What to Do With an Empty Wall in Living Room?

What to Do With an Empty Wall in Living Room?

Everyone wants to decorate the living room and enhance its beauty in a stylish manner without leaving any empty walls. You can add different things to the wall in your living room to make it look cool.

What to Do With an Empty Wall in Living Room? You can convert the empty wall in the living room with a gallery wall having a mixture of family photographs, paintings, and ceramics of blue, dark, and light colors. You can decorate this area by placing a multi-compartment chest drawer with a lamp and a vase carrying fresh flowers. You can add hanging plants, a leaning mirror, a standing clock, and a dark-colored rug on a light canvas. You can enhance the room’s beauty by putting shining wallpaper and murals that give a vibrant sensation to this area in your room.

Gallery wall

A gallery wall is simply a wall with many pictures, paintings, artwork, and you can develop it in different styles with different colors.

You can place the photographs of your forefathers and children by putting fairy lights in between that look eye-catching to everyone.

You can mix the paintings, pictures, tactile items, and reflective glass with electric, particularly light canvas.

You can decorate this space with ceramic products of different sizes, shapes, and colors concerning the background wall.

You can use supersize paintings with bright colors to make them cohesive, and you can also use fun products that will engage the children.


You can put a stylish and attractive rug on the empty wall in the living room uniquely and creatively by using the right stuff.

You can use a velvet rug of dark color on a white canvas to make you fresh and lively while looking towards it.

You can place the rug on the floor in front of this space with a chair and table beside this rug to create a simple and furnished look.

Antique mats and long panel rugs are also in fashion, and it is a crucial part of every home in the modern world but requires maintenance.

Hanging plants

Plants can give a natural and soothing glance to your living room which is the sitting area in your home where the family gathers and talk with each other.

The green hanging plant pots on the empty wall are a better option, and you can place them in order of two at the sides are above, and one in the middle is below.

You can make a gallery wall with these hanging pots, and it is not compulsory to use the living plants, and you can also use the artificial ones.

You can also put the different types of plants with varying shades of green on the floating shelves that float on each other.

Chest drawer

A chest drawer is a multi-compartment cabinet used to carry the daily usage items in it, and by placing it with the empty wall, you can give coverage to the area.

It will give you easy access to the items that you forget to have while going to the office or your workplace.

You can place a lamp, ornamental plants, vase, decoration pieces, and a decorative mirror on it to make it embellished and balanced.

Mostly it comes in wood, and its size and number of drawers can vary according to your need and choices, but a dark-colored one is preferable.

A close friend of mine has this chess drawer in his living room, and he told me that he keeps his socks and car’s key in it to have a quick approach to them.

Wall Mural

The mural is a three-dimensional artwork associated with architecture and gives a different sensation to the building.

You can have it on the living room wall that will give a stylish and distinctive look to the room, and the guests will appreciate you.

You can have a historic building mural on the wall that will connect you with your roots and help to make your children well aware of the story behind its historic nature.

You can have the mural of your family wedding picture that will remind the memories of this beautiful occasion of your life.

Reading corner

You can convert an empty wall with a small reading corner having a small table and an armchair.

You can place a table lamp and a few books on the table to have a peaceful place for reading newspapers and office files.

You can read books at this place while having a gossip and cup of tea with your parents and life partner.

Lighting fixtures

You can have an array of light fixtures with antique covers on it, on the blank wall in your living room that will present an extra illumination and glow to that area.

While having guests, you can turn them on to create a bright environment full of light and enjoy the social activities.

The aged people lose eyesight with time, and these fixtures are helpful for them to see at night.

Dark color painted wall

It is not a rule to place something to cover the space present in your living room.

You can go with dark paint on the wall facing the sofas and a coffee table with a lamp, vase, and a basket full of oranges.

The bright color wall against the light color interior design will give your area a bright and bigger look while creating a balance.


You can fill this empty space in the living room with a floor-touching, low-length cabinet with a lamp on one side and an artificial plant pot on the other side of the cabinet.

You can place books, keys, remotes of television and air conditioner in it for easy access to them.

You can have a ceiling-to-floor cupboard with more shelves for placing utensils and other ceramics in that area while giving a luxurious view to the ayes.

Musical Instrument

You can place musical instruments in the area you want to fill, and their placement can make your mood light with a melodious tune.

You can entertain your friends by singing a song based on friendship with a guitar memorizing the college days of their lives.

Sometimes a person feels unhealthy due to silence, and a Villon can make you happy and alive at that time of life.

A standing clock

A standing clock in the empty area of the living room can provide you with the awareness of the time and makes you punctual.

It comes in different sizes and colors, but most people match them with their furniture creating harmony between the products.

You can set a reminder on the clock telling you about the important task you have to do after having tea time with your family.

Board and batten

You can add the horizontal and vertical boards on the blank space in your room that will envelop the area in a precise way.

Most people want to use the wooden boards, and batten gives an enclosure to the lower half of the wall, and the upper half will remain free.

You can put paint on the above area by matching it with these boards and batten to align the whole wall.

Wallpaper and dresser

You can put wallpaper in this place, having different designs and colors according to your taste and choices.

The flowery wallpapers give a fresh and trendy look, and a stunning wallpaper is there at my place; my relatives love it due to its bright color.

You can put a large size dresser at this place that will give a luxurious focus to your room, and you can put a lot of things on it.

Leaning mirror and baskets

It is common to have a leaning mirror at this place that will make the room feel bigger than before and help you have a glance at yourself.

You can hang the woven baskets on the empty wall will give a classy look to the room, and it is easy to replace them with something new.

Their color and numbers depend on the interior design of the area and the location where you want to place them.

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