Can a Dining Room be Away from Kitchen?

Can a Dining Room be Away from Kitchen?

It is challenging for people to decide the location of the kitchen and dining room. Traditionally, it is present near to the kitchen to reduce the various problems.

Can a Dining Room be Away from Kitchen? A dining room should be next to the kitchen so you can serve freshly prepared food. It should not be away from the kitchen because it will increase the chances of spillage when you cross the room. In addition, you can also serve multiple foods with little effort and less time. It will also make the area cozy and warm during winters. The average distance between both rooms should be 12 to 14 feet. When they are very near, it will damage the paint of walls and upholstery of chairs due to heat.

You must maintain a suitable distance between them to prevent distractions when guests come to your house for dinner. 

What are suitable places for the dining room?

It is the place where people enjoy their favorite meal with their family and friends. Sometimes it is inside the kitchen like a short compartment where people place tables and chairs at one side.

It is better to take care of the following things before constructing your house. First, you should decide on a better place for every room according to their needs.

 In addition, it should not be in the hallway because when you have to take multiple foods like soups, beverages, and utensils, you have to go back again and again, which is tiresome.

When it is on the second floor, it will also cause an issue because it increases the chances of spillage while going on upstairs and downstairs.

It is better not to locate them in front of your house because it will disturb the privacy while eating if someone enters your home.

Benefits of dining room that is near to the kitchen

You can locate them anywhere in your house, but it will provide functional advantages relative to your kitchen.

It will also make the serving easy and reduce the trouble when both rooms are near.

Serving of freshly prepared food

Many times people love to eat freshly prepared food directly from the stove. Some popular dishes are also famous in America and need to be served straight from the kitchen.

If the dining room is near them, you can serve fresh food to the family members. However, sometimes if it is in front of the house, you have to take the food towards them.

After traveling a distance, the food does not remain hot and fresh due to exposure to air. It will also provide the god communication barrier between the chef and the guest sitting at the table.


In addition, when it is adjacent or across the kitchen, it will also save your time while serving food. For example, sometimes you have to serve different foods like sausages, soups, sandwiches, salads, and beverages.

You have to go 4 to 5 times to collect different things like utensils and food items it will become hectic for people.

It will also save time when it is near the cooking room while serving. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for several minutes at the table in wait of food.

Easy to take utensils

Many people have delicate utensils, and when you have to travel a long distance to place them on the dining chairs and table, it is more chances of their breakage.

You cannot take all the utensils at one time to the table. Therefore, to save time and get rid of hectic routines, you should locate them adjacent to the cooking room.

When it is near you can also put all the dishes and utensils on the table one by one without getting tired off due to short distance.

Warm and cozy during winters

People also want a cozy environment and proper insulation in their house; it will cost more when you place extra electric heaters or inverters in the room.

It will also increase the electricity bills and your cost of paying bills. However, you can save your cost by placing them at the correct location near the cooking room.

The heat from the electric stove will decrease the need to turn ON electric heaters in the room. In addition, it will make the interior cozy and warm during winter days.

You can enjoy the meals while sitting near the electric stoves.

Easy to clean due to less spillage

The chances of spillage increase when the distance is long, and you have to cross the hallway and one to two rooms.

Taking one to two utensils together will increase the chances of spillage of water and juices. The spillage of juices and other beverages creates a mess in the nearby area.

You have to put excessive effort into cleaning the floor, and it also takes your time and cost to do this when it is near the cooking area; there is less mess near them and decreases the chances of spilling food and beverages.

What is the convenient distance between the dining room and kitchen?

There is a convenient distance between the dining area and kitchen for several advantages. The distance between these two portions matters a lot.

Suppose there is more distance than it is problematic for people. The ideal distance between them should be 12 to 14 feet to save this issue.

Moreover, the sitting space also matters a lot, and it can be as large as 5 to 6 people can sit in them easily. If the distance is too large, you require more time to serve food.

In addition, it will also reduce the communication barrier between the person who is cooking and the people sitting on the chairs in wait for food.

When there is less walking area, you can also hit with furniture, and utensils can also break due to this hitting when carrying them.

Problems for the dining room that is next to the kitchen

Many of my friends also said that they prefer the significant distance between them because of different issues that will increase their maintenance cost and time.

More heat

The changing of the season is a natural phenomenon, and you cannot stop cooking food on summer days when your dining room is too close to the cooking area that it will cause the issue.

During summer days, it is difficult for people to sit there for a long time because of heat from the cooking area.

I recommend that you separate them by doors or wooden cabins so no heat can enter the room, and it will also help maintain the temperature during hot days.

Damage to walls and paint

When they are not separated, the heat from the kitchen compartments will also increase the risk of damage.

The more heat will cause the wall’s paint to blister and scrap off from the walls. The blistered and damaged layer of paint caused the paint to spread on the floor.

You have to clean the floor again and again because if the paint residues remain there.

Noise of utensils 

The noise of washing dishes is very uneven and causes disturbance.

The dining table is not considered just as a place to eat, but people can also do gossips while sitting on it. Sometimes they need silence because they also discuss crucial matters related to their job with their friends while having hi-tea.

If you construct them near for your convenience, you can reduce this noise by separating them with curtains of wooden walls, which is an easy and less costly method.

Grease on chairs

People place the wooden chairs and tables in the dining rooms, but cooking heat will cause grease on these wooden chairs.

It is an annoying situation; it becomes sticky when you touch their surface. Moreover, the heat will also damage the upholstery of the leather chairs.

It can also dull their colors, and they do not look good due to their faint shades. You should remove the greasy touch from chairs by cleaning them with a mixture of warm water and vinegar.

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