What Size Curtains Do I Need for Sliding Glass Doors?

What Size Curtains Do I Need for Sliding Glass Doors?

Sliding glass doors provides natural sunlight and fresh air in your living room and bedroom. They are not only the source of freshness but also make the outside visible to you.

Here you need curtains to avoid overwhelming sunlight that causes disturbances in your rest and enjoyment. 

What Size Curtains Do I Need for Sliding Glass Doors? You should measure the length and width of the sliding glass door to decide the size of the curtains. Then decide the color of the panel according to the color palette of the room. If you purchase ready-made blinds, you can adjust the size according to the room. Usually, the blinds should be 6 inches to 8 inches above the upper part of the door. The standard length and width of the curtain are 90 to 100 inches and 80 to 90 inches, respectively.

Mainly these windows open on the lawn, and fresh air comes with the fragrances of flowers that will freshen the room environment.

You can adjust the path of light by hanging the curtains of the ideal size. If you do not want sunshine right away, open the knot and spread the panel over the door. It will darken the internal environment, and you will be able to take complete rest.

It will maintain your privacy when you hang the covering in front of the entrance. Most people prefer sliding doors in their room because they occupy less space as compare to the others.

The addition of glass elegantly in the apartment and houses becomes essential for making them trendy and modern. Nowadays, contemporary class people give a crystal look to their interior by the placement of glass windows.

You need a standard-size blind for your room so that you can cover the entire surface when you need it. Before hanging any fabric in the room, you should know about the dimensions and area around it.

When you have a typical gate, it needs an area for opening. If you have less space, then you should prefer the railing windows and door. Then, you can open them without surrounding the extra room and area.

You will only need a measuring tape for measurement of it. Take the tape and measure the necessary dimensions, and note the reading on blank paper using pen or pencil.

You have to follow the following steps and guidelines while selecting the appropriate size and style of coverings.

Measure the length and width of the sliding glass door

If you want to hang a curtain in front of the glass gateway, measure the length of it. Mostly the sliding doors have two panels that overlap each other. So you should consider the whole width from one corner to another corner.

Sometimes you can estimate the length by watching it, or you already know all the dimensions. However, if you do not know length and width, take a measuring tape, put its one end on the upper corner of the edge, and measure the length thoroughly.

In the same, you have to measure the width of the doors. Put the measuring tape on one side and stretch it to the other end. Note the reading after measuring it carefully. The ideal length is 90 to 100 inches, and indeed you will find the size falling between these readings.

The addition of extra inches in the length and width is of the utmost importance. If the ceiling of your room is high enough, then add 8 inches extra in length. If the roof is lower and there is no extra space between the window and ceiling, add 4 to 5 inches extra.

When you have measured the width, add a total of 6 inches extra for curtain rods. In this way, each side will have additional 3 inches to help slide the screen over the rod. It will cover the whole glass completely, and you will not be visible to outsiders.

For example:

Parts Height Width
Sliding glass door 90 inches 80 inches
Curtain 95 inches 86 inches
Curtain rod 86 inches

Choose the material and style for curtains

The other most crucial step is to choose the high-quality fabric. You can have lightweight and heavy-weight vertical blinds depending upon the type of fabric and its thickness.

Some fabrics are too thick to hang them on a solid rod for not bending due to the heavyweight. So choose them according to the rod’s capability of load lifting and quality.

When it comes to the style, there are single panel, two-panel, and three-panel blinds and have their own convenience and use.

Single panel

Mostly you see that people prefer single panel curtains for hanging in front of open windows and doors to protect the rooms from dust and ultraviolet rays. It does not take extra time and cost to put the single panel in the rod.

Some people do not prefer a single panel blind because they face difficulty in washing a large cloth at once. It becomes heavy when you wash it and take extra time to dry. It gives an attractive look to the room when it has a stylish design and color.

Two panels

The two-panel curtains are easy to maintain and give a functional and trendy look. It has two-piece of fabric hanging apart from each other. You tie them with the help of a ribbon in the middle at both sides to make a charming look.

You open them according to the intensity of light and your privacy. For example, if you are sitting in a living room and watching TV, the light rays come from one corner of the glass door.

So you should pull the curtain to that side, in this way the living room will be lightened and the sun rays will not create a disturbance.

Three panels

The three-panel blind fabric has the three pieces of cloth hang together over the railing door. It does not look like three pieces when it gathers at one side.

When you open the curtain, you will see the three vertical pieces hanging one after another giving a traditional look to the interior.

For example, if you want natural daylight but not direct sun rays, take the one panel of the blackout in front of rays. 

The thin fabric vertical blind will shine when the light hits on the glass and ultimately on them. Only the blackout fabric will resist the light completely and makes the environment of the room dark.

Decide the color and pattern of the curtain

There are various colors and patterns in vertical blinds that you hang over the sliding doors for your comfort.

First, you have to look at the interior and furniture of your room. If it is white, then sheer blinds are the best option. They do not absorb much light and also brighten the room when you open them.

If you decorated the room with dark color and dark brown touch in the interior, the blackout curtains are suitable. They absorb the light and keep the room dark. You can open and tie them whenever you want. They do not allow the stringers to look inside the room when they are passing from outside.

The pattern and design of the fabric depending on your liking and disliking. Simple and decent drop scenes give the room a classical and traditional appearance, while bright and colorful screens enhance the funky look. It is a great idea to decorate around the sliding door.

How do you adjust the size of the curtain?

Once you have decided to hang the covering over the railing gateway, two options are available for you.

One is to buy ready-made blinds from the market and adjust them in the home according to the size measured. If you have the length and width with you, then measure it there.

If the length is greater, cut it at the lower end and ask the shopkeeper to fold it using a sewing machine. You can do it at home if this facility is not available in the market.

Measure the width if it is broader, and then leave it for designing. If it is shorter, then move on to the next size and design. For example, you can adjust the wider width by leaving it between to make a pinch pleated design.

The other is to buy the vast cloth and cut it according to the length and width. Stitch it and fold all the sides.

Stitching the blackout at home will not need size adjustment because you can measure again and again after sewing to see if the length is alright or not.

You can manage the dimensions during stitching by cutting and adding extra fabric in length or width.

Why would you need a curtain on the sliding glass door?

You can see inside and outside from the glass screen without any distraction. It will make the living room and bedroom full of natural light.

It would be best to have these blinds when you have little space for opening and closing typical doors. They do not require a particular area, and they open by railing it on one side.

How high to hang curtains above the sliding glass door?

They should be hung 4 to 8 inches above the entrance to cover it entirely. If the ceiling is lower, then hang the blind 4 inches above. In the same way, if the ceiling is at its peak, it should be 8 inches above the door.

When you hang them at the same height, they will not be able to restrict the light. The light rays will come inside from the open upper side. The length of the blinds should reach the floor in an erect position.

What is the standard size of curtains?

You can hang them according to your will. Some people measure the length and take extra fabric to make pinch pleated in width. 

The ideal length is about 90 to 100 inches, while the estimated width is 80 to 90 inches. Therefore, if the 95 inches length and 85 inches width fit your entrance, it will be an ideal size.

Generally, the glass doors are of ideal size, but you can increase the length and width depending on the space in the room. The perfect size is readily available for them in the market in many colors and patterns.

Can you use regular curtains for the sliding glass doors?

Yes, you can use regular blinds with minor modifications for these types of entrances. First, they should have enough length to cover the surface. Then, fix the rod above 5 inches and 3 inches extra from both sides.

Regular vertical blinds look simple and traditional. You can make them stylish and modern by converting them into two or three panels. Hang them one after another in the rod.

Tie the panels in the middle when you want light and fresh air in the room; otherwise, leave them loosely. Do not cut the extra cloth from the width, and it will make a fluffy and heavy appearance.

How much time does it take?

You are just hanging the curtain over the glass sliding door, and then it will hardly take 20 minutes. On the other hand, measuring the size, cutting and stitching will take 60 minutes to 80 minutes.

Add 10 minutes for the placement of the rod tightly on the wall. Hang them carefully so that they will cause any disturbances while passing through them. You will need a total of one and a half hours for measurement and adjustment.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a curtain depends on the type and quality of the fabric. These are available in the market for $600 – $2000. When you add the cost of labor, it will reach $800 – $2200 usually.

Buy the high-quality fabric for making blinds to hang them in front of the door. They will last longer, and you do not need to change them after some time.

Some low-cost covers look charming that you buy them, but they will get dull within days. So spend some more penny to buy a high-quality vertical blind that will suit your interior.

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