How to Turn a Bedroom into a Dressing Room?

How to Turn a Bedroom into a Dressing Room?

Many people want to convert their bedroom into a dressing room. More than 50% of the people in America struggle to arrange all their clothes, essentials, accessories, shoes, bags, and other items in the small, attached wardrobe.

However, a walk-in vanity and closet is the dream of every person, and what can be more pleasing than having a spare room to turn into the area of your desire.

How to Turn a Bedroom into a Dressing Room? You can turn a bedroom into a dressing room by making several changes in the paint, floor, and ceiling, while you can reuse or upgrade some existing furniture as well. In addition, measure the dimensions first, and add built-in or custom removable cabinets and shelves on at least two walls, corresponding to the available space.

You all can relate to the stress of changing and rearranging seasonal clothes and suffer from the shortage of space or drawers for keeping the not-in-use items.

Dressing and grooming in a peaceful yet cheerful environment make a huge difference in your look and personality.

Choose the small room for this reallocation and make such a setup that you can reverse by reconverting the complete scenario when needed.

I recommend you to perform this makeover in the summers as dry weather is better to haul and install components like wood, lighting and the paint will dry soon.

Start with taking everything out and clean each corner to make sure not to cause yourself trouble while assembling the elements.

Look for the places that require repairing and create an equilibrium by making the floor smooth and ready for changes.

What changes do you require on the floor?

A subtle flooring is the choice of around 80% of people and are not a fan of covering the floor with carpets and rugs.

Professional designers advise going for a natural look which means the wooden floor, either real or fake, for a polished, executive, and smooth feel.

Moreover, get your hand on tiles or marble, which are glossy and glazing, if you want an affordable setup. 

Another option which is more reliable and appreciable in my view is the use of full-length carpet.

Ideally, cover the whole floor with it after installing the wardrobes by taking a correct measurement of the area.

However, a center faux fur rug in a circular shape defines the room and creates vibes of texture but stays resistant to bright colors.

Make changes to the walls of the bedroom

Start with painting the room with an appropriate shade if the existing color is not complimenting the new setup.

You have to be conscious about those walls that are bare, as the rest will have shelving and cabins with doors. 

White is the most suitable paint as you can pursue any theme and amplify the detailing with it.

Pink or blush shade descends more towards the girly look and pours glorious effect on all the artifacts and elements. 

Deep colors are beneficial in highlighting the light shade clothes, while bright colors excite the whole area.

Add wallpaper to the wall that does not have cabinets for visual enhancement of the aesthetics.

Moreover, cover it with wooden sheets or lumbar and stain them to a natural finish to add more depth and guff.

In addition, add few paintings that contrast with the venture and make it the point of focus.

Brighten up the space with lights and mirrors

Lights are an essential part of magnifying the beauty of a space, which means you have to add several light sources.

A built-in ceiling lighting will be extensive, so move towards affordable options, like scones, chandeliers, wire lights, light strips, and bulbs.

Do not forget that more lighting will add more warmth to the room, and LEDs are best in this scenario.

Incorporate 1 to 2 fabulous lamps as well, but lit them only when required to prevent producing excessive heat.

In recent times, shelf backlighting is also popular but is included during the installation of shelves and units.

A full-length mirror is a must item, while 3 to 4 small mirror decorations will glow up the area due to reflections of light.

Your walk-in closet will end up as an opulent boutique with the addition of these and create a 360-degree view.

You can also go for mirror doors for the cabinets, if not for all, then only for those present at direct face view. 

Moreover, seal huge mirrors on the storage drawers or units of the center island for timeless vibes.

Make use of existing furniture and install cabinets

An assembled bedroom may have items like a bed, side tables, couch or sofa, drawer set or chest of drawer, console, vanity, others.

Among these, you can reuse tables, lamps, couch, ottomans, drawers sets, consoles in several ways for the new setup that contribute to saving money and adding extra features.

Make sure to place a center island with slide-in seated cabins beneath to use every inch with versatility and creativity.

You can place your scarfs, hats, jewelry, bags, sunglasses, watches, belts, work essentials in the slide-ins.

You have two options for the cabins to create a sense of built-in cabinetry:

Wall-mounted ones hang to the wall with a proper railing system, and some are higher to the floor, leaving extra storage space underneath. In addition, they contain wooden racks and shelves, giving contemporary vibes.

Floor mounted ones are also fixed to the wall but look like standing on the floor and are expensive. Particleboard panels with melamine covering are more durable and best for closets.

However, the style, design, finishing, and lacquer can be your choice but try to create an integrated architectural glance.

The more symmetric installation is to build long units in the center and a smaller section on both top and bottom to keep folded clothes and shoes.

Also, they should be 22 to 24 inches deep to lodge all the daily use, seasonal and clothes like sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, tops, etc.

The cabinet doors

50% of people want to put doors on the units to hide their clothes and possession, while 50% want to keep everything open with no doors on them.

I generally like to go for a semi-cover theme which means, larger cabins have doors and open smaller ones.

French doors, glass doors, conventional wooden doors, and vintage sliding doors complete the aesthetics.

Gold or bronze knobs or handles coordinate well with the class white cabinet sheets, while acrylic or glass knobs are better for a dark theme.

Add Shelves and racks

Utilize a complete wall to install 30 to 40 shelves of around 6 to 7 inches in height to accommodate all your shoes in color coordinating pattern.

Few taller shelves of around 10 to 12 inches in height at the bottom will take in long boots and hard-stuffed handbags.

The regime you follow should be according to your collection and not with any inspired closet design you see in vlogs.

Another tip is to incorporate differently sized and heights racks with a difference of 1 to 3 inches to embrace all the entities.

The correct construction pattern is to extend them from the ceiling to the floor. You have to use a ladder to reach up to the top shelves.

Moreover, place woven cloth and wicker baskets on the top big units and add the items of less use.

Try a bookcase to showcase glamorous things along with some pieces of decorations and attractions. Locate it beside the vanity for a better impression.

Room windows are helpful in many ways

Usually, bedrooms have one or two windows for better lighting and freshness, and you can use them in several ways.

I do not favor hiding or taking them out, and incorporate them with the other items in your dressing area.

Clean and paint it if required and use a wrap film or leak-preventing solution or pads to ensure you do not suffer any problem during rainy seasons.

A bench seat or shelf will bloom the area and turn it to the reading corner, with an outside view.

You can make a shoe corner under it or place the things of regular use there as per your ease.

Do not forget to add sheer curtains or beige blanks to avoid fading the clothes with direct sunlight. 

Roman and contemporary hanging drapes will add elegance and drama to the space.

Install the storage units around the windows to make them functional, or you can place matching shelving drawers around them.

A reversible option to cover them is using a backer board of around 2/3 inches to create a full-use closet if you insist on hiding them.

Nevertheless, it becomes problematic when they are present on the wider walls, on which you can install storage units of appropriate dimensions.

Make a seating place or desk corner

Do not worry about the small space, and make your private place as comfortable and soothing as possible with the right choices.

Grab a rectangle upholstered, tufted couch, ottoman, or bench, varying with your choice and availability.

Chaise is more convenient because of their arms especially, when planning to place them in front of the window.

A round, multi-purpose ottoman couch of contrasting fabric is equally beneficial in providing seating and storage space.

Loveseats, single sofas, and stools are good choices when supplemented with the correct patterns and fabric.

A central location is preferable when you do not have a built island there, so it will come in wearing shoes, choosing things, and relaxing.

However, corner allocation accents more towards the reading corner or workstation with which a lounge chair coordinates well.

A vanity is a must in dressing room

I sense pleasure and dreaminess when I talk hear vanity or dressing table, and I bet 99% of you surely feel the same.

Preferably, it should be at the edge of the wall beside the cabinets so you can follow your day and night skincare routine and makeup sessions peacefully.

I love bulb mirrors on the table, which are most popular nowadays and keep several small trays and makeup organizers on them.

Create a mesmerizing look, as shown in fashion magazines and fashion bloggers, by keeping all the nail polishes, perfumes, skincare products, and makeup displayed on it.

I have a glass top vanity to view all my products kept on first drawers from the glass and keep a tiny standing mirror on it.

A 4 feet depth is appropriate for the table and dazzles this glam space with all the beauty items you have.

Why would you turn a bedroom into a dressing room?

According to senior interior designers, around 70% of homeowners come to them and complain of a poor wardrobe system and ask them to make suitable furniture for them.

The need for this is organizing everything in one place rather than tiffing and tossing them into several tiny, inappropriate fixtures all around the home.

It is only possible when you have more than the required bedrooms in your home, which means at least three and one of them is not in use because of few family members or a big cubic-feet home.

We surveyed 2000 people, consisting of 1500 females and 500 males.

Around 90% of them wish to have a glamorous closet, while only 40% managed to get it because of less space and poor organization ideas.

However, we examined that most of them have a spare room in their house or apartments where they keep all the clutter and mess, which means they have a good opportunity.

For this reason, I have come up with this idea of a dressing area which you can use to keep things and get ready and also as:

  • A gym floor for regular workout or meditation
  • A workstation for office and home projects
  • An additional resting place to relax in
  • A place to iron clothes
  • A reading corner

Note: take permission from the homeowner or building jurisdiction if you are a paying guest and live on a grant contract.

How spacious should the room be to turn into a dressing area?

The attachment and installation of the furniture are dependent upon the availability of the cubic foot.

The candidate place will accommodate several cabinets, drawers, tables, seats, and vanity, so measure the dimensions carefully.

The shape of the room: A square space is considerable due to its capacity of consolidating any structure and design of added items.

The second preference should be the rectangle ones which are more in length and comparatively less in width if the entrance door is on the narrow wall.

Do not worry about the slopes and utilize them for creative arrangement and organization of accessories like shoes, belts, bags, and other possessions.

Dimensions and ceiling: Ideally, 10 x 10 feet or 8 x 12 feet room space is sufficient to occupy all the furniture pieces along with enough free panels for extra storage.

The ceiling height is not an issue because you have the option of custom shelves and stands.

However, 7 to 8 feet ceiling height allows you to hang a double railing system which means you can add around a hundred clothes on a single wall.

Regardless of the available space, do not crowd or overfill things and go for clutter before assembling.

In addition, install sliding doors rather than conventional ones to add the illusion of openness and wideness, providing the extra corner for small drawer sets beside it.

How much does it cost?

On average, keep aside around $9000 to $11000 for high-quality wood sheets, metal knobs, hangers, stand, and other material, including assembly.

You should estimate $2000 to $7000 

for a medium-range, while a standard-quality closet will be ready within $2000.

However, the more you rush for the luxurious finishes, texture, and glaze, the more you have to spend, and some premium ones cost around $50000 to $70000 to build.

There is a difference in the cost of self-constructed wardrobes and those you buy from the brands like Ikea, California closet, and the container store.

The fee of the carpenter, the purchase amount of cabinets, the furniture, the floor and ceiling upgrading, the lighting, and other details make up the total amount you require.

Moreover, the quality of the material used, the size, and the design you want to objectify will add variation to the cost.

It also relies on the repairing and improvements demand of the room to make it convertible to the dressing area.

Hiring professional personnel or handyman is preferable to ensure correct installation of smaller to bigger items with any risk of damage.

Experts say that “ 50% of your fatigue and 70% of the space issue will reduce when you hire a closet designer”.

However, he will charge around $500 to $650 for his professional plan and designing skills. Moreover, he will take around 3 to 5 weeks from conceptualization to finishing touch.

How to organizing clothing, accessories, and necessities in the dressing room?

Research and appreciate the organization tips for the closet and vanity section to arrange everything in an optimized pattern.

Several bloggers and interior designers share magnificent ideas for these, which can help you exceptionally to tuck in all the items.

Your closet area represents your personality, so never compromise on the ethical sanctuary and invest more time and effort.

Go with the flow of the room and attempt to utilize every part and corner of it using bins, trays, racks, and organizers.

Place a collection of books on the shelves according to your taste.

Color coordinates every item from dresses to shoes and bags to hats. Go from lightest to deepest shade.

Divide sections for hanging clothes according to the season and use.

Do not hide jewelry and accessories, instead place them in the most beautiful area, following symmetric order.

Clean the room and neat every object daily, or it will turn into a mess within few days.

Jazz up the space with a creative and innovative approach.

All the hangers should be the same either, wooden, metal, or plastic.

Place flower vases, plantar for the essence of nature and paint them, if necessary.

The hanging rods should be of metal, preferably.

Add a mannequin structure and place your coat, a hat, or super stunning dress on it.

Bring glass decorations, candles, scents, and several minute detailings in there.

Leave one or two baskets are cotton organizers on the floor for a more homey look.

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