How to Decorate a Full Length Mirror?

How to Decorate a Full Length Mirror?

The full-length mirrors are now the basic necessity in your homes, barbershops, and beauty salons. As a result, you can see yourself fully when you dress up for parties or functions. In addition, many people use them for home decorations and embellishment.

How to Decorate a Full-Length Mirror? You can decorate the full-length mirror with glass mosaic borders, rustic metal or wooden frames, and use shiny decoration pieces. You can also d this b adding string light, lamps, faux flowers, and different designs on boundaries. It will be helpful if you add antique frames, ornate stands, and mirrored frames for them.

Everyone has a mirror in their bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. Finding the appropriate place for their hanging is crucial when you want to place them in your home. You can put them wisely, so they get less space on your room walls.

I have added 22 creative ideas to decorate them and make them look gorgeous. You can do this because it seems attractive and it can adorn the beauty of the whole interior. This large glass comes with a length of 55 to 75 inches.

Hang a full-length mirror in a vertical position

Hanging vertically is necessary because you can’t see yourself fully when you place them horizontally.

When you are hanging them vertically, it also makes the room taller and broader. This position is best to dress up in the morning fully.

When you have a smaller bedroom, you can place them to make an illusion look. It is also easy to decorate when you set them vertically.

It also saves space in this position because you can place them indoors. Moreover, it looks more beautiful in that direction because it gives them a mesmerizing touch when it attracts light.

Give it an Antique look

They also look attractive when you decorate them by giving an antique look. This touch is trendy in a modern area to remind the past things.

It never gets out of fashion; it remains in style so that you can invest in it. 

You can make these wooden sides antique. First, sand the woody material and apply primer and paint on them.

After drying sand and buff the surface, then apply the finishing coat for the antique feature.

When you place them with your modern and stylish furniture in a living or bedroom, it looks more fantastic.

Use Wooden frame

Wooden frames cover the full-length glass boundaries to protect their sharp edges. As a result, you can make this wooden frame stylish.

Add chalk paint to them; it is pervasive and modern. You can also add different stylish wooden frames to decorate them. You can also paint them with different colors for an attractive look.

It is beneficial to spray them with bright colors; they look more beautiful and shinier than the lighter ones.

Contrast the boundary color with interior and furniture

When you want to decorate your mirror, you can place them beside your walls. But the question is how you can make them attractive in your rooms.

You can match their boundary color with the paint of the interior walls of your apartment. You can also compare their color with the furniture in your home.

The contrast shades combination also looks attractive; if the interior has warm shades, you can add lighter shades to your glass boundaries.

When you place them beside your bed, and they have a warm color, you should paint the glass boundaries with bright and light shades.

When it reflects the light and dark shades, it gives the classical touch.

Fake window look

The most crucial benefit of a full-length glass is that you don’t need extra space for their placement. You can easily attach it to empty walls, doors, and windows.

For decorating the glass, you can make a fake window look.

Attach them to the opposite wall of your door where direct light comes on them. Then, when you open the door, the reflection of the bright light looks like a window in the room.

Use faux flowers around the mirror

You can embellish your full-length glass with the faux flower to make them fresh and cool. Place them 5 to 6 inches above the floor.

Set the small bunches of these flowers on the floor in a small pot. You can also attach some colorful fake flowers with strings and secure this string with boundaries by using a clip.

You can use crepe paper and make flowers from these papers.

You can also place bunches of flowers in four boundaries of different shades. For example, you can use light colors flowers like pink, grey, and light purple.

The use of dark shades is beneficial if your interior is decorated with warm color accessories.

Use of string light

The use of string lights also looks attractive at nighttime when they reflect the glass. You use the same shades of these lights.

These string lights are also available in the market in different colors. 

Start setting the string lights from the upper boundary and then move to the left, lower, and right ends.

It is necessary to keep their switch side near the socket to turn off and ON them quickly.

Paint its boundaries

You can paint the metal with different colors like

  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Black

It is beneficial if you apply spray paint if their sides have metal material to produce less mess, and it also protects your glass from varnish spots.

For wooden boundaries, the following colors look attractive

  • Creamy white
  • Light blue
  • Light pink
  • Woody brown
  • Golden

The paint also comes with different designs and colors in the market. In addition, you can add other designs on all four sides.

Try different shapes

The shapes, like rectangular or vertical, look dull and out of fashion. You can add a round shape; it makes the interior beautiful and pleasant.

You should place the mirror in your bedroom. The use of different shapes also looks fabulous, fantastic, and always in style. You can also use short glass pieces of various forms around their boundaries.

It is stunning if you cut the glass pieces into a leave-like shape and cover the fours edges with them. For a round shape, you can also use the same type of decoration.

You can also paint the tiny glass pieces with bright shades.

Glass mosaic borders

This design gives an ancient touch to interiors, and it comes from the ancient Roman World. Glass mosaic means playing with different neutral, bright, and bold colors.

You can purchase this mosaic border frame from the market, but they are more costly than simple frames of wooden and metal material.

It comes with different attractive stones with colors. This mosaic design also comes on marble tiles. You can cut their pieces according to the length of your mirror.

Attach and secure them by using glue and silicon paste.

Place the mirror near nightstands

You can place them beneath your nightstands to give them a classical touch. But, then, it looks fabulous when you paint both the nightstand and glass edges with creamy white color.

For decoration purposes, you can turn on the lamp on the nightstand. In addition, you can also try different color lights for the lamp of nightstands.

It will be better if you place them 10 to 12 inches away from the bed table. You can also put two glasses on both of the sides of the bed tables.

Place Shiny items near for cohesion

First of all, to maintain the shine of mirrors, apply the silver coating to freshen their appearance.

You can also add some objects near them from which it can reflect light. For example, you can place a bowl filled with small colorful balls near them.

You can also place bottles filled with shiny stones near them, giving them a luxurious and unique touch.

You can also add shiny flowers in a bottle and hang them with a rope near the mirror. You can also place candles that are filled with glitter near them for decoration purposes.

Use of ornate strand

Ornate stands are readily available in the market at different price ranges according to material quality and design.

This art is the third style painting of Classical Roman Fresco.

They are in golden color and comes with ornaments and stones. 

You can add them to an ornate stand to enhance their beautiful appearance. You can also spray varnish these ornate strands with green, blue, black, and silver color according to the desired look.

These stands are typically used for decoration, and it also adds up the look of the entire interior.

Decorate the mirror wall

For the placement of large mirrors, you first need to select a suitable space for them. When you choose an appropriate wall, then hang them in a vertical position.

They alone on the wall look boring and simple. You can paint the back wall with different designs and colors. It is beautiful if you try dark tints like black, red, and maroon on them.

You can also adorn the back walls by placing the creative crafts with them. You can also make an art gallery wall with beautiful pictures and sceneries.

Place handmade crafts

You can also adorn them by placing handmade crafts near them or on the sides. You can add tussles of grey, blue, black, and green color around four corners.

You can place flowers by knitting them with wool and also add jewels to them. It is also stunning if you make a boundary with knitting wool and add small round mirrors; now place this handy crafts on the sides.

You can also cut small pieces of wood in round or different shapes and place these pieces around these sides.

Give it a Vintage touch

The use of wooden brown colors also gives them an aged vintage appearance. You can also add metal frames of golden color for this purpose.

This touch is more attractive with white color, so you can add fake flowers in white pots and place them near.

You can also add white chalk varnish to your bed tables and interior wall to add more beauty.

Pairing with mirror

A single glass on a wall gives a simple and boring touch to your living rooms and the whole interior. So, you can add short round mirrors around them for decoration purposes.

You can add small round glass on the wall and place short shiny pieces around them for decoration. You can also change their shapes to make them look different and unique.

If you place them in your bedroom near-bed wall, you can also add two glasses on both sides of the bed.

The placement of layered mirrors enhances the overall look of the interior, and it makes them more wide and long.

Black color decoration for round mirror

The embellishment with this shade gives the formal, elegant, and prestigious touch to your interior, placing your full-length glass.

When placing them on walls, windows, and doors, you can adorn them by painting them with black varnish.

The black varnish also looks attractive when you see them first time instantly. You can also color the borders with this shade. You can also place a black vase near them to make a wholly formal look of your apartment.

Make a paint design with a black tint around the corners.

Use of wood sea sticks for a full-length mirror

Collect the wooden branches and cut them in the same length, width, and height. Now polish them with shiny grey and golden varnish.

Arrange these branches around the borders. You can also take ice cream sticks and paint them with glittery colors. Then, place these glittery sticks around the glass to make a stunning appearance.

You can also place these sticks and wooden barks in different designs and directions, but they should cover only edges.

You can also make a frame by cutting the seashells into smaller pieces.

Use mirrored frame

It becomes more classical if you add mirrored glass frames in them. This type of frame is always in fashion and gives a luxurious touch to your entire interior.

These frames also come up with shiny, refractive colors; when you place them in light, it shows different shades.

You can also add small lamps with tree ports on the floor, so they reflect more light from them and look astonishing.

Rustic look

When you want to give a rustic look to them, it should be better to add metal frames around them.

To make the metal frame rustic add the greenish and greyish color spray polish on them. You can also attach the metal lamps with string.

It will help you when you want to dress up you can turn on this lamp. For a rustic look of wooden frames, apply white color chalk varnish on them. In addition, also add the wooden basket and fill them with white faux flowers.

This rustic touch gives a modern and stylish appearance to your home interior.

Make shelf

You can also make a shelf around your full-length mirror to place your makeup vanity. You can also set a small decoration piece on this shelf.

It is better if you add a glass shelf with them. The metal and wooden frame should be painted with the same shade as of furniture and edges.

Place the small bowls and add glitter and different shades of candles in them. You can also place glittery glasses and bowls to place your pieces of jewelry and other accessories.

It also gives them a classical appearance if you place seashells on this shelf.

Time and cost required for decorating a full-length mirror

The time and cost depend upon the customized look, decoration accessories, and the process you are using.

The average cost required for this customized embellishment will be around $200 to $300. The average time also depends on personal skills, but it will take approximately 3 to 4 hours for the whole procedure.

The time required for them is about 1 to 2 hours, and it will cost about $50 to $150.

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