Where to Put a Full Length Mirror in Bedroom?

Where to Put a Full Length Mirror in Bedroom?

Here are 12 great ideas to place a full-length mirror in your bedroom. These are the same as other mirrors, but they are slightly taller than their width to give a reflection of a person.

Where to Put a Full-Length Mirror in Bedroom? You can place a full-length mirror in the bedroom near the windows or fix it on the wall opposite to doors ways for sufficient light. You can also put them behind the doors and on the wardrobes to save space. In addition, it is beneficial to hang them on walls that have enough standing space, adequate light, and not facing your bedside.

The hanging of glass in a room with a decorative frame makes the interior fantastic. It increases the illusion of space and makes the corners brighter by adding more light to your room.

It is always better to use framed mirrors in the room instead of frameless ones because they are easy to handle.

You can also place these floor glasses in your living rooms and hallways to make them attractive. Again, figuring out the exact corner and walls is necessary so you can see your reflection quickly and clearly.

In addition, you can match their frame colors with furniture to give a stunning touch to your interior.

Place the full length on the sides of the bed 

You can place them on the sides of your bed on the place of nightstands or end tables. It is beneficial to purchase two-floor mirrors of the same length for both sides of your bed.

It is the best place for them because it will not reflect the negative energies in this direction. It will also not cause uncomfortable conditions for you.

In this direction, it will not face your bed and cause insomnia at night due to the double reflection of light. It also looks cool when you place them on both sides of the bed.

Put it near windows

When you want to dress up fully and put on some makeup, you want to set them in daylight. You can put it near your windows to get enough light during day time. It is the best position for setting your makeup in daylight.

You can also place them on opposite walls of your window. Then, when you open your windows, it will give a great look with greenery.

It is also suitable when you don’t have enough light in your room you can open the windows and apply makeup or do other chores. It is also the appropriate position to reflect light inside the rooms.

Hang the mirror on the door

When you don’t have enough space in your bedroom, then you should hang them with doors. However, it is crucial to ensure that you don’t place them on the front side; it will not look good.

Place them on the side of the door and your bedroom. It will also give the finishing touch to your entire interior and make them brighter.

It will also save space and makes your interior look more prominent and broader. When you are hanging glass, you should take care that you don’t close or open doors hardly. If you shut down the door with force, it will damage the mirror, and scratches will also produce in it.

Fix the mirror in front of the light

When putting them in a bedroom, the correct position is a crucial part of their installation. You should hang it on walls that have sufficient light.

You can’t do makeup and fully dress up without adequate light. So, to avoid these difficulties, hang them on walls in which your tube lights and energy savers are already present.

You can turn on the lights when you want to dress up for parties and events. The lights also reflect the mirror, which gives positive energies to your room.

The walls have enough standing space

Many people make their bedrooms too much congested by placing sofas, chairs, and dressing tables. In this situation, you will need to think wisely about the hanging of full-length mirrors.

You can’t place them in congested spaces because it will not provide sufficient standing room for you. When it does not have enough space for standing, you can’t dress yourself up comfortably.

To resolve this issue, I recommend avoiding hanging them near sofas, chairs, and side tables. Also, don’t place them near the sides of the bed if they have congested moving areas.

Put it in the cabinets of wardrobe

When you live in a shorter apartment with small rooms, you have to adjust all your accessories in them.

You can put them on the inside and outside of your cabinets to save space. However, it is essential to remind that you can place them on wardrobes if they are not facing the bed.

Avoid closing and opening cupboards with force because it can damage your glass. When you put them in closets, they will also look beautiful and saves walk-in space.

Place the mirror near Nightstands

To make your bedroom bright, you can place your mirror near nightstand. Moreover, it will adorn your room and adds their looks.

The sidewalls of the nightstands also have more space for hanging. When you turn on the lamp’s light, the glass reflects this light and gives a fabulous touch. It will also provide an artistic touch if you place some artwork and creative work on their opposite walls.

You can decorate the mirror to give a more elegant appearance, you can also attach small mirrors some inches above the nightstands.

Fix it on the wall opposite to doorway

The selection of walls for the hanging of glass is not an easy task to protect your interior from negative energies. However, placing them in the right direction will attract positive energies in a room and make them brighter. Therefore, it is beneficial to put them on the walls that are opposite doorways.

When you are hanging them in this direction, the opening of doors makes the room wider. You can also place them on the north and east sides.

Why would you place a full-length mirror in a bedroom?

Many people love to place them in their bedrooms to give them an aesthetic and elegant touch. It is in fashion and looks modern to hang them.

These glass with antique and rustic metal frames adds beauty to your room. You can use them for decoration purposes by adoring them with stickers and a variety of paints.

These are important because you want to see the overall look when you go to a party or wedding function.

You can see that your dress matches your shoes appropriately, and you are looking good in this outfit. You can see yourself from head t toe by standing in front of them for your mental relaxation.

It is also beneficial if you are doing gym or some sports exercise in your room t identify your correct posture and body progress.

People use them for their growing children when they are learning something new. It is the best way to enhance their skills and capabilities.

You can also use them for lightening your interiors from their reflection. It is also helpful when you are living in a short apartment and feels roominess. Then you should place them in your interiors to give a broader and taller touch.

It will create depth in a room, and it looks bigger than its original size. You can place them on different walls for this purpose.

How high should the full-length mirror be from the floor?

The appropriate hanging of glass in the proper position is crucial for its correct use. When you place them too low, it will create a problem.

If you place them too high from the floor, you can see yourself entirely from head to toe. To overcome all these issues, you should put them about 62 to 70 inches above from floor surface.

If you are hanging them with hardboard, doors, and wardrobes, it must be 7 to 8 inches above these things so an average person can fully see its reflection.

Adjust them according to your height; you can slightly place them lower if your height is shorter than the average size.

The average size of a full-length mirror

The average size of a full-length mirror is about 65 by 28 inches. You can’t take these values as a standard because you can change the length according to your desire.

It will be better to purchase them according to your height; it is a general room of thumb to buy these mirrors about half of your size.

For example, if you are 74 inches in height, then the length of your full-length glass should be 35 to 37 inches.

Do not place the full-length mirror in these places

The appropriate hanging of glass is vital to enhance the beauty of your room and make yourself comfortable.

If you place them on the wrong wall, it will disturb you because of the reflection of light. It will also cause sleeplessness and uncomfortable situations.

Don’t place them on the walls in front of your bed because it can cause an irritating situation. You can hang them in the following directions:

  • West walls
  • North East walls
  • North walls
  • East walls

They are the best comfortable positions for them to prevent restlessness at night time. Avoid placing them in a ceiling because when you turn on the fan, its reflection will cause a disturbance.

You should not place them on the wall that is opposite to toilet because it looks awkward.

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