What Are Different Types of Drawer Pulls?

What Are Different Types of Drawer Pulls?

You can decorate your home cabinets with different styles of drawer pulls, knobs, and sliders. This hardware is made up of different materials like plastic and metals. It gives an appealing look to your doors, cabinets, and doors.

Some of the pulls are moveable, and some are stationary, but both add a new look to your interior with minute changes. You can furnish your house by choosing the best design which will suit the furniture.

What Are Different Types of Drawer Pulls? There are various types of drawer pulls depending on their material and style, for example, bar pull, round pull, arch pull, glass pull, finger pull, and cup pulls. New and functional hardware are also available, such as glass pull and toy pulls. You can choose the best style by considering the finish of your furniture and the material of them. 

It should not be too sensitive that it will break when you hold it and open the drawer or too hard to damage your furniture. Check the size and dimensions while buying hardware; it should have enough holding area.

The selection criteria depend on the size of cabinets, cupboards, and their polish. For example, some people prefer to place plastic pulls. On the other hand, many people like to put glass handle to open and close the drawers.

Take a snapshot of your cabinets before going to the market. On different hardware shops, you will see a large variety of pulls. It will help you to choose the appropriate hardware to put on them for sliding it. Do not confuse to select a suitable handle.

When you go to the room, kitchen, and bathroom, you see the attractive hardware, doors, and windows. However, you can change its look by changing the ornaments according to the space available on the surface of the wooden or metallic furniture.

I have added 12 types of drawer pulls that give a stylish and modern appearance to your furniture.

Bar pull

It is a convenient and simple type among the cabinets and drawer handles. The name came from its design because it looks like a straight bar which gives a classical look to the furniture.

You can use it for large and small cabinets as it is available in many sizes and lengths. You can place a bar instead of knobs to open a wide and extra-wide range of kitchen cabinets.

Many people prefer to adjust the bar, which is three-quarters in the width of the drawer, and some people like to have a full-length bar at the upper corner of the furniture. It has a large area to hold while opening and closing cabinets.

It is much convenient to open large cupboards with one hand. If you taste conventional, traditional, and modern decoration, then these are the best handles for your drawers.

You should usually place these bars horizontally at a different location. In addition, you can also put them vertically on the large lower and upper cabinets of the kitchen. Finally, tilt the bar with an angle to make a skewed shape and fix it to give a modern look to book cabinets.

Cup pull

It has an upside-down cup shape that gives a discreet and modest appearance to the furniture. The cup-shaped handle is best for vintage and traditional spaces in electric styles.

It is also considered as a Shaker-style due to the use of wooden pegs by Shaker. These are available in different colors and materials. If you want to make a funky look of your interior, then choose a bright color.

Sash pull

They are stylish and compact and similar to old-fashioned heavy handles of windows. It gives a vintage feel and farmhouse touch to your home kitchen.

Although they are not decorated as much, they feel sturdy when you grab them to open a cabinet. You can use it in industrial cabinets if you have a space and matching finish. It fits on the drawer for opening and closing of it politely and softly.

Drop handle pulls

It comprises two parts; one is attached to the cabinet while the other is a hanging part that hangs down. These types of handles are found on the surface of dressers and desks mostly.

It is also called the jewelry of furniture because it enhances its decoration. You can use it on cabinets and drawers for your easiness. You can paint them or buy a color that matches your furniture.

The hanging part is primarily round, but it also comes in different styles and designs. You should choose that one which increases the degree of a design and enhances your furniture’s beauty.

Glass drawer pulls

You should hold the glass handles carefully while attaching them to the furniture. As you know, your little ignorance will break it. Use it in your room and living rooms to give them extra charm and beauty. It will provide a modern and stylish appearance to your furniture.

The attachment end on both sides is made up of different metals. The holding area is made up of glass and crystals. There is an additional design on the glass with engraftment style. These all together make your interior attractive and stylish.

Rope drawer handles

There is another innovative idea for the hardware. It is new and functional handles that give traditional looks to the furniture.

A rope is wrapped around on a flexible wire that will attach both ends with the knobs. You can leave the string loosely between two ends or tighten it to make a bar.

Pull toy drawer handle

If you have a separate room, cupboards, and cabinet for children in your home, then you can add a toy handle. These are attractive and available in different colors and animation.

Place the favorite animated character on the surface of the furniture as a handle. The cartoon character is placed instead of any bar and rope. It will give a bright and funky look according to the child’s room.

Arch pull

There are various drawer knobs in the market, but you have to choose the best fit for your cabinets. The arch style gives a minor stylish look to your interior.

Wood, plastic, and aluminum handles are designed in such a way that an arch will create, and you can hold in between to open and close the cupboards.

Ring pull

You will grasp a ring and drag the drawer outward to open it. As the rope hangs between the knobs, in the same way, the rings are hanging between them and working accordingly.

These rings are made of different materials such as bronze, iron, stainless steel. It has a flat plate having a hose in it which provides the platform for the attachment of the ring.

Pendant pull

These are like furniture jewelry because they are present in different styles, designs, and hanging materials. This type of hardware will give a fancy look to the furniture.

You can buy them from the market in different colors and materials. Metallic, silver, gold, and rust colors are trending. In addition, you can order to make a pendant of your choice.

Recessed pull

It is the best option for clean and sleek handles in the doors, drawers, windows, and pocket doors. It gives an intuitive and elegant design for commercial, domestic, and industrial use.

It does not protrude outward and occupies any space. In some cases, it has a ring adjusted in the empty area. You open the ring and hold it to open the portion, and it will again fit into its position after you have done your work.

Finger pulls

It is sleek and straight hardware made up of metal, brass, and steel. It does not occupy a large area because it needs a small place to adjust on the surface of the drawers.

Adjustment of finger handles on the cabinets will only require your fingers to hold the knob and slide it outside to open it. It is a straight slate of metal just making a curve outward. This curve plate is the location where you get the tips of your finger to drag the furniture outside.

How to choose the right style of drawer pulls?

It is simple to open large drawers when it contains pots, dishes, and heavy material.

It also provides the space to grab using your whole hand, not like the tips of a finger in the case of knobs. Consider the following points to choose the style and design of handles.

Shape and convenience

The first thing is to consider the shapes while purchasing the hardware. Curve and simple bar shapes come to your mind when you think about the handles. Look at the lining and design of furniture carefully, and then select the style according to it.

The holder you add to the drawers should be easy to handle. Do not buy a stock for your entire home at once. First, you should check it by fitting one handle. If it is easy to hold and opens without damaging your hand and wood, then place them on every cabinet.

Consider the finish and material

Choose charming colors by comparing and contrasting them with the furniture paint. Then, if you want to add them to your kitchen cabinets, you should match them with the finish. It will help you to choose the best design and style for cabinets.

After choosing their shape, you step toward the material. Some attractions are made up of wood and aluminum to avoid any harm to the furniture. They are made up of glass, plastic, and metal. Crystal and stone hardware add more beauty to the cabinets. It holds the drawer and gives strength when you open it.

What is the benefit of using aluminum hardware in furniture?

You should consider the material first while purchasing better hardware for furniture, doors, windows, cabinet, and portions.

Some of them are made up of plastic, metals, and glass, but aluminum metal is the best material. In addition, the use of aluminum in the doors increases their durability and strength.

The other reason for using it in the doors and cabinet handle is the easy maintenance. However, when you use iron instead of aluminum, it will get rust in humid weather. In addition, it will damage the furniture polish and finishing.

Another reason for using it is that it is lighter than iron, so it will not put extra load on the wooden surface and maintain its design and structure. The use of heavy metal will loosen the nuts, and it will lose its strength with the drawer.

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