How to Decorate Vertical Blinds with Curtains?

How to Decorate Vertical Blinds with Curtains?

Vertical blinds are the essential part of your room. They are resistant and do not permit ultraviolet rays to reach the house. As a result, you can make them more attractive and charming without interfering with their functionality.

How to Decorate Vertical Blinds with Curtains? You can decorate vertical blinds hanging on the window of your bedroom, dining room, and living room with curtains, bamboo shade, valence, and molding. You can wholly or partially close them to protect your privacy. Blinds with curtains do not allow excessive light to pass and damage the furniture’s color and upholstery.

If you use curtains, you have to wash and replace them timely; otherwise, they will look odd. So the best option is to replace them with vertical blinds and decorate them according to the interior.

You can accessorize the window covering with different things such as bamboo shade, paint, and panels. These are made of other materials, such as wood, plastic, fiber, faux wood, aluminum, etc.

These are the window covering, which can be decorated easily using cornices, drapes, and paint. Here are methods that enhance the beauty of your room according to the interior.

Paint the vertical blinds

First, you have to remove the covering from the window and place it on the flat surface. Then, the easiest method is to paint it, matching or contrasting it with the wall and furniture.

It is better to put the blind on the floor outside your room to avoid dirt. You can unlock from the top one by one or collectively according to the fitting.

Take a sponge or soft fiber fabric to remove the dust from both sides of the blind panel. Soak the towel with water. Extract the dripping water from it and rub it on the surface of the panel.

Then take 1000ml of water in a separate bucket or bowl and pour few drops of washing detergents into it. Mix it well and dampen the cloth to clean the surface of the blinds.

Repeat this procedure until clean, and after that, wash with clean water. 

Buy colorful paint from home improvement stores or craft shops to paint the panels. Then, hang it with nails or clothespins outside so that spray does not splash around.

If your blind is made up of vinyl, then choose spray paint which should be multi-surface. If it is made up of fabric, then buy fabric spray paint. Wear gloves before starting painting.

Finally, spray the color all around to make the pattern so that it will look charming.

Make a nice pattern o your blind with a stencil and acrylic paint. Choose a stencil of about 4 inches and lay down the panels one after another. Place the painter’s color on the top and bottom so that it will not move during painting.

Place the stencil on the window covering and fill it with a paintbrush in dabbing motion. Do not dip the paintbrush and get excessive paint. A tiny amount of color will allow you to control the design at the end.

Decorate it with drapes and curtains

The liner drapes will block out the extra light coming to the room. Choose a curtain of red, brown, or black color if you want a darker room. The velvet and sateen curtains make your home darker.

Choose cotton, linen, and soft fabric curtain to look extra vibrant as the sunlight. You can choose a few darker shades than the walls for a subtle look and select the bright color if you want to pop a bolder look.

Measure the height and width of the window for hanging the curtain. Take a measuring tape and measure from 4 to 5 inches above the window frame as height and mark with a pencil.

Then mark the width of the window increasing 4 to 5 inches from both sides. 

Drill a hole to place the curtain rod on the marks. The rods are available in different sizes, styles, designs, and supplies.

Drap it at the middle and slide it at the side. In this way, your blind will cover with a curtain and give a new look.

Cornices decoration

Cornices are the piece of wood above the window frame and blind. It is protruding outward. If your window already has it, then decorate it with some fibers, stickers, and paint.

Take a colorful and flowery fabric, wrap it from the front side of cornices to the backside, and combine it with a staple gun. The distance between staples is no more than one inch.

If your window does not have cornices, you can make it at home using wood pieces.


As the cornices place above the window, in the same way, the moldings are designed for ceilings, doorways, and windows. But, again, these are lightweight made up of wood and plastic.

You can place them on the top of the blinds. Measure the width of the window frame and put it. If you want an elegant look, then paint or stain it.

How do vertical blinds make your room look good?

Vertical blinds are replacers of fabric curtains at home to reduce the maintenance time. The most important thing is it makes your house look better.

These are affordable and long-lasting. In addition, you can make changes whenever you want according to your taste and the color of the interior.

They enhance the look when you hang charming and fresh color blinds. However, they will not occupy much space on the wall. You can hang other paintings and sceneries instead.

Why would you decorate vertical blinds with curtains?

You install them to get rid of washing and cleaning of fabric curtains in your home. There are few reasons for installing vertical blinds to decorate and shade the windows.

Control the direct sunlight and maintain the color of the furniture

You can control the light coming to you by hanging them in windows. It not only contains light but also provides shade to your home. You can close them entirely if you do not want to lighten your room.

It has the partially close option, which allows the little rays of light to come inside. 

It controls the sunlight and ultraviolet rays and protects the furniture. Although sunlight is essential, it does not allow excessive rays to pass. Therefore, they are perfect for bedrooms, dark rooms, and others where specific light requires.

They protect your sofa, couch, and other furniture from direct sunlight to maintain their color and upholstery. In addition, they can block the spaces and do not allow the light rays to come inside.

Vertical blinds require minimal maintenance

If you hang the fiber curtains in your room window, they will get dirty. So instead, you will wash them and wait for the dry cleaner. For this duration, the window will remain open, allowing excessive sunlight to come into the room.

On the other hand, hanging them vertically in the window will not extra time and effort. The window will remain close and protect your luggage.

If you are doing some job along with household, you do not have enough time to clean the curtain. There is the best option to hang the blinds instead of curtains as they demand minimum effort.

You can buy them according to the paint color of the walls and interior. 

They do not need extra fitting and structure to fix them above the window. In addition, these are detachable and do not take much time to clean and maintain.

Vertical blinds are durable

They are highly durable than curtains as they are made up of plastic and wood. These materials are more reliable and run for about a decade. On the other hand, you need to change the curtains after few years.

It is like a significant challenge to wash the curtains. However, you can detach them and wash them by following any method of cleaning. A damp cloth and detergent will clean it in few minutes.

It helps to maintain privacy

Blinds are the best thing to maintain your privacy in your room. They cover the entities completely, and no one can sneak through them. In addition, strangers and passersby will not be able to see the internal environment.

Hang blinds instead of curtains to improve the privacy of your home. You can allow little visibility from outside if you want. 


The vertical blinds are cost-effective than the other window coverings, curtains, and shades. In addition, they are affordable and versatile in every aspect than conventional curtains and roller blinds.

They are more compatible and easy to maintain than the other coverings. You can decorate them according to your interior, furniture, and designing. They are available at affordable prices and last long.


These are available in many colors, designs, shapes, and themes. Then, you have to pick and hang them in your room to cover the window. For curtains, you have to match every bit of the interior and paint with them.

Moreover, the binds have contrast colors. If the floor and furniture are made up of wood, then choose dark blinds.

Besides aluminum, faux wood and plastic blinds are also available. If you want to spend more on your window covering, then select one of them. These are long-lasting with modern style and flexibility.


As the blinds are easy to use and have many advantages over curtains, in the same way, it has many safety features. For example, it will not harm the children when they touch or come beneath them.

It will not slide or drip on touching abruptly. Instead, you can fold it upward with little effort when it reaches the toddlers playing around.

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