How to Turn a Small Living Room into a Bedroom?

How to Turn a Small Living Room into a Bedroom?

Many people want to turn their small living room into a bedroom. The bedroom is the place where you feel comfortable, and it gives you privacy. In addition, it provides you proper storage system and adequate lights.

How to Turn a Small Living Room into a Bedroom? You can turn a small living room into a bedroom by measuring its area before setting up furniture. Do not use king size bed in the small room; otherwise, it looks bulky. If your room is open, then you can use a glass divider. It separates your bedroom and maintains your privacy. Use light color curtains and double-function furniture. 

Before changing your room, makes a proper plan that you can easily set it. You can also use the folding table that only opens when it is in use.

If your living room is separate, then it is easy to make modifications. However, if it is attached to the open kitchen, then you use some tricks to convert it.

Turn a separate small living room into a bedroom

It is easy to convert the separate living room into a bedroom. But, first, remove all the things and check their condition.

 It is the best chance to upgrade your space.

Create a plan and measurements

You should stand at the entrance and think about where you want to keep your bed. If you keep maintaining your privacy, then do not keep your bed at the front wall.

Before setting, measure the dimensions of your bed.

Also, measure the other furniture that you want to keep in the room. For example, the bed takes a large portion; therefore, measure its dimension first.

Maintain flooring

Check the floor condition that it cannot damage anywhere; therefore, check it before keeping anything in it. 

You can also select light shades because it makes the room brighter. 

The furniture cannot cover the whole flooring; therefore, it is the first step to check the floor material and maintain them.

Change the color of the wall

You can change the wall color but always use light shades for the small room. You can also match the floor color to the walls because it makes the room wider.

You can use light color wallpaper on one side because it gives a more stylish look. Do not use dark shades on the wall because it is not perfect for the small area. Light shade is reflective and increases the effect of sunlight.

Add Lights

More lights make them brighter and breezier; therefore, you can use lamps. You should use small lamps and fix them on the wall.

You can also fix led lights in the ceiling that lighten up the room. You can also attach the LED lights under the side layer of the bed.

Sunlight is the best source of light, and it brightens more than the other lights. You can keep the table near the window so that it spreads light anywhere in the room.

Use a large window to get a lot of sunlight. Do not keep your furniture in front of the window; otherwise, it stops the sunlight.

You can also use fairy lights and set them around your art. Use transparent furniture because it does not block the light.

Storage place

You can make shelves on the wall and put your things on them.

You can also select the bed that has storage capacity below them so that you can keep your blankets in this. You can also use the sofas that have the storage place with them so that you can keep your extra pillows and blankets in this.

You can use the dresser as a nightstand because it has more storage place. You can use the dresser as a small library and keep your books in it. You can keep your files and documents in their drawers.

Add Light curtains

If your room is small, then use light color curtains. If you use dark color curtains, then your room looks small. You can use light shades as same as the wall. You can also use light color combination shades that make your room look big.

The curtains can be larger or smaller; therefore, it depends on your design. Extend your curtain rods from the actual size of the window. Do not use bulky pattern stuff as a curtain because it looks very odd.

Mirror use

You can keep the glass table near the window, and it spreads light all over the sides.

You can decorate the full-length mirror because it brighter your room. This mirror wall also enhances the beauty of your room.

You can fix the mirror frame to the focal point of the front area.

Use a double function bed

If you have a small room, use double function furniture so that extra furniture cannot take more place. For example, you can use the sofa com bed that works as a bed at night.

It can also work as a coach in the day. You can also use a sectional sofa because it has parts and adjust them according to your requirements. This furniture not only safe your space but also safe your budget.

Use of pegboards

When your room is small, then you can use the beg boards. You can use it anywhere, and it provides a storage place on walls.

You can keep your books and other documents on the board.

You can use large pegboards and keep your TV on them. You can also keep your decoration piece on it because it does not take extra storage place.

You can attach the pegboard near the bed and install a lamp on it that provides some space to keep your laptop on it.

Large rugs in the bedroom

You can also use the large rugs in the bedroom. But, instead, you can set it in the middle, and it attracts visitors.

You can use this rug under your couch and bed. First, use a light color rug to make the room spacious. Then, you can match its color with your wall paints.

You can also choose the same color rug with the curtains. In addition, you can use white color and other light shade that gives a beautiful look.

Use lightweight stuff so that you can wash it easily. In addition, you can keep it away from the wall within 9 to 13 inches. 

Add Sliding doors

The sliding doors give more space to the living room. However, the other doors require proper space when you open them.

You left the area of the open door when you set your furniture. Therefore, if you use a sliding door, then you can place your furniture.

The sliding doors make it look bigger and breezier. You can use a glass sliding door because it brightens your space.

Use extended table

You can use an extended table because it easily opens and closes. You can open the table when you need it and close it when it is not in use.

 It provides space for about 5 to 6 people. You can store it easily under the small table. This table is moisture resistant, and you can clean it without a cleaning agent.

Do not use large tables because they take place and cannot adjust in the room. You can also select the folding chairs for your table close it when it is not in use.

Big pieces of art

You can decorate your wall with a big piece of art that catches the attraction of your guest. It also saves your money on other decoration pieces.

You can paint anything and put it on the wall. You can also set some old pictures on the wall. 

How to convert the open living room into the bedroom?

If your living room is open, and attach to the entrance hall, then set it differently. For example, you can keep a wall partition between your bed area and the entrance hall.

You can place the bed at the corner so that anyone enter cannot see you directly. 

 You can also use tinted glass to maintain your privacy. Do not keep anything in front of the window. You can use furnishing material and keep your bed separate.

You can use a free-standing bookshelf that maintains your privacy. It is not a permanent way to divide the area.

It also provides new storage space for the books and other decoration pieces. Select the back open bookshelf because it allows light to pass freely. In addition, it is a piece of moveable furniture, and you can change its place when you want.

Select the light color bookshelf to match your design. If you keep maintaining your privacy, then set the closed bookshelf. You can choose the rectangular shape long bookshelf that completely covers the surface.

You can also create a wall of plants because it is a perfect thing that maintains your privacy. You can use an old stand and paint it in a beautiful shade.

Now set it between the bed and couch. You can put plants on the shelf and also some decoration pieces. It refreshes and cleans the air in the room. You can also keep your pictures and artwork in it.

You can also use a curtain for the separation purpose because it is the cheapest way. You can easily slide them and remove the separation.

If you want to maintain privacy, then do not slide them. Therefore. It is the best method to separate your bedroom.

Set the curtains from the ceiling to the floor. 

You can also use sectional couches to give a decent look. If there is some gathering, then attach all parts of the sectional sofa.

You can keep the large part of your couch as a focal point and its other part set in the corner. For example, set the lamp in the corner, and you can study here.

Therefore, a sectional sofa is the best choice because it divides into small parts and adjusts anywhere in the room.

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