How High Should Pictures Be Hung Above Sofa?

How High Should Pictures Be Hung Above Sofa?

The height of the portrays, frames, pictures, and artwork above the sofa plays a vital role in beautifying the room’s aesthetics.

A general rule of thumb regarding this is, pictures should be at such a level that draws all the attention and focus of the people entering the area.

How High Should Pictures Be Hung Above Sofa? The correct hanging height of the pictures on the wall above the sofa is 6 to 12 inches from the backrest. However, it varies with the feet of the ceiling, and the best location is to anchor it is 56 to 60 inches above the floor. Moreover, you can arrange a frame above it which should be around 3/4 the length of the sofa.

Hanging pictures above furniture is the best way to contrast it and bring life to the whole area by mixing patterns and prints.

Many people usually have plain and muted upholstery, which looks dull, if not enhanced with the colors and textures of the surrounding.

You should create a cohesive blend of different elements to anchor on the walls of the living area. The main task is to fix them to the most appropriate height.

The idea is to make it the point of focus and attraction and break a long, plain wall because it will look unsymmetrical and unorganized if you hang it more high or more low.

What should be the correct height?

Most of these sofas are not too high, so you should hang artwork 6 to 10 inches above it.

On the other hand, 12 inches is best for the sectional couch to connect so they will not look separated and rejected.

Imagine a picture almost touching the backrest, and there is much free space above it, and think how much worse it will look.

Similarly, a frame hung too high from the sofa will leave a lot of free space beneath. As a result, it will have no aesthetical impact and will look like a left-out piece.

Remember improper execution or visual imperfections are unpleasing and disturbing to you and others viewing these.

How to measure the right height and position to hang pictures?

Look for the correct position before drilling holes and adding hooks into the wall, and you need to measure the area first for this.

Keep in mind one most important thing that they should be at the level of your eye,

whether you are adding one, two, three, or several pictures. 

Eye-level means you do not have to move your head upward or downward to get the view, but it must be visible to you with your straight head.

You can estimate the correct location to attach hooks by dividing frame length by two.

From the digit, subtract the inches between the top end of portray and the hardware for attachment.

Now add this value to 58, so you will get the final height to anchor hooks from ground level.

Similarly, measure the width of the wall and divide it by two, so you will get the center location at which you should anchor your first frame if making a collage. 

Use a measuring tape to mark the location with a pencil and drill holes to screw the hooks or hangers in.

You can apply this method to all furniture, like bed, fire mantle, chest of drawers, and others.

Also, it varies with the height of the people in your home, and you should consider average stature. 

For instance, lower it down 1 to 3 inches if all of you are of short stature, which means less than 5’7″, and there should be a distance of 5 to 6 inches between the couch and frame.

On the other hand, hang them 7 to 8 inches higher than the couch for the taller people because their eye-level will be slightly up than shorter ones.

How to choose the perfect style and pattern for pictures?

The same pictures will never look appealing and make the area more pale and dull with no interest.

Also, I prefer to create an illusion of different colors according to sofa color to bring a sense of peace and solace.

Most people have white, beige, blush pink, cream, peach, and other light and nude shades upholstery of the furniture, so the paintings should be of different genera.

However, velvet or leather fabric with bold colors is the couch in the living room of many people. You should try different artwork and quotes above it.

Create an art gallery of different designs on the wall like mosaic, mandala, stripes, geometric, floral, animals, sketches, and scenery.

Handcrafts such as crochet, woven, tassel, and tapestries should be added above as soft and slipcover sofa.

Abstract, landscape, and modern art, when combined with others, look ethereal and classic.

How to choose the perfect size picture to hang above the sofa?

The picture size is also necessary to complement the layout, which means too large or small will look awkward.

You should not choose the one, which is wider than the furniture and is much longer because it creates an erupted and unmatched scenario.

Also, never add more than two on a single wall, or you can add several smaller and medium-size are acceptable.

Suppose you have a sofa of 80 inches in length, so the size of the single painting should be not more than 55 inches in width.

Generally, there should be a free space of 8 to 10 inches on each edge of the couch which means you have to cover only 3/4 width above it but in the center.

In my view, an average image between 10 x 15 to 25 x 32 inches is best to arrange the above furniture.

However, a single big painting of 28 x 38 is enough to cover the whole area without overshadowing the sofa.

Check the height of the ceiling

The most appropriate height of the picture on an average ceiling of 8 feet is around 56 to 60 inches which is the focal point of a wall.

It is the center point when measured from top to bottom. Also, your portrays will be most visible at this position.

However, you can move it slightly lower or higher to few inches depending upon the length.

Understand that whatever the length of the wall is, but you can not hang it too up or low because it will look off the eyes.

High ceiling

You have to hang it 70 inches above the floor when the distance between the floor and the ceiling is more than 9 feet. 

You have more area to cover, and you can not make the furniture high, so you have to make adjustments in the artwork location for a better view.

Moreover, you can choose large pieces than the smaller ones for better vision if the wall is wider than the usual width.

Remember, the purpose is to make the area pleasing and not compact and congested, so do not overload with huge images.

Low ceiling

You have to decrease few inches in its height in the case of a low ceiling of around 7 feet and anchor it 54 to 55 inches high from the floor.

Small or medium-sized frames are suitable in this scenario because big ones will look exaggerated.

Also, you have to decrease the height to 1 to 2 inches to bring it to the center location.

Add more lighting by installing a chandelier and sconces to brighten up the space, making it appear high and extended.

How to arrange different pictures above the sofa?

There are different arrangement patterns for a different number of paintings with different sizes.

Usually, people like to hang more than three above the couch, which is a current trend set by interior designers.

The beauty in this organization is that you are free to choose any decorative style and technique to anchor them, depending upon how creative you are.

Also, there must be around a 2 to 3 inches gap between them to avoid messing up the whole creation.

Arrange one picture in the center

The best way to style a single frame above the furniture is the center location according to both wall and sofa.

One center image of around 25 x 32 or 24 x 40 inches is ideal for this setup, in my opinion, but you can choose a larger one.

However, the design should not be over-enchanting and screaming, rather than choosing subtle art pieces with contrasting colors.

I saw a huge picture of the width of the 3-seater sofa at my friend’s home, and it looked outstanding, but the concern is the prints.

It was a simple floral art with pink, cream, and peach flowers above a white upholstered couch, so it worked out well.

Arrange two frames symmetrically

Two same-size photos with different paintings look splendid above the furniture on a less wide and low ceiling wall.

You can also anchor two same images uniformly, but they do not look appealing, so I prefer different designs.

Classic black and white artwork of different sizes, like one smaller and one larger from a difference of around 3 to 4 inches, will also look appealing above the gray sofa.

I hung the same length and different width frames side by side on the wall with the same color scheme and genera pieces in my living room, and it looks stunning.

Arrange three paintings abruptly or uniformly

You can hang them in the same line or at different angles, depending upon your choice.

I recommend arranging them next to each other with the same genera photos and align them equally.

You can print similar quotes and hang them above your couch that covers around three-quarter width of it.

However, varied dimensions frame in which one is long are two are square-shaped but differently, size also goes well when you add striking photos in these.

There is another artistic option in which you choose the same length and width painting and hang the center one at a distance of 12 inches from the couch and the other two at a distance of 8 inches.

How to make a gallery or collage over a sofa?

A huge gallery or collage covering maximum area looks splendid when present in the background of the sofa.

For this, you need several paintings of varied dimensions starting from 8 x 8 inches to 40 x 40 inches with numerous patterns.

It is better to set the arrangement on the floor first to get the idea of the correct positioning of all frames then mark it on the wall.

Get several designs and mix all of them to create a diverse vision and do not follow any alignment and place them as your choice.

Also, choose varied shapes like square, circle, rectangle, and some hexagon and pentagons.

Add a few mirrors, sculptures, and scones between these but keep them at a suitable height above the sofa.

Rest you can half or full wall depending upon the number of frames you have, and this type of arrangement is best for 7 to 8 feet ceiling.

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