What to Put Between Two Mirrors in Bathroom?

What to Put Between Two Mirrors in Bathroom?

Bathroom mirrors are usually present above the vanity for personal observance, lighten architectural design’s beauty, and provide more space.

Two mirrors above the basin are in trend, and in fact, two mirrors over two vanities are more common and eye-catching.

By having two mirrors, more than one individual can dress up, and putting different things between them can add a balance to the bathroom’s mirrors.

What to Put Between Two Mirrors in Bathroom? You can decorate the place between two mirrors in your bathroom by putting wall clocks, engraved antique pieces of paintings, and hanging lights. In addition, you can put a towel stand, vase, ornamental plants, switches of fans and bulbs, light fixtures, extra mirror, and bath shower at this place. You can adequately adjust the sanitary and hygienic products by having a medicine cabinet between the two rectangular mirrors above the sinks. Adding a window at this place will provide you with fresh air and light rays from the sun, and you can place a soap dispenser and tissue holder.

You can save the area by utilizing the space between these two, and it will beautify the mirrors adjustment in the bathroom.

The placing of the material depends upon the shape that is rectangular or round, a design that is sculptural or antique, and location either in the center or at the corners.

Towel stand

You can place a towel stand in the bathroom, and this will provide a straightforward approach to the towel for drying your hands.

A steel rod having a dark brown towel in between antique hexagonal mirrors will give a unique look to your bathroom.

The rod and towel selection color depend upon the interior design; most people go for lite color towels and mix and match them with the paint.

By placing at this extra space, you can save the other corners and utilize them better for something else.

Floating tables

You can put the shelves in between the two mirrors and enjoy the easy availability of cosmetics, towels, and hygienic products.

According to your design, Beautifully designed shelves add beauty to the bathroom walls.

The number of shelves depends upon the size and shape of the mirrors; small and round ones can have two shelves while 4 shelves are suitable for long and rectangular ones.

Tile panel

You can make your bathroom feel bigger by putting a long tile panel that touches the floor from the ceiling between the mirrors.

I have a dark color panel of tiles between the round mirrors above a single basin in my bedroom.

You will follow the area between them to have the right size for the tile panel because a wide panel can decrease synchronicity.


To utilize the space between two mirrors above two vanities, putting an artistic work on the wall is an attractive option by giving color.

You can hang the paintings in a line, and you can paint the space with a design like pictures of birds, trees and engraving the artwork in the wall is also an option.

Canvass paintings demand extra care; you must be careful to place them away from water sources and choose the dark color paintings in a white bathroom.

Vase and ornamental plants

For having a charming look at the bathroom, you can place the vase and artificial trees between two mirrors.

A white colored vase having fresh and vibrant red-colored roses will give a fantastic look and scanty smell to the individuals.

Sometimes many people place the ornamental trees and plants on the sink shelf or the floating shelf at this place.

This can make you feel fresh by seeing some fresh flowers and reduces your depression.

Add Another mirror

Putting a third in between these mirrors above a single vanity can provide you to utilize the place more efficiently.

You can place a makeup mirror on the wall’s shelf or vanity, which is usually a more focused one, and its size should have accordance with the other accessories.

Three persons can dress up without any fight due to this extra mirror, but not everyone prefers this arrangement.

Add Hanging lights between two mirrors

The vanity lights hanging from the ceiling between the two mirrors in your bathroom can provide you with more focused light.

There is no need for some extra light to wear makeup on your face, and these hanging lights will give a fascinating look.

You can have two hanging lights and the middle one hanging more towards the floor, having a waterproof enclosure.

Try to be particular in the size that is not too long and not too short, shape, and material to place them because it describes a person’s personality.

Glass wall

You can put an extra transparent glass wall between the mirrors in your bathroom to minimize the emptiness and give an illusion of being bigger than the actual.

This can present a luxurious style, and by having shelves on it, you can make a space to place the stuff of sanitary and cleaning.

This can also remove the need for an extra mirror, and you can see your whole appearance after becoming full ready to go for a party.

Wall clock

You can embellish its interior decoration by having a wall clock between the two mirrors above two basins or a single long vanity.

Standing and Quartz clocks on the floating shelves will inform you about the time and develop a routine schedule.

Some people feel dozy in the bathroom, and alarm clocks are helpful to wake them and save them from falling on the floor.

You have to be careful and try to place a wall clock in the bathroom away from the water, and you can use a water-resistant clock.

Switches and light fixtures

Switches of the vanity lights and the vanity fans above the basins can save the place.

You can decorate that wall with curtains or ornamental plants despite having the switches and light fixtures.

The light fixtures will provide you with more light during makeup but try to use a safe and sound covering on fixtures to avoid short circuits due to humidity.

The switches at that place will make you feel comfortable to have access to the lights, and you can decorate them by engraving.

Bath shower

You can put a shower between the two mirrors when designing the architectural design.

This will create more free space inside, and you have to try to make a platform for the bath shower that can distinguish the bathing area from the vanity area.

You have to make sure that sinks are of good quality or water-resistant and there are no light switches all around this enclosure.

Mostly, the rectangular and antique mirrors having a suitable distance on both sides of the bath shower bring a stylish look to the bathroom.

Soap dispenser

You are free to put a soap dispenser to have an easy and quick gain to the hand washers.

You do not have to pick the soap from the vanity cabinet while having a dispenser on the wall in front of you.

This can also create a free space to place other things on the sinks instead of putting soaps and hand-cleaners.

Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet in the bathroom proves helpful to provide a quick approach to the accessories.

It is not just for the medicines; in fact, you can keep the towels, sanitary products, soaps, cleaners, shampoos, and tissues in it.

This will create more space to place other things and presents a balanced look as all the items are present at their proper position.

The addition of glass doors or some pieces of glass and colored prints will make it look more attractive for the guests coming to your place.

Put a Window

You can put a window in the center of these mirrors to cover the space and to have fresh air for ventilation in the bathroom.

By hanging matching and stylish curtains on this window, you can add value to the interior design and the color and style of the curtains, depending on the window.

A café or sill curtain will look best at its window because small windows are preferable over long ones.

You can enjoy the sunlight by opening this window, and this is also helpful to get off the foul smell of water.

Tissue paper holder

You can put the tissue paper holder to make your face and hands dry after washing, and this will make proper use of the wasted space between two mirrors.

This will provide a helping hand for the ladies during makeup as they are never satisfied with their doings and mostly remove the lipstick color with the tissues.

Different shapes and designs of the holder are coming in the market that can provide a better advantage of utilizing this place.

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