and light color in their mid it will enhance the luxurious touch.

You can also add two lighter colored ones on the sides and add the darker ones in the middle to make your room better insulated.

You can also add darker ones on the backside and add lighter colored blinds on the front side to tie them with ribbon from their half.

This arrangement looks more luxurious and gives an antique look to your living room.

You can also use two contrasting colors, one on the backside and the other in front of it. You can also choose the same colors for this design but their lighter and darker shades.

You can also hang two curtains containing the same colors contrasting darker or lighter shades to give it a beautiful appearance.

You can also add the two curtains with different colors in horizontal direct that can have lighter and darker shades according to your choice.

You can also use tie and die color with one darker shade and a lighter shade to make it look cool during winters.

You can also add two shades and add 4 layers, one color after the other; this layering will look attractive.

In addition, you can also add a design with four layers of drapes, adding two colors on the sides and 2 in between them.

Which two colors look good on one window?

Now color scheme for two different colors is also essential. You cannot choose both the darker and lighter colors because they don’t look good and stylish.

You can also match the colors with interior paint and your furniture color. If your interior paint is brighter, use the lighter shades to balance the look.

If the interior paint is lighter, use a bright shade to give a cool and classy appearance.

If you add two contrasting shades, they will enhance the space’s bold look.

Whenever you feel that your room looks dull, you can add various colors to increase the visual appearance.

I have added some of the contrasting shades that you can try

  • Mustard with blue
  • Mustard with light gray
  • Light purple with light pink
  • Maroon with skin
  • Skin with dark green
  • Purple with green
  • Peach with red
  • White with red
  • Green with black
  • White with blue
  • Light purple with dark blue
  • Purple with beige
  • Beige with brown

On summer days, light colors are better choice when you add them back to back for lighter shades; you can choose from these colors

  • Light pink
  • Light yellow
  • Light purple
  • Creamy white
  • Light blue
  • Peachy orange

During winter, you can also use a dark color scheme to provide better insulation and make the room cozy and warm.

Different darker shades include adding to increase the privacy in your room that no one can look at from the outside in windows.

The other benefit of using darker shades is that they get less dirty when children repeatedly touch them with oily hands after eating. However, the darker shades must be on the lower side because the lower side is in more contact with people’s hands than the upper side.

The darker shades are also beneficial when your room is not big enough, and you want to give them a broader touch.

You can use two shades from the following list of darker colors for your windows

  • Plum purple
  • Orange rust
  • Royal blue
  • Navy blue
  • Red
  • Dark yellow
  • Dark brown

Why would you add two-colored curtains to one window?

People love to place curtains on the walls and windows of their living rooms and bedrooms to look excellent and attractive.

People often love to use two different shades for them because they want to try something new. They also use the color scheme because it looks attractive and cool.

Sometimes, different shades are essential because people want to match them with their interior paint.

In addition, the matching with furniture is also essential to give a luxurious look to your rooms.

Moreover, this scheme will also add colors to your room and make it attractive and interesting for incoming people.

Many of my friends also use this because their windows are at the side of direct sunlight; that’s why they use double curtains.

The layer concept is famous for giving an antique look to your room. This technique will also provide better insulation from direct sunlight during hot summer days.

Moreover, it will also make the interior cozy during cold winter days. In addition, you can also use this tactic when you want to give them a stylish touch.

In addition, it will also decrease the entry of light coming into your room which can cause disturbance while sleeping.

Sometimes, the doubled layer will also prevent the entry of dust particles into your rooms. Furthermore, it is beneficial for better air crossing when you open the windows for fresh air.

If there are simple mirror windows without blinds, this scheme is beneficial for air crossing while preventing dust and light from entering the room.

Moreover, they will also add depth to your room, make it look bold, and enhance the beauty of your interior.

Most people also use two colored curtains in their rooms to increase room privacy. My brother uses this scheme because he gets bored with one shade, and his room looks dull.

Which type of fabric is suitable to add two curtains to one window?

The fabric also plays an essential role in selecting curtains, most importantly when you are adding layering or two curtains on the same window.

You can also use printed ones with a plain base and colored prints on them it will look more classy and stylish on the window.

When you are using lighter and darker shades, you can also add net fabric for lighter shades to tie them to give a modern touch to your living room.

The silk fabric for this purpose also plays an important role, and this stuff has more fall and looks more stylish when you add layering.

You cannot use net fabric for both layers because it will only increase beauty but cannot provide protection from light and fulfill the privacy requirements.

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