How to Keep Curtains from Flaring Out at the Bottom?

How to Keep Curtains from Flaring Out at the Bottom?

Sometimes the curtains flare out at the bottom and make the room unattractive. The primary purpose of hanging curtains in the room is to regulate the brightness and freshness of the room.

How to Keep Curtains from Flaring Out at the Bottom? You can keep the curtains from flaring out at the bottom by hanging longer and wider curtains. Moreover, it is better to wrap the curtain rod over the fabric to make them look good. Also, add the weight, stones, and gauge chain, to keep blinds straight. In addition, wrapping and ironing of the curtain prevent it from this issue. 

Many people discuss it with the professional, but you can also make the proper shape of the curtains by following the given methods.

Hang longer and wider curtains

It happens that the shorter and less wide curtain flare at the bottom. In addition, it does not have additional fabric for creases and wrinkles.

The interior designer recommends hanging a larger curtain that touches the ground. It will give your room a stylish and modern look and straighten the blinds.

In the same way, the wider curtain has extra fabric. It gathers with some gaps and makes it neat and straight.

Wrapping the curtain rod

Many people like to hang it through the rings available in the market with different styles and colors. You can take the matching and contrast color with your interior and attach it to the upper side.

Then put these rings in the rod that looks charming. 

Sometimes it flares at the bottom, so you should remove the ring. The best way to tackle this problem is by wrapping the blinds on the rod.

Take the extra length of the fabric, about 5 to 8 inches additional, to make a folding rod.

Attach the sides of the curtain to the window and door

It is common that people hang the drapes on the rod and slide it according to the need. However, many professionals recommend binding them on both sides of the window or door frame to reduce flaring.

Sometimes the curtains do not touch the sidewall and frame. As a result, the air crosses through the side spaces and spreads the fabric.

The professionals recommend attaching the blinds on both sides with the wall. It will keep the curtains from flaring at the bottom.

Tie and iron the curtains

Many people like to hang the curtains in two panels on the doors and windows. Moreover, you can slide the drapes on both sides. Finally, you can loosely tie them from different points to make the crease.

Sometimes the lightweight curtain easily flares at the bottom. This is because when you turn ON the fan, air will also cause it to up.

Take a fancy ribbon and tie them for some time at three positions to straighten the hanging blinds.

Sometimes it does not look neat when you hang the drapes in the room, and it does not maintain its shape.

Again, it depends on the type and quality of the fabric. Some fabrics are flexible, while others are rigid and tough.

You will see the organized pattern of wrinkles when you hang the flexible and soft blinds in front of windows in the room.

Moreover, people find the best design in the less flexible fabric. You can make the crease using steam iron to reduce the flaring.

It is not necessary to use steam iron all time. It depends on the type of fabric. You can also use simple iron to make the pleats.

Turn ON the iron and leave it for a few minutes to warm. Now turn it OFF and apply it to another fabric to check the temperature. If the temperature is high, weigh for 2 minutes and place it on the material.

Place the iron on a folded blind and wait for the crease line. It is a lengthy procedure because you cannot apply direct heat.

Add weight at the bottom of the curtains

It is easiest to keep the curtains from flaring at the bottom. You can use different things to hang at the lower side.

Sometimes the gravity does not pull the blinds’ fabric, so it starts to pull away from the ground. You can keep it straight by filling the pebbles and stones in the hem.

It is better to choose the color of the stones according to the color of the curtains. You can also add beads and coins while folding the lower side of the fabric during stitching.

The addition of the gauge chain is another best option to straighten the crease of blinds in the room. These chains are available in the market, having different colors, weights, and sizes.

Furthermore, many people utilize old jewelry to fill the hem. Sometimes the necklace breaks when wearing to go to a party. It becomes useless, but here is the best way to use the worn-out things.

You use the broken necklace for this purpose and use the hand and feet bracelets. First, you should look for the available things at home.

It is better to buy the stones and gauge chain from the market instead of wasting time. Some professionals make the hem by filling the stones and gauge chain while stitching.

If your curtain shows the flaring out issue after hanging on the window, you can also tackle this problem; you do not need to worry after hanging it on the rod.

Take a needle and pull out the thread from the stitching at the lower corner of the fabric. Cut the thread with scissors and create the hole according to your need. Put the stones through the opening and spread all over width.

Now close the hole and make it the same as before. You can add the gauge chain that will help to straighten the curtain. The weight will stretch down to gravity.

Drapery weights

Many people prefer to add the weight at the bottom of the curtains. So the manufacturer made it to solve this issue mainly.

It is small pieces of fabric bags filled with zinc. These are available in different weights and sizes. 

There are three ways to attach it with the blinds. First, you can place it on the folded cloth and connect it using thread and needle.

Many people do not know the method to use a needle so they can use the stapler. Staple it to the curtains when you do not find any other way.

Once I used this method when there was a time of arrival of guests. The curtain was flaring even after creasing. So I took the old handkerchief and cut it into small pieces. Tie the small stones in it and staple it with the blinds.

Second, you can open the stitched end and place the weight in it. In this way, the weight straightens it and is not visible to anyone.

Third, many people ask the professional to stitch the weight while stitching the curtain. It remains between the folding of the fabric for a longer time.

Why do curtains flare out at the bottom?

One of the common reasons is the lightweight of the fabric. However, when you turn on the fan, it starts moving and allows the light to come in.

Sometimes people hang new and rigid blinds. One of the primary reasons is poor stitching, as it is necessary. Moving of the fabric occurs when the professional stretches the thread while stitching.

The stretching of the thread sometimes occurs due to the malfunctioning of the sewing machine. 

People wash the curtains and hang them again in the same place. Sometimes, the washing affects its texture and makes it rigid, which will not fold.

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