How to Decorate Around a Large Wall Clock?

How to Decorate Around a Large Wall Clock?

A large wall clock is a masterpiece that needs equally remarkable embellishment in the surroundings to complement each other.

This arrangement is such a fun project because you can play with your decorations, ideas, and everything you have according to your taste and create magic on the wall.

How to Decorate Around a Large Wall Clock? The best way to enhance the charm of a large wall clock is to fill its surrounding with different frames and paintings. In addition, you can use murals, season-inspired themes, lamps, and lights to decorate around a wall clock.

Large clocks are the new trend for all good reasons, including their aesthetics to decor, functionality to impressibility, and eye-catching magnitude.

These items are one of the most essential, affordable, and staple accessories in a home as time plays an extraordinary role in the lives of everyone.

Generally, interiors designers say that it should cover only one-third space of the wall only if you do not have big furniture in the surrounding.

Around 25 to 35 inches width is the ideal size, while you can move to a custom size of 40 inches, but the room should be spacious, and the timepiece should be minimalist in style.

Such massive pieces are a great addition to any space but are significantly challenging to integrate with the nearby items.

In this era of oversized clocks, you will find them in multiple colors, shapes, structures, materials, and genres that can add diversity.

Make a functional wall around a large wall clock

90% of people who suffer from the shortage of space to hold all their objects like books, magazines, and art supplies favor wall shelves installation.

These functional shelves will come into your use in multiple ways you can not even think of because they are the spaces that do not interrupt your room’s activities.

There are several ways to incorporate them, like installing 10 to 15 inches shelves all around the clock in a symmetrical manner.

On the other hand, go with some lengthy shelves of around 20 to 25 inches if you have a wide wall, or attach them above and below it.

A standard bookcase consists of several cabins leaving the center cabin more spacious for the anchoring of the timepiece.

Usually, a single 30 to 35 inches floating shelf below it with contrasting color and material look like you have placed the clock on it instead of hanging, which appears independent yet connected.

Surprisingly, modern pieces come with inbuilt metal shelves that are not wider and spacious, but you can keep small decorations on them.

Keep wooden structures, portraits, glass and metal ornaments, ceramic attractions, candles, and crockery items other than books on these.

Bring in the nature

The natural entities are usually the richest way to freshen and harmonize any space with the slight touch of novelty and creativity.

Buy a long plastic leaves strip or garland, which you can find in any local store easily, and tie it around your decent and plain wall clock.

You can choose any design of it, and adding flowers is optional, so go with your area theme and match the flowers with others in the room to make them toning.

Also, hang two flower vase of small size on its both sides or get two small iron or steel buckets and put in the flowers of your choice.

I did a wall decor in my closet where I created a backdrop flower theme in which I attached several different types and colors of flowers on the long thread.

The length of the threads is 6 1/2 feet according to my 8 ft ceiling because I did not want them to touch the floor and stuck them at a distance of 2 inches from each other.

I hung my clock in the middle and tied these garlands on both sides to not disturb my view at the time.

You can also arrange flowers in different ways depending upon your creativity to complement your timepiece.

Make a picture collage

The art of displaying many pictures or frames at different angles and with changing alignment never gets old; instead, it is a master accessorizing practice.

You need to purchase new or take out the old frames that you do not use. Make a gallery of them on the floor first for the idea and then on the wall.

Keep the center location for the clock and add different genre portraits and paintings around it with varied pictures and quotes.

The color and material of the frame can also differentiate like few metals, a few wooden, a few vinyl whites, and a few glasses.

The arrangement pattern will also be of your choice, while you can cover the wall fully or keep some space free at corners and edges.

Besides frames, add some banners, decor structures, mirrors, signs, and desynchronized objects in between these for visual impact.

Do not try making the clock stand out among these entities but blend everything and create a whole summed-up look.

Murals are the best additions around a wall clock

Draw a pleasing yet glorifying mural on the wall where you want to anchor your timepiece when you have nothing that better complements and beautify it.

We ask several people in our neighborhood and surrounding area, and 70% of them tell that they are wonderful artists and can draw it themself.

However, you can hire a professional artist, or another way is to ask your friend for it if you can not do it yourself.

Floral, scenery, pattern, intangible, indigo, and any other type of painting that contrasts or matches the furniture and layout of the room, looks splendid.

You can try 3D mural as it is the era of 3D arts, but the designs should be subtle and relieving, in my opinion.

It eliminates the need for wallpapers and embellishments, while you need to be very careful with the colors you use in it.

The choice of the clock in this scenario is challenging, and any wrong choice will dampen its effect and attractiveness due to the striking mural.

Hang multiple clocks

Several timepieces at a single wall are the urban style that depicts glamour and the working environment.

The choice of items is yours, but the different designs will look more appealing than the same ones.

Choose a contemporary style, pocket style, pendulum, classic, others while hanging your oversized piece between these. 

Besides styles, you can also vary the times like choosing one with only seconds needle, one with minutes showing needle, one indicating hours to create a unique yet functional feel.

Perhaps, you can move to an assembly where you adjust the times of different countries or zones on varied clocks to get updated of the whole world.

Similarly, temperature and weather forecasts options are also available in digital pieces, and you can select ones of this kind.

Select rectangle, circular, oval, square, expanded, or sleek pieces for the collage and cover the whole wall rather than selecting same-shaped.

Add variation in sizes, from 10 inches to 50 inches, and be creative with the gallery with some funky and few decent items.

Consequently, the choice and arrangement thoroughly depend on you but try to be revolutionary with all the items.

Use wall paint to make it prominent

One creative technique to draw the focus on the huge clock is to make it prominent with dulling and deeming the background.

Paint the background with lighter and muted shades if you have bold accent accessories, and do not add other objects on the sides.

You can go with wallpaper but keep it subtle and smooth, while you can also choose a simple white-brick or textured design.

This setup is more appealing when you have too big timepieces, and the wall is less lengthy and wide.

However, you can beautify it with its features and customization like wifi connectivity, date display, and others.

In contrast, you can reverse the whole process by adding color punch to the wall with bright and dodging colors but choose a glass clock having gold numbering and needles.

Remember, you have to keep both things polar opposite with the color palette and appearance.

Decorate wall clock with the furniture

Furniture is the best component to highlight the wall clock and never try to be over-creative in the greed of making over-enchanting vibes.

These ideas are for low ceiling and less spacious rooms where adding extra accessories makes the whole area congested and compact.

A sofa, a bed, a mantle, a console, a chest of drawers, a fireplace, and a working desk all can complement it. This is suitable if you are placing the wall clock in the bedroom.

Abstracts clocks are the ultimate modern pieces that never look bad with any furniture and decorate the top of the items rather than adorning around the timepiece.

The idea is to create pure minimalist and clean-cut structures on the wall that do not add depth.

Hang on the alphabets on the wall

Hang the alphabets and letters on its surrounding, either metallic, wooden, or foam having your or your partner’s name or anything else.

I generally prefer motivational phrases, so I look to the time I feel more encouraged and boosted to work hard.

It is a typical farmhouse style where few components are enough to bring out the best of the smaller spaces.

Use stickers or vinyl sheets that have a property to adhere to on the wall and cut them into the letter you want.

Foam sheets, roman numbering, white-plastic words, even knitted and crochet characters also look splendid, depending on the theme.

Also, some signs, figures, and symbols’ imaginations are not only the source of inspiration but have an incentive impact on others, improving your image and personality.

Add more lights

Nothing can be more astonishing than furnishing anything with lights and illuminations, and I 100% recommend these essentials.

Usually, women are mad about lights and want to brighten up all the space with different color lights, and this idea is especially for them.

Purchase some fairy lights or wire lights and start wrapping around the clock and get a modest piece for this setup.

LED strips look better on the sides of the wall rather than putting on to it, and you can add them for more radiance.

Moreover, you can easily find some timepieces with internally equipped lights which means you have to do nothing more for the surroundings. 

Furthermore, you can hang several light strips in a similar way written above for the garland, so the whole area will glow up, making it the focal point.

Bring on the vintage theme

Think of the vintage farmhouse theme in which the complete setup is blended with traditional, period style articles that add so much warmth and relaxation.

You have to do the same with your wall clock, and the surrounding area and antique or cuckoo pieces are best for this.

I love cuckoo timepieces as they remind me of my childhood, and I m sure you have also seen one in your parent’s or grandmother’s home.

Get with traditional, wall-anchoring lamps and attach ones on each side, and hang a rustic or black color chalkboard as well. 

Hang candles and some autumn-inspired leaves around it while the wall paints should be either dark brown or install wooden sheets.

The setup is best for the winters, and you can follow other seasonal decor themes, but you have to keep changing your oversized clock for the changing themes.

Where to hang a large wall clock in the living room?

Generally, the living room is the best place to hang the timepiece because it is most visible here and easy to approach.

The space above the fireplace is usually plain, so enhance it with the clock, or you can add it on the divider wall if you have a combined kitchen and living area.

Most people assemble their dining area in the living, which means you have another appropriate place to hang it. Some people also place a small clock in the bathroom.

Space above the sofa is the most typical arrangement, or hang it beside a single sofa placed on one of the room’s corners, which you use as your home office.

Consequently, all the areas in a living space are suitable for anchoring the clock until you have a clear vision of the time.

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