Why Do Doors Get Stuck in Rainy Season?

Why Do Doors Get Stuck in Rainy Season?

The doors are a vital part of the home including living rooms, guest rooms, and bedrooms to provide privacy, safety, and cleanliness by preventing entry of dust.

Sometimes these doors get stuck in the frame during the rainy season and cause an irritating situation when people cannot open them adequately.

Why Do Doors Get Stuck in Rainy Season? The doors get stuck in the rainy season because of continuous exposure to water. Their surfaces become wet, absorb excessive moisture, and accumulate in their microfibers. The moisture absorbance from fibers will cause them to expand and increase in dimensions. The increase in sizes will cause misalignment and difficulty fitting in the frame. The issue will also occur due to seasonal variations when the air becomes damp in the rainy season. In addition, the problem will also come when paint and polishes vanish off due to rain. The doors will also be stuck when their hinges plunge due to corrosion, and it will cause difficulty in opening.

The excessive humidity will pose unpleasant effects on wooden doors and cause a very annoying situation for people when they want to close the doors but can’t do so due to swelling. Therefore, you should resolve this issue early to prevent further damage.

Rainy season

Rain is a natural process, and many of my friends who have wooden doors in their houses complain that they feel difficulty opening and closing doors after rain.

The problem is that rainwater gets absorbed by the wooden material, and their size will increase. The increase in length and width causes difficulty in opening and closing.

Wood is hygroscopic and catches more water from the surroundings. Therefore, when continuous rainwater comes in contact with them, it can cause misalignment of frames also. Many people complain that their doors get stuck in the rain due to this issue.

Therefore, it will cause difficulty for people when they want to go out in an emergency.

Rain is a natural phenomenon that you cannot control, but some preventive measure reduces the risk of damage from them.

Many times in the rain season, the continuous exposure of water also cause rotting of wooden material, and it will also cause misalignment and sticking issue.

You should cover the exterior side with plastic covers so water cannot seep into inside material and damage them.

Increase humidity

There is a specific level of humidity in an environment that is desirable, and it cannot cause any damage to your surroundings.

When this humidity level is disturbed due to changes in environmental conditions and rain, it will create unfavorable conditions and increase the risk of damage.

The excessive humidity than the average level damages the wooden furniture and doors of the interior and exterior side.

The amount of moisture increases in the air due to the rainy season, as a result, the wooden doors absorb the excessive moisture from the surrounding air, and it also gets absorbed in small particles.

Due to water, these tiny particles increase in size, and their length and width will also increase in size.

The increase in dimensions will cause difficulty in their placement in the respective frame. Sometimes they get stuck, and it is challenging to open them.

You should resolve this issue by drying them with an air dryer. However, you should ensure that its temperature is not high because excessive heat will also cause damage and produce spots on its surface.

You can also soak the moisture by spreading the chalk on its surface to reduce the dampness.

Washout of paint or polish

The doors of the homes are primarily colored with different shades of paint to make the interior and exterior attractive.

The paint on their surface gives a stylish look, and many people polish them to match their color with the interior walls.

The polish will vanish from the surface when consistently exposed to rainwater. The doors of the TV launch are primarily on the outer side; they are the most affected ones.

In addition, many times, the living rooms and drawing rooms are also the ones that are primarily affected because they are also on the outer side.

When water due to rain comes in contact with them, their polish washes out. Therefore, this polish plays a crucial role in making the surface smoother and preventing moisture entry.

When the paint washes out from its surface, it will absorb water and dampen the surface. The damp part will get swell and cause difficulty in opening and closing.

You should resolve this issue by polishing the doors again with high-quality varnish so they last for a longer time. People often also use distemper because it will last for a longer time than simple paints.

Low-quality wooden doors

The quality of doors also matters a lot when considering the damage. Sometimes people use lighter-weight doors to decrease the cost.

The lighter ones are less costly, but the manufacturers use low-quality material. The ones that are not of good quality will damage early.

 They will absorb more moisture from the surroundings, rot early, and cannot fix in the frame. The low-quality ones are more susceptible to damage from the increased humidity level.

They will absorb moisture, become misaligned, and cannot be correctly fixed in the frame because of a change in their shape.

Sometimes when people close them by pushing, then it is challenging to open the door when it gets stuck in the rainy season.

You should always check the wood quality before purchasing them; you should use the red oaks type.

In addition, you should also check their quality be smelling because the ones with good quality have a good smell of oil.

You can also dry the moisture from them by turning on the fans of your homes. You should also open all the air crossing pathways and air vents to bloat the water from them.

Swelling of wood

The swelling of wood is expected during the rainy season, and their doors get stuck, and people cannot open them, and when you push them hard, they will also break.

The water enters their microfibers and swells; they become rigid and stuck in their frame. The moisture is also more significant than the average value during the rainy season.

The air also becomes moister and cause their fibers to swell and become rigid. It also comes back to their original position that they sink when water soaks from them.

The movement of wood will also occur concerning an increase in water content. Their dimensions will increase when they come in range with dampness and swell.

My friends complain that the doors of their guest room are on the outer side, and when they close them during rain, it is difficult for them again to open them.

The problem in the opening will occur due to the absorbance of water and swelling. You should use sandpaper to reduce the bulging sides.

Sand the sides gently to decrease their excessive length for frequent opening and closing.

Seasonal changes

Seasonal changes are widespread, and it is the usual circle that occurs in the whole year. Sometimes the environment becomes dry, and air with them also becomes dry and less damp.

The environment also becomes damp, and it will also increase the moisture content in the air. The wet air is usually common in the winter and rainy seasons, and it will cause many issues.

One of the common issues that people complain about is that their doors get stuck and cause difficulty opening and closing during this season.

The reason is variation in temperature and amount of dampness which significantly affects the wooden doors.

During the dry season, it will shrink and release moisture from its fibers while absorbing moisture and expanding in size during humid seasons.

The expansion in size is problematic for people because they cannot open the area of the guest room because of the sticking of its doors.

The stuck ones will also rot and become fragile and can break easily in response to little stress or push them hard.

You should resolve this issue by sealing them with a high-quality sealant that makes their surface waterproof and prevents moisture entry.

In addition, you can also use linseed oil to coat their surface to make them impervious to water.

Issues with door hinges due to corrosion

The hinges are present to close the doors adequately, preventing dust entry to the houses’ interior.

These hinges are mostly made up of aluminum or steel material. Therefore, the moisture content will increase during the rainy season, and these hinges also come in contact with dampness.

Due to greater humidity on their surface, they become corroded. When people close the doors with rusty hinges, they get stuck in the inner side and cannot open again.

The corrosion will also damage the aluminum parts, and the door gets stuck in the space during the rain, and when you close them, it becomes challenging for you to open them again.

You should resolve the issue by applying lubricant to these hinges and locks to reduce the chances of accumulation of ruts.

You should also paint their surfaces to prevent them from rusting.

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