Can You Use a Dresser as a Nightstand?

Can You Use a Dresser as a Nightstand?

Many people use a dresser in place of the nightstand and keep it near the bed. It is taller than the nightstand, and you can store many things in it. 

Can You Use a Dresser as a Nightstand? You can use a dresser as a nightstand because it is more spacious with many drawers. You can store your clothes in it and also keep blankets in it. You can remove its lower drawers and add wooden pieces in it that work as shelves. You can keep books in it, and decorate its top.

The nightstand is an essential part of the furniture, but it does not have benefits like the dresser. However, if you have a king bed, then it is the best option to use it as the side table.

How do you turn a dresser into a nightstand?

It is a type of furniture that contains many drawers to store clothes and other things. The nightstand is the small table that usually places at the side of the bed. 

I recommend the following steps to convert the old table into a nightstand. It gives a stylish storage place that looks very beautiful.

Remove the drawers of the dresser 

If your dresser contains many drawers, then remove them. Do not remove the first drawer, while the other two drawers can move out. If your drawers have two rows of drawers, then you can remove one side of the drawers. If you need the last drawers, then you can remove the first drawer.

Now remove the center support of drawers by opening their side screws. If your drawer center wood cannot attach with a screw, then drill them. 

 Carefully cut the wood side with a saw; otherwise, it damages the whole dresser. You can use the saw so that it does not touch the sides.

Do not use it forcefully; otherwise, it damages the bottom support of the drawer. Instead, cut both sides equally and remove horizontally the wooden base carefully.

Measure the interior of the table with the measuring tape. Then, carefully measure the width and height of the dresser. 

Use wood to make modifications to the dresser

Cut a wooden piece that is smaller than the inner side of the dresser. You can mark on the wood before cutting so that it does not cut in the wrong directions. Use a circular saw because it can easily cut the wood piece smoothly. If you do not have a circular saw, use any other saw to cut the wooden piece.

Cut another 2 pieces of wood that you can put on the inner side of the table. Fix it that no space is between them; therefore, cut them carefully and mark them before cutting.

 If you do not point it, then it cannot adjust on the interior side. Use sandpaper on the sides of the wooden piece so that the rough spot removes easily. 

 Set the sides wooden pieces first and mark the place where you want to make the holes. Now fix them on the inner side and screw them tightly. After this, adjust the bottom piece by drilling holes and screw them tightly.

Sanding the dresser and applying the paint

Now remove all the handles of the dresser and sand it. Use the sandpaper that removes the rough spot that makes its surface smooth.

You can also use sandpaper on its upper side. After this, wipe the dust with the damp cloth and clean it.

Now paint the whole dresser with the color which you want. Use light color if your room is small because it makes your room brighter. You can also stain it with beautiful homemade colors.

Cover the floor before starting this process; otherwise, spots form on it. After this, dry it for about 8 to 12 hours because it depends on the layer of the coat. If you can use a thick paint coat, then it takes too much time.

Now attach new handles to the upper drawer. Set the beautiful plastic mats on the lower side because it is an open space. It looks awesome in the room.

Why would you use the dresser as a nightstand?

You can select the thing that not only looks beautiful but also provide more storage space. For example, you can convert your drawer into a nightstand, and it does not look like traditional furniture.

When you buy them for your room, it does not mean that you can only use them as a dresser. Nightstands are expensive, so using alternatives is a better option.

It provides more space for the room, and you can keep your clothes and blankets in it.

When you have king size bed, then you can use it as a side table. It contains more space than the side tables, and you can use it easily. You can easily manage the bedroom with only one nightstand.

It has many drawers, and you can keep everything in it instead of clothes. You can also keep your medicines and glasses in it because it is near the bed.

You can also keep decorative things on it, and it makes your room beautiful. For example, modern furniture comes in different and beautiful designs, and you can set them with your bed.

In addition, it prevents your room from messing with all the things.

 It has more height and width than the standard nightstand; therefore, you can keep many things in it. You can also keep blankets and pillows in it.

Use a nightstand as a dresser

Many people use this nightstand as a dressing table. 

Put a mirror on the back and in this way it works as a dressing table. It also makes your room brighter that does not make your room small.

You can use oval and round shape mirrors at its back. Therefore, you can also keep your lipsticks and other cosmetics accessories on it. It changes the theme of the room and

It also attracts visitors because no one uses this style in their room. It also looks untraditional because no one can use it as the dressing table.

You can also use its upper part as the table and put things on it which you want. For example, you can keep lamps on its upper side.

Do not keep the big light lamp on it because these are also large and looks bulky. Therefore, you can keep small things on it and makes the room beautiful.

Use dresser as a bookshelf

Remove the last drawers, and put a wood piece that works as a shelf. You can keep your books in the dresser, and it looks like a small library.

You can also keep a newspaper in it and also store some documents. When you come to bed, then you can easily take books and read any book.

It also makes you cozy and comfortable. You can keep your things in it and use them without move out from a blanket in the winter.

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