Can a Nightstand Be Used as an End Table?

Can a Nightstand Be Used as an End Table?

Nightstand and end tables are a compulsory part of the furniture in every house. You can place them in their suitable position. However, they look the same but have different purposes.

Can a Nightstand Be Used as an End Table? You can use a nightstand as an end table depending upon its height and size. If its dimensions match with sofa or chairs, you can place them in between. They have some similarities and few differences, so you use both of them besides your bed or sofa. 

You should place them beside the bed, and it has a space for a lamp, alarm clock, water jug, etc. Side tables have different looks and places between chairs, the sofa, and the corner of the other furniture.

It has the surface area for a vase, keys, and paper. Sometimes, you are reading a newspaper sitting on a chair, and you need to put it on something; they are the best options besides chairs.

You can use them with some modifications and creative ideas to change their look. You have to change the appearance by decorating it and follow the given steps to turn it.

They have some differences, so you have to look before changing their position within a room or a house. 

How to turn the nightstand into an end table?

If you want to turn it into an end table, you should match the height and size with the sofa and armchair. The too short or too long tables between the chairs do not look charming.

You should follow the following steps while doing it.

They are more oversized because they contain many drawers. 

Make the space

It is necessary to make the space to put it in a suitable location. You can easily adjust them in the little area as they do not have many drawers.

They also require space for the opening and closing of drawers that need a vacant place. After making the place, put this in your living room for your convenience.

Adjust the size of the nightstand

Mostly these are larger in height and width than the side tables. If it is taller, the next step is to adjust the size to fix it in a suitable place. For this purpose, you will need a trimmer to reduce the length.

Measure the height of the sofa or armchair and mark with a pencil on the legs of the nightstand with the exact measurement. Then, take a cutter or trimmer to reduce its height to suit other furniture.

Putting the taller lamp stands instead of wooden side tables will make an obvious look that will not suit your living room’s interior. In the same way, if it has too short in length besides furniture, it will not be suitable.

Adjustment of depth

Proceed towards the next step to adjust the depth to fit it besides the chairs. They have more depth than the nightstand for managing things and accessories.

You can adjust the depth by placing fewer things on it. When you put fewer things on the table, it will look as it has more depth. The unnecessary placement of stuff or accessories on them makes it look like a trolley.

There is a need to change the interior of your house in a time otherwise you will become bored of seeing the same things. This is because you had spent a lot of time under the same designing and painting.

Change your room by refurbishing it with the paint, curtains, furniture and interchanging the bedside tables with different designs. Then, you can drag it between the chairs and sofas for serving the food to your guest.

Decorate its top

Decorate the top of nightstands according to the requirement of your bedroom, living room, and house. Paint them with different shades while changing their inner and outer touch. The color of paint should be the color of your room walls.

It will give an attractive and charming look to the room. When everything is placed on it appropriately, it provides inner satisfaction.

Both pieces of furniture should match your living room. Decorate the table with a vase, flowers, books, a small showpiece, and magazines. Do not spread the things on it; place them in proper arrangement.

If they are present beside the chair, you can put a small tray on it to put a cup of coffee or tea. Another thing that you can put in the newspaper strand because it has a space for a folded newspaper.

Moreover, you can hang a painting or portrait over the table to decorate it. Pass the fairy light upon it and turn it on at night. Put fresh flowers in the vase daily, or you may use artificial flowers of gorgeous colors.

Try to decorate the table and room according to the paint on the walls. You can make some contrast with furniture or add the sceneries on the walls. The choice of color affects your mood; for example, fresh colors make you happy.

It depends on one’s choice because some like bright colors while some have good taste in dull colors. 

Cover the top surface of the end table

The next step is to cover the top surface of the table, but it is not necessary. The selection of table covers depends on your choice and requirement. You can hide the surface with glass and aesthetic cover, which is also easy to clean.

If the color does not match your room color, buy the aesthetic color by comparing it with the interior. Put that cover on the surface of the table to give them aesthetic touch.

Can the end table be used as a nightstand?

Generally, you can use them instead of nightstands and vice versa. It depends on the dimension and decoration of the bed. You should consider the height and function of the table while changing it with other furniture.

These have different sizes and heights, but the nightstand is particular to the bed as you put it beside it. Likewise, the height of the table varies with the height of the sofa.

They are dimension and decoration-specific because they are present in bedrooms. 

Before changing the position, measure the height of the bed and compare it with the end table. If both have the same length, there is no need to modify and place it without hesitation.

Usually, the height of tables is shorter than the bed, so you have to be creative to adjust it. 

Difference between the nightstand and end table

These both are the critical part of the furniture in everyone’s house. They have similarities as well as differences. Let’s have a look at some differences.

The big and noticeable difference is that you always put them beside the bed in the bedroom while people use end tables beside the couch, sofa, and armchair or between them.

The other thing is the depth of furniture; they are deeper than the lamp stands.

When we talk about the storage capacity of the nightstand, it has a larger storage capacity than the side tables. This is because it has one or more than one drawer, while the side tables come with only one drawer or without a drawer.

The nightstand looks bulkier and heavy as it has so many drawers, while the side tables look like a mini creature for having one drawer, sometimes without a drawer.

It is present in the bedroom with a bed, while the side tables are primarily placed in living rooms between the couch and chairs.

Are nightstands bigger than the end tables?

Usually, both have the same dimension, but there is a difference in depth. The ideal size for both is about 20 inches to 30 inches.

The nightstand has ideal size matching with the height of the bed. Therefore its size remains the same. However, sometimes you buy taller to match it with the mattress level.

The size of the sofa changes from time to time and design to design. So the height of the end tables is changeable. 

Which things can you place on the nightstand?

As this is the part of your bedroom, place the things necessary for you in the bedroom, especially at night.

There may be one or two stands with a bed on both sides. It has greater storage capacity in the form of many drawers. Put your necessary things on the top surface and others in the drawer.

You can place the following things on them:

  • Alarm clock
  • Lamp
  • Hand lotion
  • Lip balm
  • Medication
  • AC remote
  • Dish or tray
  • Reading material
  • Water jug
  • Watch
  • Wallet
  • Glasses
  • Flashlight
  • Mobile

Some people set the alarm to wake up early in the morning, so they placed the small alarm clock. You need light in the form of a lamp while reading, and it will not disturb the other person.

Put hand lotion, lip balm, and some other cosmetics that men and women apply on their hands and body before sleeping.

Place the water bottle or jug in a tray on their top surface if you feel thirsty at midnight. Place other things such as files, documents, magazines, and papers in the drawer to avoid mess.

Which things can you place on the end table?

People place them in their living room and guest rooms, and they can put their things on them accordingly. You can decorate the table with the following arranging classically.

The first thing is the exact location of the end table in the living and then comes the things you can place on the end table. You can have the following things on it:

  • Remote
  • Lamp
  • Reading matter including books, magazines
  • Cellphone
  • Eyeglasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Keys
  • Tea or coffee
  • Snacks
  • Tissue
  • Coasters
  • A bowl filled with fruits
  • Family or friend photo
  • Vase
  • Flowers

If you come from outside and have keys in your hand, you sit for a while there for rest and put them on it.

In the same way, you can also place your cell phone on them. When you watch TV with the family, the best place for remote placement is that table.

You can also place your prescribed medication on them for better reminders.

Many families have to sit together in the evening to have a cup of tea with snacks. 

What are the other things that can be used as an end table?

There are many things that you can use as an end table. It is not compulsory to buy a specific table from the market. You can use another table with minor modifications and decoration.

There are some other things that you can use as an end table after modification and decoration:

  • Nightstand
  • Tree slice with hairpin legs
  • Side table
  • Wooden crates
  • Vintage suitcase
  • Bar cart
  • Small shelf
  • A part of wooden stairs
  • Terracotta pot
  • Trash can
  • The large stack of books
  • Floating shelves
  • Ladder
  • Trunk
  • Folding chair

If you think creatively, you will be able to change things according to the environment. 

The main thing is the height which you can adjust easily. Then, when you have a creative mind, you can decorate your room with everything available in your house.

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