How to Decorate a Triangle Shaped Wall?

How to Decorate a Triangle Shaped Wall?

Sometimes we have a triangle-shaped wall in our room, and it is always difficult to decorate it. 

Some people like simple and decent ornaments with a clock and scenery, but many people love to add multiple things to their walls.

How to Decorate a Triangle Shaped Wall? You can decorate a triangle-shaped wall by painting, drawing, artwork, and wood panel to make it the best fit for the interior. You can also hang wall clocks, sceneries, and rugs on them; these things will add charm to your room. There are more options; for example, placement of the mirror and gilded design will add beauty to the triangle wall. 

You can choose the things available in the market according to your interest and demand. 

Paint the triangle-shaped wall

The first thing is to paint it by choosing the appropriate color. After that, you can select a single or different color of paint to whitewash this portion. Sometimes the stairs start from the lounge and give a geometric shape to the interior.

Paint the wall thoroughly with simple plan color. The benefit of simple shade is that you can change it whenever you want according to the need.

If you want to make depth in your room, then paint it with dark colors such as dark brown and dark green. There is no need to paint the whole room with dark color; you can only paint this area to add style.

You can only use only single color to give a punch look. So, for example, if your furniture, curtains, and everything in your room has white color, then the wall should also be white.

Use masking tape to decorate the wall

Mask tapes are the most trending and modern things that you can use while painting a wall. You can select any geometric shape, for example, triangle, square, rectangle, and hexagonal structures.

Make the selected shape on the wall and place the masking tape. Now paint the whole wall with spray paint or brush paint. Leave it for some time to dry, and remove the masking tape from the wall. You will look at paint-filled shapes at regular distances.

If you want the lining of the structure, you can use paper ad cards. Cut them ad paste them o the screen; keep in mind that there should be equal gaps between each shape. Paint them using one color or two shades and leave them to dry. After that, remove the cards, and you will have a classical look.

Use chalkboard paint to make designs

It is trending to paint the partition with chalkboard paint. When you have a geometric shape separator inside your home, you cannot put furniture with it. So try to make it stunning with chalkboard paint.

This will provide you to write the notes for your family and wishes. You can erase the previous one and write new daily or weekly. It is not necessary to paint the entire wall with chalkboard paint; you can make the lining and zigzag manner.

This will provide you the platform to make drawing and arts. The main th8ing is that you can do it yourself at home without the assistance of any person.

Hang wall clocks and sceneries

If the stairs come into your lounge, there should be a grill or wall on one side. 

You can fill the area by hanging the wall clock and decoration pieces. First, you should choose a suitable wall clock; it is available in the market in many shapes and styles. Then, match it with your interior and paint color, or you can buy a contrast color.

There are many sceneries and decoration pieces for hanging on the wall. For example, you can hang the basket containing flowers and leaves to give it a natural look.

Otherwise, you can place the natural scene in a frame on the wall. There is another trendy sticky ornament like stars, flowers, cartoons, and other animation. You have to adhere them to the wall as they have sticky material on their backside.

Sometimes there is a vacant area under the stairs, and you are continuously thinking about its decoration. So leave that area for some time and remove all the things, observe your room thoroughly and place the decoration piece at some distance.

Display a photo of your family member

It is the place where you can put the photo frames that have the picture of your family members. You can buy a large frame or many small frames and regularly adjust them.

Place one picture at the top and then two photos beneath it, then three pictures, and so on. You can also arrange these according to your creativity and ideas.

You can add the other art and decorative material between and at the sides of the frames. Finally, decorate the photo frame with glitter and stickers to enhance its appearance.

You can make the stairs by conjoining the edges of the frames or arrange them in Instagram style. For example, you can make square, triangle, and rectangle frames around the wall clock. 

Addition of Wallpapers

You can place wallpaper instead of paint on a triangle-shaped wall. There are many designs and patterns of wallpaper available in different colors. If you do not want to furnish it with whitewash, then it is the best option.

It already has sceneries and artwork on it; you just have to place it. There are different types, such as floral wallpaper, bold wallpaper, and paper plan design.

Some people like light and bright colors, and some like dull and dark colors. So it depends on your choice to select the color and design according to the location of the wall.

Some wallpaper has a simple and plain background in one color but looks stunning with small dots and paintings. Try to adjust them according to the color and contrast of your furniture and interior.

Hang rugs on the wall

The easy way to decorate a wall is to buy a rug and hang it on a triangle wall. If you decided to place this in the middle, you should measure from all sides and mark the center.

Mostly the rugs are made up of fabric and wool. They come in different thicknesses; some are very thick and have heavyweight. 

First, you have to put the rod and stitch a plain fabric at the back of the rug. Then, join this simple cloth with the rings and put those rings in the rods. Then, it will not be damaging.

Make a chimney breast

When your room, living room, and lounge have a triangle shape wall at one side, it is the best choice to make a chimney breast. It is not necessary to make a real chimney having proper space for fire and smoke.

You can have a look and set vase and decoration pieces on it. You can make the chimney breast with cement and wood. Paint it and put the things accordingly on its shelves. It gives a traditional look to the home and also fills the space.

Add Artwork to decorate the wall

In this modern age, many people are fond of artwork, and they do sketching and painting in their spare time. Some people take it as their profession and earn fame in their field.

You can make artwork on the triangle wall yourself or call an artist for this purpose. You can create folk stories and surprising murals on the screen by artwork. Make your mind creative and use it in the decoration and maintenance of things.

Make shelves and cabinets on the triangle wall

You can make small shelves on the wall to put small things on them for decoration. These shelves are made up of wood as well as cemented. It is the best option your triangle wall is in between your home.

If your stairs have an empty lower area, then you can make cabinets and drawers. It usually remains vacant, but sometimes it is better to have the necessary things in the cupboards. So make the shelves, and you can also place some books and magazines on them.

Hang Mirrors on triangle wall

The mirror is the need and part of every home, so you should have them. It does not matter that your home already has this mirror or not. Your only concern is to use it as a decorative material for the wall.

You can choose large mirrors or many tiny mirrors. You can also cut them in different shapes and sizes to adjust them randomly on the wall. For example, placing a face-size mirror in the center and spreading the small ones on the whole surface will look traditional and funky.

You can place the mirrors without covering their sides and corners. Another thing that you can do is the attachment of plastic and wooden frames. You can also use a foaming sheet to make different shapes to put them at distant places to give a charming appearance.

Fix a Wood panel

Some people prefer to use wood in their interior and do not want any other metal and material for designing and decoration. Therefore, there are different designs and styles of wood panels available in the market.

These wood panels are simple and classic that will give a trendy look to the interior. The stylish and modern panels have different shapes and sizes.

They are round, triangle shapes having a variety of designs in them. Some have a 3D look; some have lining and mosaic manner. 

Gilded design

You can make your room shining with the use of glitters and lightening on the wall. You can use glitter paint on the wall and use a flitter foaming sheet to cut different shapes and designs.

Silver and golden foils are the top options to make it gilded. You can place the fairy lights and turn them on in the evening. It will look more charming when the background is a dark color.

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