Do Bedroom Curtains Have to Touch the Floor?

Do Bedroom Curtains Have to Touch the Floor?

Many people hang curtains in their bedroom that touch the floor. Their length depends on the choices and preferences of the home residents.

Do Bedroom Curtains Have to Touch the Floor? Bedroom curtains should touch the floor to make the room feel bigger and more stylish. They enhance the interior design and keep the bedroom warm in the winter season. Floor touching drapes can create a relaxed and peaceful environment, and these are eye-catching. In addition, the long-length curtains help hide the broken window and faded paint on the wall. However, regular maintenance, care, cleaning, and styling are necessary for having floor-touching curtains in the bedroom.

The floor-touching curtains look beautiful with proper maintenance and cleaning, but short accessories also describe your room with their sophisticated design.

Make your room look bigger

The floor-touching drapes in the mini-sized bedroom can give an illusion of the bigger and more stylish room with suitable color and size.

The hanging curtains starting from the ceiling and touching the floor will make your bedroom look bigger and better.

Hanging them to some sidewall in the tiny room will open the space and give a more synchronous look to the bedroom.

Hanging the curtains from ceiling to floor is helpful to make your room look bigger, but using the rods or a sliding track all depends on the availability.

Highlight the architectural design

The floor-touching drapes can add value to the interior design of the bedroom, by their unique style, in a non-luxurious home.

Not all the bedrooms have a perfect architectural design; a simple room with trendy and attractive colored curtains looks like a well-furnished room.

A room with a door and two windows having the floor touching curtains of a sleek and fancy fabric can make the bedroom look attractive and eye-catching.

Give a stylish look

The panel curtains that start from the top of the ceiling and puddles to the floor will present a trendy look to your bedroom.

They can enhance the glamour of your room with their floor-length and will attract people to your room in the whole home.

Style comes with fashion, and these long-hanging blinds are in fashion in the present days in the world and bring the attention of the individuals towards them.

Hanging the silk curtains with a side panel design will make the bedroom look sleek and fashionable, and ripple fold blinds with extra length will create a charming environment.

Energy efficient

Long curtains in the winter season are very beneficial to insulate the bedroom with air and temperature outside the room.

In winter, these can stabilize the inside heat and temperature of the room and keep you warmer despite the cool weather outside.

Floor-touching drapes with thermal lines can save the heat by creating a hurdle in its escape from the windows.

They help keep the coming heat and light out from the bedroom window in the summer season.

Velvet curtains with ripple fold design are better for winter, and chiffon drapes with panel design are better on summer days.

Provide Privacy

They provide privacy to the home residents from the outside environment.

Black-out curtains have foam at the back towards the window side facing the light and do not allow light entrance into the room.

The long drapes with darker shades will make you alone in the room as you cannot even notice the movement of people outside.

The polyester product can create a passage of light into the room while providing privacy, which is a birthright of every person.

These are also helpful in keeping the insects, dirt, and debris out of the room, and a person can enjoy the calm and sound environment inside the room.

Reduce noise

These are beneficial to block the noise coming from outside the room, lounge, or the streets.

Sometimes a person wants to relax in the bedroom because the person is coming from the office, but there is a wedding gathering in neighbors.

In these situations, long thick fabric curtains will provide you privacy and block the noise coming from the wedding’s place.

Sometimes, the bedroom is present near the garden, and birds and insects are hovering all around, creating a buzzing noise that irritates.

Floor touching blinds can reduce this irritation by blocking the noise of humming insects and providing a person with calmness and peace of mind.

Cover the broken window or floor

Ups and downs are the parts of life, and we should not feel bad in these times, search the ways to pass this with dignity.

A broken window or floor is the usual damage in the home, and sometimes the house owner is not in the situation to repair them, and long curtains can fix these broken parts.

Floor-touching blinds can hide the walls with faded paint, and a lady in the home can quickly fix this issue at a minimum cost.

This will make the room look classy and fresh, as something new pleasantly highlights the bedroom’s interior.

Why should bedroom curtains not touch the floor?

Floor-touching curtains are the people’s preference, but there are certain exceptions due to some reasons.

These can create a mess inside the room as too long drapes can make the room not look fascinating if not styled properly.

The extra-long length can create a hurdle in the passage, and insects and lizards can take refuge in these blinds in the bedroom.

The extra length requires extra maintenance and styling, and it usually becomes difficult for a woman to keep the balance.

Cleaning is also a significant issue for having the curtains touching the floor despite some fabrics requiring minimum cleaning.

Types of curtains that should touch the floor

Puddled curtains

These curtains have a 6 inches extra length that touches the ground and provides you with a royal look but demands frequent cleaning and care due to the friction with the floor.

Breaking Curtains

These drapes come with 1 or 2-inch extra length touching the floor, giving a natural and casual look to the bedroom but become dirty with the dust on the floor and require maintenance.

Curtains that should not touch the floor

Floating curtains

These do not touch the ground and are about 1 or 2-inch from the floor, providing a simple and stunning look to the room.

These cannot exceed in length and can cover the windows which are not up to the ground and are 1 to 2-feet above the floor.

Sill curtains

There is a short window in some bedrooms, a sill curtain can give coverage to this window, and it ends at the window’s sill.

This sill curtain cannot exceed in length, and it is easy to open and requires less fabric and money to spend on the drape making but are not typical for bedroom interiors.

Café curtains

They have two parts, upper smaller and lower longer parts, giving the bedroom a stylish look.

These drapes can cut expenses, are easy to clean, and allow some light, heat, and air to enter the room, but these are not common for the bedroom.

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