Are Concrete Dining Tables Durable?

Are Concrete Dining Tables Durable?

Concrete dining tables are versatile, long-lasting, stylish, cost-effective, and require less maintenance due to their sustainability and durability.

Concrete is a rigid and tough material consisting of an aggregation of water, gravel, sand, and cement, and sometimes other binding agents also become part of this mixture.

Are Concrete Dining Tables Durable? Concrete dining tables are durable due to their ability to resist weather changes, tolerance to fire, and surface cleaners. They can withstand the abrasions caused by chemical detergents and scratches due to sudden non-frequent blows. These are malleable into different shapes and designs that do not disturb their durability and sustainability. Taking some preventive measures and the application of sealers, waxes, and hydrophobic chemicals can maintain their durability.

It is easy and suitable to place these tablets in an outdoor environment, and due to this reason, many people find them as a better option.

They have different styles, shapes, and colors according to the people’s choices and are usually eye-catching.

The durability of a dining table depends upon how long it can remain in use without having frequent wear and tear.


My friend is buying a concrete dining table for his home because his family sometimes wants to go outside to have breakfast.

They can easily bear the hot winds in summer, the harsh and freezing climate of winter and are convenient throughout the year.

Fire tolerant

In its composition, no element can catch fire, making it easy to place at every place, even near the stove.

They do not transfer heat and have non-combustible and inert constituents like cement, gypsum, sand, and water.

This property makes them better and high demanding than the wood tables that can burn and are not fire-proof.

Heat cannot bring the discoloration of the surface, and you feel easy to place the hot food and utensils on this furniture.

Less prone to scratches

Concrete dining tables are rigid, resilient, have more weight, and withstand high pressure pulls and pushes.

It is more common that children can damage them, and even a sudden harsh blow cannot lead to breaks in these durable tables.


These tables do not corrode due to moisture and are more durable than any other material. This property makes these dining tables expensive.

Its alkaline nature makes it corrosion resistant, and many people prefer to have them in their kitchens.

The mild stress and pressure are easily bearable to them, and no need to spend money on their repairing.

Sometimes, you unintentionally put the utensils and crockery on the tables with a little more force, and there comes a sound from the table.

These are sound-proof due to their hardness and roughness, do not make a sound, and save you feeling ashamed in front of the guests.


These tables cannot produce toxicity because none of the constituents are chemically hazardous, and therefore, are safe to use.

They do not emit poisonous gases as no chemical reaction occurs due to heat because concrete cannot efficiently transfer heat and is fire-proof.

Withstand detergents for washing

The use of liquid detergents and surface cleaners cannot harm the top lining of the concrete dining tables and do not make them discolored.

No chemical reaction occurs between the cleaner ingredients and the table, and you can easily wash it.

I have this table, and my mother washes it daily with the surface cleaner, and it becomes as shiny as new, and we all feel pleasant to have a meal.


These are solid and rough-textured but are long-lasting, and it is challenging to become damaged by an accidental push.

Many people want to buy them due to their long-lasting nature that saves money, and a person can utilize it on other expenses.

How do concrete dining tables lose durability?

They rarely lose durability with proper maintenance and installation, but the chance of losing never disappears, and you have to take care of that.

Water molecules can take place in the pores and rough surfaces of the concrete tables that can create spots on them.

Acidic substances like vinegar can cause abrasions on the surface that causes discoloration and makes it non-attractive for people.

Frequent blows with high pressure can cause cracks on the top surface, providing a way to breakage in the tables, and you have to buy a new one.

Excess of everything is bad, and all the factors that lead to durability and sustainability of the concrete tables can negatively impact if there is an excess of them.

How to increase the durability of Concrete dining tables?

The factors that contribute to increasing their durability are helpful, and the convenience to have them is not costly.

Weather tolerant Seals

Many sealers are available in the market to seal the cracks and pores on the surface of the concrete dining tables, but the selection of the right one is the best.

A heat-resistant sealer seals the rough surface and protects the prolonged abrasive climate and water molecules.

These sealers give a shiny look to the furniture but select them according to the indoor surroundings and check their chemical nature.

The sealers that can block the ultraviolet radiation are also present, and by applying them, you can take care of your tables.

Addition of hydrophobic chemicals

The addition of water repellent chemicals in the aggregate mixture will give more durability with better avoidance of water storage in the pores on the top.

Its addition depends upon the composition of the mixture, and it is a common practice to add 3 percent of the whole mixture.

Avoidance of certain chemicals

Many chemical compounds like deicing salts can damage the structure of the concrete tables and, cracks usually appear on their surfaces.

Try to avoid these chemicals, and a chemical reaction between sand and cement, to have a high quality, and durable table in the dining area of your home.

Avoid acidic chemicals like a lemon that can cause the color of the top to fade and will lead to an extra burden for you.

Use non-abrasive cleaners

Abrasive cleaners can disturb the smoothness and shine of the concrete dining tables; therefore, try to use non-abrasive cleaners for washing.

To avoid the danger of deterioration and more durability of the upper layer, you have to use the non-abrasive cleaner as a washer.

Non-abrasive detergents will wash them to keep them glowing and give an illusion of the new one.

Coating of the densifier

It fills the pores by chemically reacting with the concrete material and producing calcium silicate hydrate, and therefore, water cannot accumulate, increasing the sustainability of tables.

How long do the concrete dining tables remain durable?

The concrete tables are long-lasting, depending upon the design, colors, and quality of the concrete used in their making.

These can last for more than 30 years, and many people want to purchase these tables due to this reason.

The outdoor tables need more maintenance and repair to increase their durability, but indoor furniture is more long-lasting.

I have this table at my place, and this is of my grandfather who is no more, and my mother tells me that this is about 35 years old.

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