Can You Use a Trundle Bed for Storage?

Can You Use a Trundle Bed for Storage?

Many people prefer to place the trundle bed in small rooms to arrange things and use it as a storage place. Its lower part performs an excellent function as you can hide it beneath the furniture.

Can You Use a Trundle Bed for Storage? You can use a trundle bed for storage by turning it into drawers and boxes to save many things, for example, clothes, shoes, and toys for children. In addition, you can also arrange baby suites, diapers, and blankets under the bed if you are not using it as a secondary bed. You can also use it as a small bed and storage if the primary bed is at a higher position. 

The trundle bed consists of two parts such as primary and the secondary bed. Many people like to use both parts as a sleeping place.

In addition, some people convert it to the storage platform by removal of mattress from the secondary one. As a result, it has large space depending upon its sizes, such as full size and single bed.

Method to make a trundle bed for storage

You can make a trundle one if you have a simple single or double bed in your room. Some people make modifications in furniture according to the need and demand. You have to follow the following steps while making the storage place.

Take measurements of all sides

There will be a difference in measurement for both single and double beds. Measure the distance between the legs at one side and from the head or foot side.

The lower drawer should be one and a half to two inches above the ground and carpet. Note all the readings on a paper for your convenience in the further procedure.

Plywood cutting

Take a large plywood sheet and mark the length and width of it. It should be 1 to 2 inches less than or equal to the dimensions of the furniture.

It should be clean and plan. Do not displace the cutter during cutting; otherwise, it will be a rough and uneven surface.

Place the plywood sheet under the bed after cutting to check its size. Always keep some margin so that you can cut it in the end.

You should cut the extra plywood if it is larger than the bed. You can also change it at this point if the plywood seat is smaller and does not match the actual size. 

The next step is the cutting of side supports after cutting the lower part. 

Cut the wooden or metallic strips according to the bed dimensions. The head and foot side length is equal but less than the length of the sides strips. The width of these strips should be two inches less than the height of the bed.

Join plywood pieces and add casters or sliding rails

Join each part of plywood to its suitable place. It will look like a closed box having a lot of space to reserve the things.

Add the casters at different places with the help of nuts. In general, the carpenter adds four casters at four corners, but you can increase the number of wheels if you have large size bed.

You can also do it yourself if you have a screwdriver and pliers. Sometimes you may need a wrench to hold the caster at a fixed position.

Put the nuts in at a suitable place and rotate these tightly to make a strong grip on the frame. You can also place the metallic rails if the casters are not available.

The manufacturer used high-quality metal to make the rail. It slides the drawer easily on the carpeted and marble floor. It is better to choose the casters having rubber wheels to avoid scratches on the floor, carpets, and rugs.

Why would you use a trundle bed as a storage place?

Some people do not have space in the room for a wardrobe, so it is best to turn the secondary bed of the trundle to the cupboards.

You can replace your simple furniture with it when you face difficulty in the daytime in a small room. It will occupy less space, and you can pull the lower part when you need it.

Many people prefer a heightened bed as it has space under it. You can use this as storage for many things, for instance, shoes, clothes, and toys.

It is using as a storage place to put the necessary things for babies, such as wipes, diapers, and baby blankets. Also, it is better to know the average weight holding capacity of the trundle bed for better results.

You can convert the secondary bed into storage when your children have grown up and do not need to sleep with you.

The most significant reason is to use it as a storage region is that it goes under it easily, hiding all the stuff and mess.

What things can you store in a trundle bed?

You can store everything under it if you are converting it into trundle style. It has a drawer or number of drawers according to the size of the furniture frame.

Clothes, bed sheets, and curtains

Many people turn their trundle bed to store for clothes and bed sheets due to the lack of space. In addition, some people have small apartments and small rooms, so it isn’t easy to manage a wardrobe.

You can arrange your washed clothes either in pressed or rough form in it. It is the best option to place sheets and curtains after washing.

In this way, you need to make extra space and mix the bedsheets and curtains in the same cupboard with dresses. In addition, it provides a separate place for the pillows covers and small cushions.

You can quickly change the slipcovers of furniture when any guest arrives suddenly. However, it is better to make a partition using plywood within the storage place.

Place your bedsheets, cushion cover, slipcovers, table cover, and curtains in separate sections. You can also place the blankets and thin quilts in the morning and slide them under the furniture.

Play station for children

You can also prefer the under-bed drawer to make a play station for children when you have toddlers and school-going children in the home.

Place all the toys and leave the children near them. The most significant benefit of using it as a play station is that there will be no mess around the room.

Pull the drawer when children want to play. For example, you will push it under the bed when the toddlers have played with the toys.

The toys will not create a mess all day and are easy to assemble in a place without extra effort. The children can sit in the drawer by opening the folding legs and enjoy their favorite toys.

Books, magazines, and newspaper

You can make a small library under the bed and make separate wrecks for newspapers, books, magazines, and digest.

Some people love to read novels at night, but few face little difficulty taking the book from the study. 

Keep the books, magazines, and novels in the drawer with proper arrangement and separate drawers for your convenience.

You can make the partition using plywood and hardboard within the large drawer if it does not have separation.


Shoes create a mess around the rooms, so you should make a different and proper place. The trundle bed is a superb option to carry the things after removing its mattress.

Push the drawer under the furniture after placing the shoes. It will protect the shoes from dust and scratches when you close the drawer and fix it with the frame.

There is no need to wrap the shoes with plastic or polythene sheets. The shoes will not mix when you make the partition between them.

How many drawers can be added to the trundle bed?

The number and size of drawers depend upon the size of the furniture. You can add or minimize the drawers according to your need. 

For single bed

The single trundle furniture can bear only one large size draw to store the blankets and quilts. You can use two drawers or a medium-size having drawer pull or knobs.

The drawers pull, or knob can hit the legs while passing through it. It is better to make a plan surface having a small insertion for a finger to open it.

You can also make the three small drawers in small size bed to put the accessories such as hand-free, charger, keyboard, mouse, and extension board.

It is unnecessary to use these drawers for mentioned things, and you can also store the needed thongs such as nails, cutter, scissors, books, and newspaper.

For double bed

You have a broad option for making drawers under the double trundle bed. You can make a lot of drawers that will o0pen from both sides.

Some people buy an extra mattress and want to store it. You can place it in one large drawer in a trundle bed. It will provide protection and shield from dust and weather changes.

You can make two large drawers and open each from the opposite side. Keep the bed away from the wall as it will need space.

For heightened bed

There is an excellent option for you to use the primary and secondary beds as a resting place and make drawers under it if you have a heightened bed in your room,

It is the best fit for small-sized rooms in small apartments to mage sleeping places and store accessories. The second one should have folding legs and some other gadget for support.

The height of the drawer will be no more than 6 to 8 inches as there is a secondary bed as well above the cabinets.

You can make sliding doors and cabinets under the bed to give a stylish look. Some people prefer to cover the opening of the storage place with large stripes of metal and wood that will have a hinge at the upper end and open from the lower end.

Add the gadget that will slowly take the drawer cover to the upper side when you give a minor pull.

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