How to Decorate Around Sliding Glass Doors?

How to Decorate Around Sliding Glass Doors?

Sliding glass doors are made up of metal, iron, aluminum, wood, etc. Here are 10 great ideas to decorate around these sliding doors.

How to Decorate Around Sliding Glass Doors? You can decorate around glass sliding doors by adding curtains, vertical blinds or panels, flowers, stickers, and painting. Moreover, you can put stylish curtain rods and knobs on both ends of the rods. Place the lamps on end tables on both sides and fix sconces at the sidewall. Take colorful crepe paper and cut it into different shapes to stick on the glass door.

Privacy glass door instead of simple glass is the best option to protect your privacy.

You can adore it with different accessories. For example, manufacturers use high-quality glass to place in between the door frames. Use the waste things creatively, which you can reuse, such as plastic bottles and used papers to decorate it.

It does not require space around for opening and closing. Some people fix this door to complete the demand of the interior.

Decorate the sliding glass door with flowers

You can adorn it with artificial flowers and handmade flowers. Use colorful flowers or contrast them with your interior so that it will give a fresh look.

Take some flowers with two to three leaves around and place them on the crystal with the help of some adhesive materials.

Take a basket and create a hole at the corners at some gap. Measure the whole border with the measuring tape and divide the total number by three. Mark three points with a pencil and make holes.

Pass the ropes from these and tie them together at one place, and put the stems of flowers in this. You can also add some sand and polythene sheet to provide support so that the flowers will stay erect.

Repeat this procedure with another basket and hang them at both sides of the door. Finally, you can make the vase with empty plastic bottles at home and set flowers on it.

Another cost-effective way is the use of crape paper and foaming sheets. Sketch leaves and petals on these papers and cut with scissors. Join these leaves and petals at one stick with gum. Repeat this procedure to make more branches.

Leave them to dry for some time; the crepe paper flowers are ready to stick on the glass. If you use sticky foaming sheets for this purpose, you can make the roses and stick them directly without using any gum.

Hang curtains, vertical blinds, and panels

Some people love to hang curtains in front of the sliding door to protect the interior from direct sun rays and maintain their privacy. In addition, you can hang blinds of different fabrics such as cotton and velvet.

It will enhance the charm of your door when you add colorful and decent fabric blinds.

Divide the covering into two panels and tie them with a fancy ribbon on both sides; it will give a traditional look to your entrance.

Another creative idea is to choose vertical blinds and paint them with your favorite color. You can also make some artwork and sketch on blinds, and it is available in both horizontal and vertical stripes, which you can open and close.

You can make the sliding door stunning and modern when you add panels on the sidewall. The panels are made of plastic, wood, and other metals with different styles, designs, and sizes.

Select the wooden panel and attach it to the wall with the help of nails. Measure the sides carefully and make a center for the placement of boards.

Adorn sliding glass doors with stylish curtains rods and door pulls

You can make the simple sliding door more stylish with minor modifications. When you hang a curtain, choose stylish rods, some rods are simple, and some have rings.

There is a knob at both ends of the rods, which are available in the market in many shapes and designs. Please choose a suitable color in standard material so that it will look good and reliable.

Door pulls, and knobs are made up of iron, aluminum, brass, and wood. You should select the rods, knobs, and pull-in aluminum material because it is lightweight, strong, and does not react with the surroundings to form rust.

You should change these things with time. You can also turn the existing accessories into new ones by painting and wrapping around the ribbon and small string.

Embellish the glass door with beads and ribbons

You can buy beads in every color, and sometimes these are also present at home. Collect the beads and ribbon, pour them in a thread by passing through needles. It does not take much time and cost.

You can give any shape like round, cubic and others. Moreover, take a small piece of cloth, cut it lengthwise and make a ribbon. You will attach it to the top of a flower basket or simple flowers. Tie this ribbon in such a way that it will look like a butterfly.

The combination of these three things will result in a new decoration piece. 

Another creative thing is to place the beads on the glass around ten inches apart from each other. Most people make a cluster of five to seven beads and place them about at a distance of fifteen inches from all sides.

Place end tables on both sides and Sconces on sidewalls

End tables are part of the furniture, and you can buy them separately. Place the two sides tables on both sides of the glass sliding door.

Most people prefer sliding entrances because they do not have enough space in the living and bedrooms. You can place the end tables on both sides if there is an empty wall having nothing besides.

You can place the vase instead of the lamp if it is not available. Place the lamp on it because the bare surface will not look charming. Put some flowers in the vase for decoration. You can use synthetic and fresh flowers. You should change the fresh flowers daily to maintain the natural look.

Sconces are a modern and stylish kind of lamp. You do not need to arrange a special table for its placement. Although, you need a drill machine to make a hole in the wall and nails for inserting.

One piece of sconces has two or three lamps facing downward. It has LED lights and dull lights, and you can change these lights according to your need.

Hang them above the door edge and at both sides on the walls. The color of the sconces should be according to the interior and frame of the door.

Attachment of grill and net

Most people like sliding doors in the middle of the living room but do not open and close again and again during the day. 

There are grills from simple to fancy styles available that will enhance the look of the entrance. The grill can be made up of wood, plastic, and other metals. Sometimes, the grill provides support and keeps the children away when you pull it at one side.

The length of the grill should be around two to three feet. It should not be too large or too small; always choose one-third part of the total height of the door.

In addition to it, you can also place the grill or net next to the glass. It does not allow flies and mosquitoes when you open it for aeration.

Add stickers

If there is a railing door for your children, you can decorate it with different stickers and animations.

As children have a habit of drawing on the walls, buy them a bundle of stickers and ask them to paste them randomly on the glass.

Various stickers are made of different materials such as simple plastic, rubber filled with glitters, and shiny material that sparkle at night.

When you paste the stars, moon, and flower on the glass, they will shine in the dark. It will create a natural scene when you switch off the light.

Use privacy glass instead of simple

You can mostly see inside and outside the room from the glass doors because they are larger, especially the width is greater than the typical doors. Almost all the room is visible to the passerby in this way; you do not have any privacy.

Suppose you want to maintain your privacy while having this gateway, then you can replace the simple glass with a private one. It is the type of crystal that is only a mirror from the outside, and you can see the outer environment from the inner side of the room.

Not only are the privacy mirrors available in different colors but also the simple glass. They are accessible in green, blue, and white colors. The green and blue color give an excellent effect to the room when sunlight hit on it.

Paste wallpaper, sceneries, and wall clock

The side of the railing door is mostly simple from edges to surface. There is stunning and eye-catching wallpaper that gives a bright and pleasant look to the door. You can decorate them with pleasing wallpaper.

Another option is the hook-up of the sceneries and family photo on the sidewall. Finally, you can place a large frame or two or three frames horizontally and vertically on the wall.

You can place a medium-size wall clock on the top of the door. Mark the center before drilling a hole to put on a wall clock. You can also hang the decoration piece like a wall clock on both sides.

Decorate the door frame

The frame is made of wood and metal; you can embellish it with paint and artwork. Choose the suitable paint that will run with the interior and furniture.

Many interior designers recommend placing the door of that material which is used in furniture making. However, it will be more helpful for you to design the frames.

You can draw flower paintings and artwork on the frames and paste other stickers and wallpaper for your comfort. Try to replace the simple frame with a stylish and new one that has

If you are creative and know the brush and spray painting, you should cut the paper and card with different shapes and paste them on the frame. Then, paint the whole frame with a paint brush or spray bottle.

Leave it for twenty minutes to dry and remove the cards and paper, and you will see the attractive painting on the frame. Another way is to draw the sketch and artwork on it.

You can also place the fairy lights on the surface of the door frame. When you lighten them up in the dark environment, the fairy light will shine, and it reflects on the glass.

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